I’m Doing It Wrong!

As previously mentioned, I’m going on my first Cata raid tonight.  Since I found this out on Tuesday or Wednesday, I have been working to get the warlock prepared.  Doing more dungeons than I might normally, making sure my gear is best it can be, ensuring I have everything I’ll need, finishing up TB, I’ll hit exalted tonight before the raid and get my Stump of Time.  I should also get enough VP to get my T11 pants–just in time.  I’m cutting it close!

I also took some time to read up on Demonology a little further just to make sure everything I knew is still current.  It is not!

I’ve been doing it wrong!!

Okay, so I always thought I should bring the Felguard, they give it to you, only demonology locks have it, it seems like a no brainer!  But this is not true!  The Felguard is amazing for AOE situations, but if you’re looking at single target it turns out the Felhunter is better.  I try it out–wut is dis?  The Felhunter crit for 38k??  Okay, so single target means Felhunter.  This means lots more pet swapping.  I did a dungeon and posted better numbers than usual.  Okay, so now I got the pet thing figured out.  Shaatom is going to be sad, but Thoofun has never been happier.  Though Thoofun doesn’t roll of the tongue like Shaatom. 

I looked at stat priority.  Intellect is the primary stat.  For the secondary, hit trumps all to 17%, then I always thought haste = crit = mastery.  But I guess there’s a preference for haste > mastery > crit.  This is because since demonology doesn’t have any “signature” spells, we spend lots of time on castable filler spells, like Incinerate or Shadowbolt.  Haste is good for these spells.  I reforged what seemed like a lot of crit into haste and brought my haste up about 3% and dropped my crit less than 2%.  That seemed like a fair trade. 

Finally I looked at spell rotation for demonology.  It seems it was pretty much the same as I thought it was.  Curse of Elements, Bane of Doom, Immolate, Hand of Gul’dan, Corruption, Shadowflame and then filler Incinerate or Shadowbolt.  I had always been filling with Shadowbolts.  But after looking at my recount a bit I noticed that they hit and crit for roughly the same amount of damage.  But Incinerate has a cast time of 1.98 seconds and Shadowbolt has a cast time of 2.26 seconds.  I head over to the target dummy and try it out.  Basically keeping the DoTs the same, I do a minute of testing using only Incinerate and a minute doing only Shadowbolt for filler (except for molten core procs).  It turns out that the Incinerate does 200 to 300 more DPS if I just use that.  Interesting.  I do some more testing and confirm that for me, Incinerate is doing more damage.  Shadowbolt therefore gets dumped to a lower priority–basically, no priority.  I’ll double-check the talents I have tonight, but I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything that is specifically for Shadowbolt.  The 5% spell crit debuff is applied with either Incinerate or Shadowbolt, so that doesn’t matter.  I did both rotations without Shadowflame.  Shadowflame is the cone AOE DoT that warlocks have, you need to be in melee range for it to really be effective.  It is very powerful if you’re in melee.  However, since many fights you are not, it really doesn’t become part of the rotation.  Though if possible, it is advantageous for a Demonology warlock to stand in melee–so you can use Shadowflame as well as Immolation Aura from Metamorphosis. 

Anyways, I learned a lot and hopefully this will improve some of my numbers.  The changes weren’t really all that big:  change of pet for single target, and use Incinerate instead of Shadowbolt.  Not really all that critical, but hopefully these little tweeks will help me pull more of my share tonight when we kill Nefarian.

Edit:  I shouldn’t say Incinerate always takes priority over Shadowbolt.  As Incinerate only does damage equal to Shadowbolt only if Immolate is on the target, Shadowbolt would be used for targets where they will die quickly enough to not put up Immolate as well – rare, but it might happen.


14 Responses to “I’m Doing It Wrong!”

  1. Analogue Says:

    And how many weeks will it be before any of your toons are rep’d enough with the guild to get the phoenix?

    • Troutwort Says:

      OMG, Rossini is SO close. Like really close. Less than 5000 guild rep close, I think. Maybe less than that even. I don’t even know if anyone else is revered, Sousa is almost revered. But I probably won’t buy the mount though. I might get the Lion, I doubt I’ll get the dark phoenix. It depends. I usually have certain mounts that they prefer…like Troutwort uses the Cenarion Hippogryph exclusively, well and sometimes the Drake of the West Wind or whatever. Schubert uses the blue Magic Carpet. Sousa uses the Green Proto-Drake. Elgar uses the Headless Horseman mount. Rossini might get the pheonix, he currently just uses a Magic Carpet as well. We’ll see. 😉

      • repgrind Says:

        Rossini would look *awesome* on a dark phoenix.

        Also, Thoofun might not roll off the tongue as well, but he’s much cuter. I luv me some felpuppies. Lyssi’s little Kreeroon regularly receives heals from me.

      • Troutwort Says:

        Ew, I think Felhunters are nasty, like Snooki. But if it does more DPS… I will miss my Felguard weilding an Arcanite Reaper.

      • repgrind Says:

        What is ‘Snooki’? Wait, maybe I don’t want to know. I should just google it like I did that thing Arv mentioned on Ana’s thread yesterday that turned out to be some Street Fighter character or something. >.>

      • koalabear21 Says:

        Snooki is the short orange walking petri dish on the jersey shore

      • repgrind Says:

        That didn’t help. Good thing I googled it or I would be scratching my head even more. I have no tv remember. 😛

        Also: +1 to Arv for video game reference, -50 DKP to Trout for reality TV reference. Next he’ll be quoting Oprah like Fayle!

      • Troutwort Says:

        Did you know her real birth name is Orpah not Oprah? You would know this if you were on in Crits last night, we talked about it. Also, I have never seen Jersey Shore the TV show, but I had seen pictures of Snooki, and she’s nasty, like a Felhunter. 😉

      • koalabear21 Says:

        So much hate for the puppy!

      • Troutwort Says:

        I really just don’t like the way it looks, I’m always like, what is that thing? Some sort of Jamacian alien? Does it even have eyes?

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    Demo locks don’t have to roll corruption anymore right?

    • Troutwort Says:

      They still suggested it because with the Felhunter’s Shadowbite it does 30% more damage for each DoT application. So that’s 30% more right there if you keep up Corruption–times the mastery of demons doing X% more damage. So it stacks quickly. Also, Demon Soul Felhunter is periodic shadow damage increased by 20% for 20 sec. So it makes sense to keep it rolling.

  3. Grimmtooth Says:

    Not that my warlock gets to raid any more, but the note on Corruption is something I had missed, so that’s a win. I did notice that, yes, Incinerate is a better choice. Besides the cast time, it’s a lot more consistent when Molten Core procs, no stuttering.

    I thought that Bane of Doom overwrote any curses up on the target, so you might want to verify. I know I can’t keep both Band and Curse of Agony up (questing). If it DOES wipe Elements, you probably need some target dummy time to compare the two. I suspect Bane is the winner in a two-minute cycle, and most boss fights will go longer.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I can see skipping Corruption if you’re using the Felguard, but not with the Felhunter.

      Curses and Banes are seperate. You can’t have Curse of Elements and Curse of Weakness on at the same time, for example. But those are seperate from your Banes. Bane of Doom can be up with Curse of Elements, but not up with Bane of Agony.

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