On Sunday night, the raid leader who was doing a Sunday/Monday 10-man progression group said that the group was disbanding and there would be no more Sunday raid.  As a result, we lost a few good guild members. 

I gave my phone number out to a few people in the guild so that I can be reached if something big should happen to go down, fortunately, they haven’t used it that often, mostly to tell me they killed Nefarian or the Lich King.  Ha!  But I did get a text that night to tell me that the group announced it was folding.  I had just gotten back from a weekend of fishing.  I asked if the guild culture seemed like I needed to log on, but they said there was no drama, just an announcement.

In a way, it felt like a big failure to me personally, as if I only would have done something different, I could have saved the group.  I know that’s not the case, but I still feel like maybe I let this group down.  And of course then I am challenged with the question of why I don’t raid lead myself.

In Crits, I the GM, do not lead a raid.  I feel that many guilds come about because someone wants to start a raid group and do it their way, so they make their own guild.  Crits was founded on fun first, and raiding later.  I have always encouraged raiding in the guild, but asked members to step up to lead as I was not a raider myself.  We have had several people step into a raid leader role in Crits and some have succeeded and some have not.  I often feel bad when a group doesn’t succeed and as a result the guild losses not only good players and good people, but it looses opportunity as well. 

I beat myself up over not leading a raid sometimes.  That maybe if I did it the culture would be a little different.  But I’m just not that into raiding, but I am into empowerment and ownership.  And I think of myself more as Guild Father than Guild Master anyways.  Mostly, I’m just there to make sure the kids don’t swear too much and keep their room (the guild bank) clean of junk. 

As someone who wasn’t even in the raid, I’m probably taking it harder than I should.  The guild is big enough to support more than the one 10-man raid that we do, but finding people willing to lead groups is a challenge.  I do hope that the disbanding of the raid will lighten the mood of those players a bit, smooth out some bumps.  Perhaps a group will reform eventually, maybe even all it needs is a vacation.  I don’t know that raids take enough vacations sometimes. 

Crits will endure this and continue on, it just makes me a little sad.


12 Responses to “Failure”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    You shouldn’t take it too personally Trout. Things happen. You are correct when you say raiders don’t take enough vacations. Most of them would look at you funny for even suggesting that. It’ll work out. There are so many people in Crits that I can’t see them NOT making another raid.

  2. Analogue Says:

    You trying to raid lead when it’s not your passion would end up backfiring. I think your guild cheerleader role is a great one! We have all those new faces, surely someone would step up and give it a try?

    One thing I am working on is trying to make the – the raid, I guess it is right now, we never did make an official name for us – able to manage if someone just needs a night off. I want people to be able to say “I just need a break this weekend” and take it off.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I think the best strategy there is going to be to try and interact with as many guild members as possible and keep a mental or physical list of those that are capable raiders. We have an excellent base of players, some just need to be tapped.

      And I always referred to the raids as Fri/Sat and Sun/Mon. I never liked Raid 1 or 2 because it implied importance or rank and that was never the case. We should have called it Team Yellow and Team Orange. 😛

      • Analogue Says:

        Yeah, I agree. We aren’t planning to take the “raid 1” designation, either. I see Moe threw up a calendar invite for tonight, T11 content.

      • Troutwort Says:

        Yep, I encouraged a bunch of people to sign up for it. We probably need to find a regular leader for T11 runs. I’ll work on that when I have time…fishing tournament this weekend though, so I’m gone again! Dang you summer, interfering with my video games!

  3. Barryhn Says:

    Speaking as a senior officer in a similar guild (The Ice Drakes – Draenor EU) of some 6 years standing (though we only started raiding in TBC) I know how damned hard it can be keeping raid teams rolling.

    I’ve never been the one in charge of raiding. Not has our GM. We started the guild as a place for friends to hang out together, and more than 6 years later here we are with a rather large guild (around 600 characters i think) But as part of the senior council of officer’s who sit just below the GM in the guild hierarchy I’ve been involved in a lot of discussions when things are tough.

    Don’t beat yourself up about any failure – these things happen. Someone will step up and pick things up again. If you aren’t into raiding, but you feel the need to do something then the best you can do is look for a someone among your number to raid lead again, make sure they have the support of some trustworthy guildies to take some of the strain. Our three 10-man raid teams have 2 officer’s each, who share the leading on a fight by fight basis. It helps to know there’s support there – makes teams less likely to fold and means that there’s always a standby RL if one is unable to make it.

    You sound a lot like our Guildmaster 🙂 Crits sounds like a damned fun place to be sir. You’ll be fine.

    Barryhn, Draenor EU.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Thanks for stopping by and your compliments! You bring up some good points, the story of the Ice Drakes sounds really familiar as well! I wish you continued success with the guild and appreciate your advice.

  4. zarigar Says:

    I think it’s great that you don’t necessarily accept that GM = raid leader. They are 2 different hats. If leading a raid is not your thing but your force yourself to do it because you are GM, then most likely you will end up resenting it. Someone can be a great GM or a great raid leader…they don’t need to be the same person.

  5. khizzara Says:

    I agree with Analogue. If you don’t enjoy raid leading than trying to do it out of a sense of duty will just burn you out. It’s a tough job to begin with, never mind when your heart’s not in it.

    I obviously don’t know what happened to your Raid 1, but from what I’ve read here and on LFG it seems that this has taken everyone by surprise. But I can’t imagine that Raid 1 just suddenly blew up – there must have been issues that finally came to a head. Unfortunately, if you aren’t aware of problems then you can’t help to fix them. Maybe the raid leader was burning out or getting frustrated and should have asked for help or asked someone else to take over? Maybe there were conflicts between the players that you should have been told about?

    I certainly don’t think this is your fault, or necessarily anyone’s fault. The only thing I can think of (without knowing the whole situation) that might help in future would be for you and the raid leaders to always communicate with each other, let each other know if issues are developing, and hopefully solve problems before the raid explodes. Of course, if you ask someone how things are going and they say everything’s fine but then disband the raid the following week, well… there’s not much you can do about that.

    Your guild sounds really awesome and I enjoy getting to know you all through your blogs. It sounds like your leadership style really works for Crits. I like how you act like a facilitator, giving people opportunities, offering them assistance, and letting them shine. 🙂

    • Troutwort Says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I don’t think anything “set it off”, and there wasn’t much that I probably could have done. I am too hard on myself about it, but that’s what they say right “you are your own worst critic!”. I know that this will work out, I just dislike the guild feeling defeated, whatever the cause or situation. I’m always looking out for the guild as a whole. And yes, it’s not anyone’s fault, the disbanding of the raid group was without drama during the decision, at least outwardly, which is good. That means that probably most people in the group just felt it was time to throw in the towel. I think after a break, they will come back and be renewed, some new faces, and better than ever.

      Which brings my response to Zari which I am just going to do here quick, not being a RL is actually good since I felt that I was pretty fair to both raids as a result and hopefully never showed favoritism to either one. Thanks for your words too.

  6. wolfgangcat Says:

    I agree with not taking it personally. It’s really a great guild and that always starts at the top 😉

    I suspect there are a few people like myself – interested in trying out raiding and have the time but just don’t have the experience.

    Give us a bit of time to learn not to stand in the fire (and the lava, and the purple stuff, etc.) and who knows? There might be enough of us “rookies” around to help out another raid team or step in if someone needs a break so they don’t get burned out.

    The little raiding I’ve done with the guild has been a great experience – well organized, knowledgeable, no drama and best of all – interesting, challenging and fun!

  7. Ado Says:

    I disagree its all your fault for not raiding. You may now jump across the table and punch me in the mouth.

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