Sept 19 Nerf Bat

I read last night that Blizzard announced they will be nerfing the Firelands Raids on Sept 19th or at least, that week, my guess is before Brewfest.  Yes kids, Brewfest is next week.  Anyways, I was pretty unphased by this announcement because I don’t raid.  But for shits and giggles, I read some of the responses to this post.  All I can say is…wow.

So basically there were a few types of people:

1)  There was the person that thought this was good, gives people a chance to see more content that they might not have been able to.
2)  Then there were the people that thought this was horrible, because they earned their heroic gear and they deserve to stand out from the others.
3)  Then there seemed to be this crowd that thought they were LEET, but really weren’t…the ones that were really upset because they wanted to down it without the nerf.
4)  Lastly, there was the indifferent crowd, but not many of these guys said anything, because well…they don’t care.

It was interesting for me to read some of the things people said, some people are really full of themselves.  It was amazing that people actually believed that others SHOULDN’T be able to raid and get gear at the same level.  What??  So I basically had these reactions:

1)  Yeah, anything that makes more of the game available to the game population is a good thing.  If Blizzard isn’t seeing the number of bosses downed as they would like to, then they change the encounters, it makes sense.
2)  If you think I spend my time looking at your gear or even caring where it came from, you have another thing coming.  I just care that if I happened to be in your group, you aren’t a total menace, jerkface, or annoyance and that you can do the role you queued for.
3)  Sorry, if you and your raid group were as elite as you think you are, you would have all the bosses down by now.  It’s a game, relax.
4)  I don’t really care either!

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I don’t raid.  So this change doesn’t affect me very much.  I can appreciate a certain sense of pride for downing bosses when they are “current” and before they are nerfed, but in the end, this is just a pixilated game.  And out where things matter, whether you downed a boss on heroic before the nerf isn’t going to do things like, get you a partner, a promotion, or respect from peers.  So relax, enjoy the game for what it is.  It will be okay.  And if you’re so upset, just quit WoW–at least then the queues will be shorter.  😉

23 Responses to “Sept 19 Nerf Bat”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Exactly, it’s our fault if we didn’t get to Ragnaros before nerfs. Obviously we had a reasonable amount of time, and didn’t get there. We’re not going to give up raiding just because fights get a little easier!

    • Troutwort Says:

      Exactly! That’s why I like you guys so much, you raid for the right reasons, not for the “walking around Stormwind” effect. You do it because you have fun playing with each other. If you were so hell-bent on downing Rag before the nerfs you would have pushed like crazy. More raid nights, tougher standards, etc. etc. But then, you take away all that is fun in the name of getting a boss down.

      I like your/Crits’ style.

  2. Grimmtooth Says:

    “3) Then there seemed to be this crowd that thought they were LEET, but really weren’t…the ones that were really upset because they wanted to down it without the nerf.”

    I’m not in agreement with that characterization. Oh, I’m sure there is a portion of that subset that qualifies as “delusions of adequacy” but I think the majority of this subset are of the sort that had set a goal and would like a chance to achieve it because, “dag nab it, we’ve done it before without the benefit of a nerf, so give us a shot.”

    This is where the buffage system they had in ICC was cool. You had an option.

    I’m not saying which subset I’m in, or if you really covered the “it is what it is, STFU and healz plox” mindset.

    • Analogue Says:

      Yeah, but…. nobody ever turned off that buff. Ever. During most of ICC I was in quite an elite raiding guild, server firsts, top 100, etc, and THEY never turned off the buff when they were in there. Ever. In fact one raid I was on, someone turned it off, they kicked him and came back two hours later.

      • Grimmtooth Says:

        “Yeah, but…. nobody ever turned off that buff. Ever. ”


        Besides, I wasn’t saying anyone used it. I said it was good to have it. Anyone that used it, and bitched about it, has my pity (because it’s gotta be hell being them).

      • Alq Says:

        In YOUR experience. We regularly did. We’re a small guild. We’re a casual guild, but we like facing challenges and it’s how we relax in our gameplay. If you don’t raid, you’ve no idea how difficult it can be to scrabble together raids when people drop because of real life, because they’ve dropped the game for a different one, or any one of a hundred different reasons. We lost about 5 or six people mid Cata, and we struggled to replace them. In Wrath, we managed to get the LK down before THAT nerf, but we cut it fine and EVERYONE pulled out the stops for that.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Well there were a lot under this category it seemed, I don’t think the more casual raider that “just wants a chance” was really well represented. There were many that seemed to be yelling that others shouldn’t have a chance and they were awesome and no one should be as awesome as them!!

      But I do understand what you’re saying and agree that there will be people upset that they “ran out of time” not because they wanted to be better than others, but because they wanted a chance.

      Of course I’m not going to think less of someone who downs Rag after the nerf. I would give them a congrats either way, because IMO it is a feat regardless.

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    My main issue with the nerf is they are doing it WHILE it is current content. I understood the nerf to T11 once T12 came out. That is fine. They even left heroic modes alone. This nerf is to both regular AND heroic modes while it is CURRENT.

    In SR’s case we have had attendance issues. When we have our core 10 people, we kill stuff. If we would have been able to have our main group last week we would have had Rag down. Unfortunately RL trumps all and it didn’t happen. Now we have one more night to kill Rag before they nerf him. As Kurn mentioned in her rant yesterday, it takes the challenge away. T11 was TOUGH before the nerf. We spent a long time learning those fights and getting them down. Going back in after the nerf was a joke. The same goes for Firelands.

    A big issue I am seeing with people who are complaining they can’t down content (not all mind you, but most) is that they really aren’t doing all they can to be prepared to raid. I’ve spoken to people who don’t feel they need to gem, enchant, reforge or even have a raiding spec. Sometimes they feel they don’t even need a PvE spec and gear! Raiding is a numbers game. If you can’t work the numbers in your favor then you can’t down bosses easily. I know that by adding 1 addon I upped my dps by 3.5k. ONE addon. Could you imagine what people could do if they actually _tried_ to be prepared to raid? We probably wouldn’t be facing these nerfs mid tier.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I can understand and appreciate that concern. It seemed that Blizzard was saying that the number of people they are seeing down bosses isn’t where they would have liked it at this time, they are trying to bring more people up to that spot and the best solution, they think, is to apply the nerf.

      While I am happy that your DPS went up 3.5k with just one add-on, that is one of my biggest beefs about the game. Why isn’t the game designed to play without addons in order to be successful? IMO the fact that the game requires so many play addons instead of fun addons is a game design failure. I would be curious to see if content could be downed without addons, for any raid member. If not, that IMO is a game design flaw. But again, that’s my opinion. I know most wouldn’t agree.

      • slice213 Says:

        Agreed….needing addons to play your game…in a sense correcltly is a flawed game model.

        MMO’s need to take one of 2 stances…

        1.) no addons allowed. FFXI was like this..the only addons that seemed to work were ones that added extra macro slot, a parser, and a window mode one.SWTOR I think is going this route as well. But FFXI could have used addons to tweak it and make it easier on the players.

        2.) actually make your game playable without the need for extra addons….shocking idea….

  4. wolfgangcat Says:

    If it gets me in a raid where I can get rid of these toilet shoulders and get a decent helm I’m all for it (yeah, yeah still working on the numbers… :D) Looking forward to Looking for Raid!

    Yes, the forums have some ummm…. “interesting” discussions going on. That was my first thought – if some of them are a “leet’ as they think they are, they would be finished with current content and wouldn’t care about the nerfs.

    And of course, this generally leads to the age-old rehash of “casual” vs “hardcore” debates. Since I’m not a psychologist, I am at times completely baffled at some of the forum “delusions of grandeur” and “faux entitlement” posts, although always an entertaining read with coffee and a donut.

    I do think it might be a little too soon for nerfing raids as it doesn’t seem there has been much time to allow people to clear content at their own pace, but I have no idea what “magic numbers” Blizzard uses to decide when content should be tuned up or down, what is “working as intended” or when it’s simply time to open the gates a bit to let more people in to see it.

    Whatever they decide, it’s not as if this is the first time it’s ever happened and it won’t be the last. Judging from the amount of forum QQ, one would think it was an unprecedented decision that will change the gaming industry forever.

  5. Analogue Says:

    @ Lyssi – our raid has had attendance issues too, most of ours were at the start of 4.2 rather than spread out. We’re basically a month behind where we “should” be because of that. I firmly believe we’d be within a week of downing Rags if we hadn’t had Reversion out of town for three weeks. But I look on that as part of the challenge of leading a raid that isn’t made up of elitest jerks. I don’t have a dozen people on standby in perfect gear, any more than my ten people are completely optimal all the time. We stand in bad, we get distracted, we don’t push ourselves. That’s what separates us from the Paragons.

    Now, I would like it to be a more gradual nerf and I haven’t actually seen something that says they are nerfing boss health 20% all at once – if they nerfed, say, 5% a week for a month, I’d like that better.

  6. slice213 Says:

    I am all for the nerfs it means more money in my pockets…errrr wait I am not Blizzard…


    But meh although it bugs me, nothing we can do about it, move on and do best we can 🙂

    A kill it a kill…although a kill with a nerf…/bitter

    games are played for a challenge imo. a 20% nerf flat is extreme – like other a more gradual buff is better. It allows for more mistakes while still punishing for not knowing mechanics/executing mechanics.

    t11…is like strolling in the park for tea and other sparkly thingees…it’s like a episode of my little pony

    • repgrind Says:

      And that explains why Sorak loves farming Cho’gall so much. ^.^

      I’m pretty much in agreement with those of you that I raid with. It just seems like an awfully strange time for a nerf, especially if they do a big flat nerf and not just fight by fight tweaks. We’ve had *some* time on Rag, but not enough to see the full fight yet … and yes, it’s sort of an e-peen thing to want to down it without nerfs but dammit, we are so close.

  7. ReversionLFM Says:

    I should chime in as yet another Catagory 3 “thought they were LEET, but really weren’t” 😦
    I was very disapointed when we got were ONE week short of getting Nef down before T11 was nerfed. If we get Staghlem down this week we will have the content nerfed the week after we really started it. Yeah Maybe we are not as L33Tas we think and maybe we have no right to complain but dang it we got close. Considering we lost 4-5 weeks this cycle to crtical people being out…
    I know that is just life.
    Look, I love that they ‘let everyone’ see the content. But not when it is current. Let them go back after 4.3 drops. If they gave us until 4.3 to work on on Rag I am sure we would have him down. Sure it would be on normal but ‘hard’ mode groups usually run more nights than we do. I am happy with our level of raiding. But I still would have been happy if they had held off the nerf for 3 or 4 weeks. 3 or 4 weeks from now, if they nerfed it and we still did not have him down I would only blame ourselves. Doing it down seems too soon.

    The thing is, challenge is what turns wanabes into better raiders. When we got Chogal down I noticed our group as a whole had really skilled up. Learning taht fight made us all better players. If the 20% had hit before we downed him then we would not have improved like we did. That fight forced us to get better at almost every raiding skill. It was great. I have been craving Rag doing that for us again. I want him to slam us in the face and force us to get better. Too bad.

  8. Jasyla Says:

    I think your 4 categories are extremely limited and innacurate.

    “2) Then there were the people that thought this was horrible, because they earned their heroic gear and they deserve to stand out from the others.”

    I haven’t seen a single person with this mindset. Not on blogs, not on Twitter, not in game.

    “3) Then there seemed to be this crowd that thought they were LEET, but really weren’t…the ones that were really upset because they wanted to down it without the nerf.”

    This has nothing to do with thinking you’re “leet”. Some people honestly like a challenge. People at all sorts of progression points feel this way. Whether you’re 2/7 normal or 2/7 heroic, being against massive nerfs doesn’t mean you’re deluded and self-aggrandizing. Many people just want to be able to clear the content at their own pace without feeling like the kills are being handed to them on a silver platter.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I will agree with you that the categories are limited, true. I didn’t mean to imply that these are the only four categories, if that was the impression, my bad.

      However, your disagreement with #2 was sort of shocking to me. Really? You haven’t seen anyone act this way? It was one of the responses that leaped out at me immediately, I would have brushed it off, but I saw it more than once. People that felt that nerfing it allowed basically the commoners to have the same gear as them. There was definitely a sense of entitlement to it, that they felt they did it and deserved to stand out. Very egotistical and self-centered. That was shocking to me that someone would basically be saying, “I get to do this, you don’t.” Now it could have been trolls sure, but the comments were definitely there on the Blizz website.

      For #3, again, there are exceptions and I didn’t really represent the group that was upset because they wanted to get it down, they just ran out of time. I understand that. Most of my friends fit in there, most of my guild. They do well, they try hard, they are really close. But in the same right, a nerf (we don’t know how much of one yet) might be just what they need to make it possible to push to the next boss.

      I can acknowledge that I did a poor job of getting that point across, #3 is really just people from group #2 that aren’t as far along.

      Thanks for the comments, I can acknowledge people who are upset with the nerf, but I also recognize that Blizz is keeping tally on the bosses downed and noticed that it’s just not on par with where they would like to see it. In order to get those numbers where they want before the next patch, they are introducing this nerf.

      I haven’t looked into it again since that day, but is the % nerf announced yet? Is it going to be the 20% that I keep hearing? If so, I can agree that is steep right off the bat.

      • Jasyla Says:

        Ahh, the official forums. Those are a retched hive of scum and villainy which I try to avoid – this is probably why I haven’t seen the entitled viewpoint in your second category brought up. 🙂

        Thanks for the clarification on the list, I just wanted to stick up for those who are upset about the nerfs for other reasons.

        I don’t think they’ve confirmed the exact nature of the nerfs, but I do hope they are more reasonable than 20% to everything.

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