Updating Heroics

This week, I spent some time doing some Outland dungeons and heroics to try to gather some of the pieces I would like to get for when transmogrification comes about.  My shaman blew through the content earning many achievements.  I did appreciate that you no longer needed keys for these instances and I was able to by-pass running them on normal before being able to do them on heroic.  Saved me some time.

As I ran through them though, killing targets faster than I could switch targets, I realized I loved some of those places.  Sure, the old style had a million trash pulls between bosses, but some of the concepts and visuals of the instances was really great.  I really liked some of those dungeons.  Then I got to thinking…why was I having more fun running the BC dungeons than the current ones?  After contemplating if it was because I could do it solo, or because of all the memories from running these places before, I got to thinking that the answer was this:  variety. 

I’m just tired of running the new dungeons.  What are we, 9 months in?  I’m tired of basically running the same 8 (I guess now 10) dungeons.  I need some variety.  So I got to thinking about how they made heroic Deadmines and heroic Shadowfang keep, and I thought, why can’t they do that for so many of the others?

Updated instances for all those lost heroics (which you can’t even queue for anymore–once you ding 68 you get Northrend, never heroic Outland) would really broaden the variety of the game.  The gear could be the same level heck, even if items had the same stats it would allow you to have a little more variety and options for some things.  Take wands for example…I think I know of what, two in all the 10 instances?  My toons are still running with green ones because they never get lucky.  I have all but given up.  But if suddenly you add all those instances the options for gear expands and mixes it up a bit, I wouldn’t have to hope for Grim Batol to hope for a wand, I’d have other options!

It doesn’t seem like this would be too difficult to bring some of these instances up to speed.  They could trim some fat on some of them and cut down trash to keep them flowing with the current dungeon design, even if they don’t change the instance, changing the number of mobs inside wouldn’t be too hard, I would think.

Maybe I’m just old school that way, but I miss some of the dungeons from BC and LK, even though some of those were just 9 months in the past.  I wouldn’t mind doing a ToC or black morass again and have it feel like it’s a challenge. 

It probably won’t happen, but I wouldn’t mind seeing old heroics kept up to speed or at least some more of the classic dungeons added to the heroic mode list:  Sholomance, Stratholme, Blackfathom Depths. 

Well, a man can dream anyways…

10 Responses to “Updating Heroics”

  1. zarigar Says:

    You can queue for OL Heroics until about level 74, I think. The problem is if other people even want to do those and what kind of wait times those would be.

    None of my “newer” toons have even seen the ICC 5-mans or ToC. Even on regular they have a gear requirement and I usually just fly through and don’t meet it when it would still be level appropriate.

    Heroic Wrath is worse. You have to be 80 but not 81 and have to meet a level requirement. So even if you met all those requirements the pool of other people available who also have met that can’t be too big.

    • Troutwort Says:

      You are correct, I should have been more clear, you can queue for them, but you have to specifically queue for them, but you can’t “random” queue for them.

      • zarigar Says:

        LOL..I meant to include a point to that..which was I agree that I would like to see something changed to maybe make them more viable and not have that narrow gap of time where you can get into them. Otherwise they just sit being of no use.

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    They have said that 4.3 will have new 5 mans, not revamps. So those are something to look forward to as well.

  3. ReversionLFM Says:

    I think I find the older ones less boring because I have not run them as much. Sure I ran a fair number of runs in ‘the day’ but ever since LFD and me doing raiding more seriously I really cranked up the number of runs I have run. So Wrath dungeons? Ran them all a zillion times. Cata? Getting close to that many times. Outlands? Nope, not so much. Old content? Well sure I leveled plenty of alts. I can’t count how many times I have run SM Library… but I can probably count on one hand the times I have full cleared Dire Maul… And less than two hands for Mara. Sure I have done BRD a gob of times… but UBRS? not so much. And RFK… a dozen times? Less? Not sure.

    I think we are just bored of the new stuff because we have been to them more.

    • ReversionLFM Says:

      Actually I might be lying. I have not run more than a few heroics in weeks… and I have not run a troll in ages.

    • Troutwort Says:

      This is sort of the point though, because we run them all the time, the variety seems lower. So if I had to run a random heroic and the pool is say 30+ dungeons instead of 10, there’s a better chance I won’t get two Stonecore in a row.

      • wolfgangcat Says:

        I love running the old instances since my “dungeonitis” kept me from trying them while leveling up. I’m often amazed at how beautiful and “atmospheric” some of them can be.

        I’ve been having a lot of fun running dungeons looking for gear to use when Transmog hits. Should I mention that I actually died in Gnomeregan once? Yes, I was busy looting when the NPC blew up the tunnel….

        I’ll be happy to see some new content to get those VPs. I feel comfortable with the trolls and heroics at the moment and actually enjoy them with a good group, but sometimes they can be very long and painful.

        I’d probably be okay with what we have if some of them just didn’t take so darn long (I’m looking at you, Deadmines!) but it will be a refreshing change to mix it up a bit.

  4. Rustbeard Says:

    There is something about soloing some of the outlands dungeons however. Since you’re not going through with a group, you’re collecting all the gold – which can be a nice boost for those of us in the “lower middle class” earning bracket. Individual pieces might not sell for 10-12 gold, but if you account for the RNG, you’re only getting 2-3g per drop at the higher level dungeons anyway. And you’re making that just vendoring the BoPs from Outlands.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Some of those still sell for quite a bit of gold. One MgT run if you loot and make bags of the cloth can net you close to 100g. So I do appreciate your point here.

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