Spamming Heals

The healing adventure continues.

After being able to heal Stonecore, even though I know I had a great tank, I have more confidence in my ability to heal other heroics as well…on my shaman.  I knew it would be one of those “practice makes perfect” scenarios, but I was pretty turned off from healing early in Cataclysm and didn’t even want to practice. 

I have started to run heroics as a healer regularly.  I usually see if guildies want to tag along now because I have a bit more confidence.  Bocat comes with me about 90% of the time.  I swear I should just invite her by default.  At least she’s one DPS I can count on! 

I ran Lost City last night and also Vortex Pinnacle.  Neither was too bad, but again, no weapon drop for me.  Sousa really needs a healing weapon BADLY.  The one thing that I still have trouble with is mana management.  Water shield helps, but I seem to lose it all the time and in the middle of combat get so caught up in other things that I forget to put it back on.  Lightning shield, when I am DPS-ing, can be glyphed to never drop below 3 charges from output.  I wish there was a similar thing for water shield…I might have to get an add-0n that will tell me when it falls off.  I’m pretty good at watching earth shield.  Anyways, like I said the biggest issue I have is mana.  I try using “Healing Wave” due to its cheap cost, but it heals for so little that it seems useless.  So I use greater healing wave at 5 times the cost.  This spell, at about 7400 mana burns out my mana pool in just 7 casts.  Sure there are procs that reduce its cost etc.  But man, I’m not sure what I should be using to get the healing output I need if I can’t spam that spell when I need to. 

It seems like it’s time to head out and find some good shaman healing guides.  There must be something I could be doing better.


13 Responses to “Spamming Heals”

  1. Analogue Says:

    You should bribe a guildie to make you a healing weapon. Tell ’em you’ll let them loot the build bank or something.

    Check out Rhii’s blog over at Oh My Kurenai, I think she’s got some good resto shaman info and I love her writing.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Kerick can make the fancy new mace. I’ve been trying to keep up on transmuting truegold for one … I just need one more chaos orb I think. I kept losing the rolls for them on Saturday. >.<

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    I’m glad to hear that you are back to enjoying healing so much 😀

  4. ReversionLFG Says:

    I have not been on my shammy recently. I want to heal some more but these dailies are taking up my recent playtime. I have been meaining to set up a power aura that pops up to say ‘put your water shield back up dummy!’ I hear that is easy to set up in Weak Auras but have not downloaded it yet.

  5. ReversionLFG Says:

    Oh and the only advice I have is to use spirit link early and often. Not that I have played my shammy enough to know what I am talking about…

  6. wolfgangcat Says:

    Lol – yes, just add me to the default guildie heroic runs list – it’s always fun to run a heroic with you – and your healing is fine!
    Heaven knows I need the practice so the more the merrier!

    I’ve been using Power Auras Classic and it’s easy to set up for timers, buffs, etc. and Vuhdo has a nice little panel that shows a count down with a one-click refresh.

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