About Time

This weekend something crazy happened.

Something that I’m sure some people believed would NEVER happen.

It was Saturday afternoon, and there was a pressing timeline due to a wedding.

But in a frantic flurry of arrows, Troutwort, the GM of Crits and Giggles, hit level 85.

It is the 5th toon of mine to make level 85 now, with several more just waiting in the wings, but it’s significant since Trout is the actual GM of the guild, so at least Crits now has a max level GM.  Ha!  He probably won’t get too much more play time, but he should do some dailies at least, I mean, I should get him to at least Honored with the Guild!  LOL

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6 Responses to “About Time”

  1. repgrind Says:

    lol. Now he can retire back to Sholazar Basin.

  2. Analogue Says:

    Yay! Now you need to go tame him some spirit beasts.

  3. zarigar Says:

    Grats! Now the other 85s won’t roll their eyes at you when you ask them to do something lol

  4. slice Says:

    …did i see a pig fly???

    lol grats!

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