Sousa, The Blunderer

Oh goodness.  So last night I played a little bit on Alfalfa the Tauren Priest over with the Hordies.  It was good times doing naked pole dances for holiday buffs.  I still have trouble figuring out where things are on the Horde side. 

After that though, I logged over to Sousa.  Holiday boss, some dailies, some recruiting and then his first heroic.  We had picked up a new tank for the guild form Guild Finder.  Seems like a good kid, really excitable, sometimes you need people who still get excited over downing heroic bosses.  Ha!  But he needed a few tips on tanking, but we got it done.  It was sloppy though.  But not because of him.  I was making mistakes all over the place.

Okay, so it’s BRC.  We wipe on the first boss because we pulled an extra group of trash with the boss, not sure how, but we did.  No biggie, cleaned it up, worked it out.  Then on to Corla.  Not pretty.  The first time the healer says “I am laggy so I can’t stand in a beam” so that leaves me.  So I’m out in the beam.  Well, I didn’t watch correctly and re-entered too soon.  I evolved and killed everyone.  The second time, someone else got in the beam again too soon.  It wasn’t our night.  I re-incarnate and mass rez everyone.  But I forget my totems, she respawns and aggros.  Wipe.  Stupid Sousa, stupid!  The last time I tell the healer he needs to stand in the beam because my DPS is like 4k while casting.  He does it, it goes flawlessly, done.

Steelbreaker was simply learning by the tank, but after him we’re clearing trash and I tab target and toss an instant cast lightning bolt at another group before I realize it.  I bind one of the elementals, drop earth totem and stay alive for quite a while but not before the tank can realize I pulled extras and rounds them all up.  I had already blown wolves and shamanistic rage recently, so I was SOL.  Whoops. 

Beauty goes just fine, one shot, easy.  And the final boss goes really well too.  I had to kite the adds, but I didn’t really know the best way to do it.  I put on my taunting weapon enhancements, earth-bind totems, and instant wolf and think I did “okay” it wasn’t perfect, but it could have been worse.  One shot that too.

Then I went back to TB dailies while waiting in queue.  I forgot I had my rockbiter weapon enhancement on for the whole time.  Ugh.  Just not my night.

I did another one later, it was Lost City.  I redeemed myself a bit on that one.  Though I still don’t understand the phoenix on the next to last boss.  I really should read about that.  I mean do I kill it, just forget it?  What?!  We went through there pretty smoothly, no mistakes this time.  It felt better.  Elgar then did the holiday boss, it was sloppy, I find that I can do just fine if people don’t take lots of damage except the tank.  The last time we did it, Elgar only took 15k in damage.  Also, his Divine Aegis really accounts for more absorbs than I thought!  The bonus crit heals will be nice in patch 4.2.  But that was sloppy too, took us 3 tries, so I was ready for something awesome.  I hopped on Rossini and did the holiday boss.  Blew through it, his demon form combined with hellfire and whirlwind makes those tiny elementals a joke.  It was a good way to end the night.

12 Responses to “Sousa, The Blunderer”

  1. Analogue Says:

    The tank should instruct who kills that phoenix and who ignores it. In Phase 2, everyone has to kill it pronto though.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I helped kill it in Phase 1. I didn’t know so I did, but then the egg? I just ignored it as an egg. Phase 2 seemed okay, I just chased it around killing it.

      • ReversionLFG Says:

        Kill it fast in phase 1. It hits decently and so sometimes kiting it is a good idea. It just depends. If you can swap targets fast without too much DPS loss, and whack on the thing hard without taking much damage, then switching to it is a great idea. Back when Heroics were hard we liked to have someone kite it up on the platform so that the fire trail would be out of the way for phase 2. Now that it is easy, *shrug*, kill it fast and hard in anyway you can.

  2. zarigar Says:

    I usually ignore the phoenix add but I don’t know if everyone else is ignoring it, too, or if someone else is always stepping up and killing it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard any kind of game plan mentioned for it, especially in pugs.

  3. Byeble Says:

    thanks for all the nice things said about me, I promise I’ll get better!

    • Troutwort Says:

      Of course! I think you have a lot of potential, it seems to be that you just need to learn some of the fights. That’s the easy part. We have plenty of people that can help you out. And your enthusiam is awesome, very refreshing. I just felt bad I was making mistakes, you did well from what I could tell. Keep using CC! It only helps!

  4. khizzara Says:

    We get Lost City so often that we refer to it as our Guild Hall. Here’s the deal with the Phoenix on heroic:

    Phase 1: Someone should kite the phoenix around (usually the tank, but it doesn’t have to be) because it leaves fire on the ground. Kill it as quickly as you can. It will turn into an egg and regenerate health. You can’t kill it while it’s an egg, so ignore it and dps the boss. If it regens to full it hatches into another phoenix, so you just kill it again. Alternatively you can just have someone kite the phoenix the entire phase.

    Phase 2: There will be a shadowy phoenix that must be kited by the tank. Every few seconds a soul fragment will come out of a random party member and try to merge with the phoenix. If the fragment merges with the phoenix it will rip heath from the party and heal the phoenix. It’s important to stay as far away from the phoenix as possible and kite it away from soul fragments while dpsing it down quickly.

    Bonus Achievement: Remember the fire that the Phase 1 phoenix leaves behind? If you can get your tank on one side of the line of fire and your dps on the other side then the soul fragments have to walk through the fire to get to the dark phoenix. When they walk through the fire they gain a debuff for a few seconds (I think it’s 10 seconds) that turns them into burning souls. Kill three of the soul fragments while they have the debuff and you get the achievement “Kill It With Fire”.

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