Following up on Slice’s post on why he wants to be a pretty Blood Elf Bard, I decided to give my own post instead of filling his comments section with my inane ramblings. 

After the April Fool’s Joke of what…2008, when they told us there would be Bard’s introduced people have gone crazy over it.  People believed that this would be primarily a support role if it ever existed.  Blizzard has done a pretty good job of making three unique trees for their classes, sure the lines get a little blurry for some classes that are pure DPS (warriors, rogues, DKs, warlocks) and some could argue they are pretty similar, but they still manage to feel different.

So what about a bard?  How do you make it unique and give it talent trees?  In my opinion you use it as support and for the “catch-all” for the classes that aren’t in the game that people want to see.  Hang with me here…  I suggest the three talent trees be Ranged Physical DPS, Melee Physical DPS, and Support buffing and healing. 

Since all classes need to have DPS specs, make two of them fill that role.  The first is ranged physical DPS, the Ranger tree if you will.  Ranged weapons, hunters horn, NO PET.  Almost like a survival hunter, without the annoying pet.  Still provides some buff via the hunter’s horn or hunters call type abilities and perhaps some magical damage as well.  Agility as a primary stat.

Melee physical DPS is basically a Brewmaster.  Bards hang out in Taverns, and probably are pretty good at using their fists!  Kapow!  So here it’s dual weilding one-handed swords, axes, or daggers, similar to combat rogues (NO STEALTH), but providing buffs using KEGS of beer to inspire your party members!  Perhaps some short ranged explosives as well.  Agility as a primary stat.

Lastly, the support healing role.  The trick here is really do you select the DPS or healer button when clicking LFG?  They either have to have enough healing to keep up a 5-man group, or they must have enough DPS to hold their own.  Where the other two Bard talent trees would be purely DPS type specs, this support role is also DPS, except DPS boosting, not DPS of your own.  So I’m going to go with DPS again for the final spec.  But not solo DPS, group DPS.  That is what support is about anyways right?  So let’s say normally you would have 2 DPS each doing…I dunno 14k DPS.  Maybe this support bard only does 6k DPS on his own, but to make up for the lower DPS he can increase the DPS of the other two by 3-4k (30% more DPS).  14 + 14 + 14 = 42k DPS and 18+ 18 + 6 = 42k DPS!  Look at that, a match!

 The idea here is that the bard would use songs and temporary charms or enchants to inspire his mates to be able to increase their DPS for the lack of his own.  Maybe actually he has less DPS than that normally and only does DPS when not enhancing others.  It’s basically like using cooldowns ON other people–think Power Infusion or Hysteria!  I think it would work.  If each buff was short enough duration, you’d basically need to keep them refreshed on your party.  Maybe you have a buff that increases haste for 8 seconds by 10%, stacks 3 times, say it’s a 1.5 second cast time.  You’ll basically need to keep rolling that spell on your compadres to give them the boost.  Okay, that might be a terrible example of times, maybe that’s too short, too many stacks, but you get the idea where I’m going here.  Maybe somethings boosts healing by 15% for the next 12 seconds you can use it on your healer.  Something to reduce incoming damage for tanks…you see where I’m going.  But how to regulate it.  Well a bard is going to be thirsty after all that singing…maybe a DK rune type system to limit how often these spells are cast only instead of runes use beer.  Ha!

Anyways, I think it could be viable, during downtime they can add some of their own DPS, but mostly their damage would be indirect damage by increasing that of others.  In a raid environment the limitation would come on how many people you can buff at the same time since they all have short durations.  This would prevent it from being overpowered and increasing the whole raid DPS by 30%…you know except for maybe a MEGA SONG OF EPIC LYRICS cooldown. 

Anyways, it’s a thought.  Some of the other trees would have those abilities but nothing like the support tree, where singing Slice would woo you with lyrics of epicness.


16 Responses to “Bardcraft”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Okay, so for whatever reason it wouldn’t let me link Slice’s article, so here it is:

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    You know, Slice actually has a pretty good voice for singing.

  3. Ado Says:

    The real reason that I think blizz has no support class is the viable size of raid teams. The support class would have to have abilities that are balanced based on a specific raid size and thats technically tough to do when the same class plays in both raid sizes. It would also make a suport role manditory for every raid group due to the buffs. Kinda like how bleeding edge guilds in BC had a shaman for every group for totem buffs and multiple Hero/Lusts.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yes, I agree but also think that if you were going to bring too many bards to try and stack buffs you have to keep in mind the significant loss in DPS should one of your DPS die, or the bard. A bard doing little to no damage himself would mean that bringing too many to stack few DPS for huge output is putting all your eggs in one basket. Sure, you can stack bards, but it comes with a risk. Plus, if you have it so bard buffs don’t overlap (you can’t get the same buff from two bards) then you limit them that way as well.

  4. Barryhn Says:

    It’s almost like a dps buffing version of a resto druid. I really like this idea – juggling short term dps/healing support buffs. could actually be great fun. Me like the support spec lots.

    Not sure about the relation to beer as a resource lol. can I have a soft drink alternative?

    seriously, not sure what resource system to use. Maybe the successful use of your buffs regenerates your resource. Means you have to pick who to buff appropriately, and whoever had the buff would have to work in harmony with you to sustain your buff output.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Actually that’s a really good idea! I was mostly kidding about the beer resource, I was just trying to think of a system that would work like that, I like your idea, something about sustaining harmony would be awesome.

      And yes, you pretty much got the idea just right, it’s like a DPS buffing version of a resto druid.

  5. khizzara Says:

    How did I miss the fact that Slice has a blog? I keep hearing tales of this mysterious “Slice”. I think I’ll have to have a look at his blog too.

    Should I be afraid?

  6. ReversionLFG Says:

    I love this bard idea. I was very disappointed when the April fools day thing a couple years back was fake. Trout’s take on it is great but I want to offer a few suggestions. I liked the idea of another ranged physical. And the melee one too. I think that for either you would want them to still be wrapped up with the bard specific mechanics so that they are not just a ‘hunter with no pet’ or ‘rogue with no stealth’. Bliz would never do those as they are too similar. So let’s talk about this bard mechanic.
    As soon as Trout mentioned a stacking buff I thought of combo points! Or something like the DK runes. A complicated thing were you have to stack up several buffs or resource components and then cash them in. Let’s say you play three buff songs and build up components of a tune and then you play some kind of big epic thing that cashes in the individual buffs for a big bonus. It would be like heroism/lust when the big thing goes off. You would be able to chose if you wanted to buff various aspects of DPS, or buff healing, or debuff the target. Depending on what stanzas you stacked up you would get different effects. You could even have some for out of combat that work like eating a feast or doing an aoe heal.

    • Troutwort Says:

      That’s a brilliant take on it, charging your stanzas is awesome, that does make sense thus allowing more powerful songs. That’s a good one. And yes, you still would want some of the base bard things stacking with the ranged and melee versions of the bard. So that they would build their harmony or stanzas as they did combat to empower themselves perhaps more than charging others. That would leave the charging others as the focus of the third talent tree. Naturally there would be overlap as their is will all classes.

  7. slice Says:

    ❤ spoony bards.

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