Naked Kara

Last Tuesday, we did naked Karazhan.  The challenge is to complete Karazhan without bringing in any armor or gear, just use the things you find inside the instance.  We were all level 85 and had 9 people show up but one had to leave after Opera event.  It was awesome. 

Grey items never drew so much excitement!  And never before has everyone in the party needed on a green because it was an upgrade.  Initially I thought I would bring a healer/caster because they aren’t nearly as dependant on weapons and there would be no guarantee I’d find a gun should I have brought a hunter.  So I took Elgar.  That was my first mistake.  With the battle for gear so high, being able to need only on cloth epics was rough…because everyone who wore leather, mail, or plate was also rolling on it.  A cloth only class was a big limitation and most of us ended up with dilapidated helms and belts while the warrior was fully clothed (except pants) in mail, cloth, leather, and plate.  The second mistake is that the spell casters had almost no mana pool, we’d all go OOM so fast, blowing all our mana regen abilities on every cooldown.  But enough blabber, I’ll let the screenshots do the talking…

Here we are starting out, Dumptruk found an Eroded Axe on the first kill.

Elgar naked with wings!

Elgar got some fancy boots! And a bunch of rats... Dumptruk looks almost fully geared!

As you can see, those that could only wear cloth are still nearly or totally nude. Falahla, Plame, Bocat and Elgar...we'll never pick a cloth only class for this again!

Here's what we finally looked like! We wiped once on Prince, people forgot about enfeeble. Left to Right: Dumptruk (warrior), Sharelore (druid), Chandrilea (druid), Phlame (priest), Byeble (DK), Bocat (priest), Elgar (total hotness), and Falahla (mage).

So there you have it!  We had a complete blast doing this!  Everyone was a good sport about it and several people got the Karazhan achievement, which makes it even more awesome!

18 Responses to “Naked Kara”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Ok, first of all … the way to fix the gear discrepancy is to only allow people to need on the armor type that they wear. That should even the playing field a little more.

    Wait … naked Elgar … ok nevermind, forget about that last statement! The wings and the rats are AWESOME!!!

    Also, Chan is a cheater. Boomkin form isn’t naked enough! 😉

    There is a disturbing lack of hawt naked humans in that run. Kerick might have to grab Elgar for some screenshots. Think of something fun for them to do!

    • Troutwort Says:

      We allowed boomkin form because really if you have no gear you’re not really gaining much of anything since it’s based of percentages. We thought that the game wouldn’t allow those with higher armor classes to be able to roll on those items, but it did allow them, so we figured fair is fair. Besides, it was a bit more humorous this way, especially when Dumptruk won the spellpower dagger and used it because it was more damage than his Eroded Axe! >.<

      • repgrind Says:

        Go away with your logic! I just wanted to see moar pics of Chan naked. 😀

      • khizzara Says:

        If you walk into an instance in a pre-made group the system always allows everyone to roll need. If you were to form a 5-man group and walk into a ZA/ZG the plate would be allowed to roll on cloth. Blizz figures that if you know the people well enough to form your own group and walk to the instance with them, then you must trust those people to split up gear fairly (and if you don’t trust them that you’ll set different loot rules).

        I love the idea of this kind of event, but I think if we ran it I’d want to limit people to rolling on their own armor class. It just doesn’t seem fair that plate classes can roll on everything.

      • Troutwort Says:

        Ahhh, that makes sense! Thanks for the information, Khizz! I think in some way, the plate classes wearing cloth was also epic. It’s not like the gear “really” mattered, except weapons for some.

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    I would love to do something like this!

    Too bad Slice and Sorak would bitch and moan the entire time

  3. slice Says:

    lol hawt pics.

    But lyss knows my opinion on old content

    • koalabear21 Says:

      See my above comment

      • repgrind Says:

        We’ll just do it without Slice then. I bet we could get Sorak to go, even if he does complain the whole time.

      • koalabear21 Says:

        I asked him and he said no and we have too much time on our hands.

        I accused him of being not fun and he said he is fun but doesn’t enjoy “wasting his time” on stupid things such as this.

      • repgrind Says:

        Meh. If we go, and he’s on, I bet we can talk him into going along. I’ll just pay him 10g …

      • Troutwort Says:

        This is really more about networking than anything. It’s about getting together and playing with people in a no stress environment. If you wipe, people laugh because it’s silly. No one gets upset because the DPS didn’t pull 500 more DPS or because the tank placed the boss in the wrong spot. It’s a chance to get together without high stakes. This is really a bonding experience and about creating new relationships too. Because maybe people come along that you never run with and suddenly you think, oh, I didn’t know them, but they were fun and seemed cool. It’s why we do most classic raids, guild building–and achievements. This whole thing took less than 2 hours anyways. 🙂

  4. wolfgangcat Says:

    Cloth is at a disadvantage, but what the heck? Let the needs roll fall where they may! I just wish I would have “won” that epic cloak before the last boss…

  5. Byeble Says:

    this was the COOLEST THING EVER lol… we really should do something like it again 🙂

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