Maiev Shadowsong

WordPress does a good job at keeping site statistics, and occasionally I like to check them out for my blog.  And one of my favorite things to look at is the search terms that lead people to my blog.  The biggest hitter is “northrend archaeology” and then “archaeology northrend” and “archaeology in northrend”.  But up near the top, and actually in the last quarter my top hitter is “maiev shadowsong”. 

Okay, first off, I vaguely remember even mentioning her in a post, I’m guessing as part of one of our Black Temple classic raid nights.  But apparently, if you’re all apparently searching for her, I’ll give you something to search for.  And so, this post is dedicated to Maiev Shadowsong, the slightly OCD night elf.

I would give you the background on Maiev, but after I did a little researching, I realized there are others that offer far more information on this Night Elf.  So I’ll give you my short version…which isn’t probably 100% accurate, but is basically how I understand it all going down.

Malfurion the druid and Tyrande the high priestess are in love.  Illidan, Malfuions brother, is all “I like Tyrande, and I will show her I am better”.  Uh oh, trouble with some demons or arcane magic or something really bad!  Illidan saves the day, but uses some arcane magics or something and things go bad.  Ruh roh!  They are like, “you did bad, go directly to jail, do NOT pass go, do NOT collect 200 gold.”  They lock him into the prison.  Then Malfurion is all “okay everyone, sleepy times.”  And Maiev is trusted to guard Illidan.  Then something like 10,000 years goes by (and you thought your job sucked).  Then there’s some more trouble with some demons.  Tyrande is like, “wake up you lazy husband” but it doesn’t seem to work.  So she’s like, Illidan can help!  But he’s in jail, she’s like, “let’s go in, and get him”.  So they do, and Illidan is all “Tyrande, you must love me to beat down the jailers and free me.”  But she’s just thinking, “bitch, I just need your help.”  Blah blah blah, he helps out and Maiev is all pissed that her captive has been freed and some wardens hurt and killed.  So they defeat some demons again and Tyrande is all “kthxbye”.  And Illidan is like “wut?  I luv u.”  But too bad.  Then he’s fleeing because he’s free and I think he eats a skull or something and grows all demony.  It’s sad days.  And Maiev is like, “get back in jail!”  So she starts chasing him all over, and he flees and gets nagas to help him, and she’s chasing and chasing, and she gets some of her own people killed and she asks for back-up, but Malfurion is like, “what-evs.”  So then they go to eastern kingdom and Kael’Thas sorta helps out for a bit, and I think that Malfurion and Tyrande show up.  And then Tyrande falls into a river (seriously, levitate much?).  And Maiev tells everyone she is dead because she hates her.  Then it’s like, “omg battlerez??”  Crap, and now Malfurion is now seriously pissed at Maiev for lying and no one helps her except a few wardens.  Then Illidan is escaping to Outlands while they are all talking about if Tyrande is really dead.  So then Maiev who’s foaming at the mouth and is all still like “must get Illidan, nothing else matters,” chases him through the portal and through Outlands but then it’s like whoa, people like Illidan here?  Eek.  So then she gets captured and is put in jail in shadowmoon valley, outside the Black Temple.  But then it turns out that some of Illidans “allies” are like, we don’t like him either, and she works with them and basically helps them retake the temple, kinda.  But then when you’re about to kill Illidan, after you’ve done all the hard work, she’s like “oh, hey, I’m gonna pull a Tirion on the Lich King” and basically kill steal though she was useless the whole time…frozen in a block of ice?  Seriously, Tirion?  Anyways.  So then she’s like, nice, I got him!  But then is like, “oh snap, now that Illidan is gone, I have no purpose in life.”  So as far as I know, she just goes to hang out in her jail again.

Okay, so that’s not really all that accurate, but it’s close enough.  You can find real websites with information.  Also, she’s in some of the books too, like Well of Eternity.  So check those out.  She does have some pretty sweet clothes though.


3 Responses to “Maiev Shadowsong”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Best story summary using a Valley Girl voice EVER!

  2. repgrind Says:

    OMG. I was totally enjoying this until you had to go and rip on my poor Tirion again. Jerk! /cry

    • Troutwort Says:

      They are both kill stealers. So it’s all the same. We work hard for 90% of the fight then they both are like, oh, looks like I can help? Opportunistic heroes. Both of ’em. 😉

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