Oh Crap, Raiding

As some of you know, I spend most my weekends in the summer at the lake, fishing, IRL.  So this usually limits the days I can play WoW to 4 days a week, sometimes only 3 as I am usually volunteering one of those 4 nights.  But this weekend, despite it being the 4th of July, I’ll actually be staying local, because I hate holiday traffic so much. 

Apparently Crits and Giggles Friday/Saturday raid will be down a few people this weekend.  And as a result, I have been asked to come along on Rossini.  I used to run with this group on Rossini way back when.  It was really a great time.  Ross downed the Lich King and surpassed Elgar in raiding experiences.  The warlock isn’t my favorite class to play, but if there is one thing Crits is short on, it’s warlocks, god knows why?!?  In fact, for the Classy achievements, we’re missing warlock the most for the races we have yet to earn the achievement on.  Warlocks, where are you?!?!  Maybe we need a Call to Arms: Warlock? 

Anyways, so I’ll be running with them on the lock, because they would like one.  While I am confident I can follow directions and hopefully make minimal errors, my gear isn’t optimal and I’m not sure I can pull the DPS that will be needed.  I do run about 11 or 12k DPS on BH boss, so hopefully it will be similar if not better and that will be sufficient.  I’ll do some reading to see if I’m making any critical mistakes in rotations or whatever–go-go demonology lock! 

I have been informed we’ll be attempting Nefarian.  Okay, so my first raid and I’m going for the hardest boss out there?  I have to be insane, right?  I think I might be.  Should I even mention that if you asked me to go find Nefarian right now I have no idea where to look?  I’d probably go to BWL 20-man raid.  I’m a raiding embarrassment.

But, at the same time, I’m ready for it.  Bring it on.  I’ll do my best to DPS and stay alive.  I have been known to toss death coil to heal myself, even a quick Drain Life to boost myself back up a little to relieve healers now and then, if we’re not bumping enrage timers, it seems worth it.  I also try to use Life Tap sparingly, I don’t want to tax the healers anymore than needed. 

It has been a long time since I’ve stepped foot in a raid, except for BH, which I don’t really count.  On one level, I can’t believe I’ve agreed to this, but on the other, I am ready for it, ready to give it my all, ready to help the raid accomplish what they have been trying to do for so long.  I’m not really ready for Firelands raid…but I’ll go there if the raid decides to try some.  I mean warlocks should like fire anyways, right?  Too bad it’s not green fire.


8 Responses to “Oh Crap, Raiding”

  1. repgrind Says:

    You’ll be fine. Ana can have her DI and we can kill Nerfarian and all live happily ever after on our Dark Phoenixes. Well, once you grind one of your toons to exalted rep with the guild. ^.^

    • Troutwort Says:

      I was like…Divine Intervention?!? Oh, Dark Intent. Yes, Ana, don’t let me forget that one! I sometimes do because I run around solo all the time. Whoops!

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    Here are some tips as a warlock on that fight:

    Glyph yourself with the underwater breathing glyph. It increases swim speed by 20% on your targets. It is a small help with the swimming in the lava in phase 2.

    Use Drain Life during the crackles that Nef does. If you are affliction try to time your Haunt to come back during then (if at all possible).

    If you have Soul Swap make sure it isn’t glyphed. You want to be able to pull your dots off with it if needed.

    If you are going to Life Tap, do so AFTER the crackle and everyone has been healed up. If you have to Life Tap try to Drain Life to make up for it.

    For all dps – Any time there isn’t any raid wide damage, you CAN bandage. I typically bandage right before the lava fills the room in phase 2. Run to your platform and bandage. You usually can get the entire duration before the AoE damage starts.

    This is a very long fight. You will need to keep your dps controlled and use whatever survival abilities you have.

    Good luck!

    • Troutwort Says:

      Those things sound nice….if you’re affliction! LOL. I guess I better level up my bandages!!

      Underwater breathing is always glyphed, what else would you take for a minor glyph anyways? Swimming speed is amazing! All the time!

  3. Arioch Says:

    Pre-nerf, I would take fighting Nef over Al’Akir any day of the week. Post nerf, I’m not sure which is easier. His life and most damage is 20% less now and the kited adds don’t stay animated for nearly as long. You won’t have any special duties like kiting or interrupting so you can really focus on learning the core of the fight mechanics. Stay out of pink fire and stop/start DPS when the RL calls for it.

  4. slice Says:

    go go trout!

    And I should be back raiding for Crits soon!

  5. Analogue Says:

    Nef is bad if you don’t have the right raid makeup. WAS bad, with the nerf he should not be bad. Oh yeah, Ado will be calling the fight so you can’t mute him mawahaha.

  6. Ado Says:

    If you mute me I’ll jump accross the table and punch you in the face.

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