Holiday Cloaks!

It’s mid-summer fire-festival!  I think it’s the first holiday boss since Cataclysm has come out to give epic items.  I think the Valentine’s boss was neck pieces but they were 333 or something.  Anyways, Ahune, IMO, is far more challenging than the Valentine’s boss.  Of course that’s relatively speaking.  It basically is testing the tanks ability to grab lots of adds and the DPS/heals to stay out of the bad. 

The cloaks though are iLevel 353.  Which for my toons, is a significant upgrade in most cases.  Elgar and Rossini got lucky and have won their respective cloaks.  Schubert looks pathetic in there, I really need to find out if the boss is immune to frost damage, years ago he was, but I don’t think anymore??  But I’ve been running as fire on the mage, just in case.  Schubert has probably the lowest level gear of everyone though–so I almost feel bad doing it with him.  Elgar has been using this as a healing practice time.  And Sousa is still doing awesome and puling nearly as much DPS as Rossini does with less gear.  I’m waiting to purchase anything though as T11 will be JP purchaseable after the next patch.  That will be awesome.

As for the rest of the holiday, it’s an awesome time to be leveling alts, which I will probably do next week.  At least get everyone 60 minutes of the holiday 10% bonus XP buff so that the next time I play them they have it.  Rossini and Elgar have both done some of the holiday stuff, but I’ll probably finish it on Elgar since he’s completed more of the flame honoring/desecrating.  Though Rossini has purchased 2/3 of the flame armor things and only needs the boots.  So I might do that as well…I will have to check if those stupid flame blossoms keep from year to year or not.  I might have some in my banks?  I am guessing not though.  So it looks like I’ll have to spend some time juggling and tossing torches as well.  I have never completed this holiday, so it seems like as good a time as any. 

Well, that’s it for me for this week, I’m gone fishing all weekend.  Thankfully this holiday lasts more than a week, gives me time next week and weekend to catch up.  I usually stay home over the 4th of July because I hate crowds and people, I mean traffic.  😉  See you next week!


3 Responses to “Holiday Cloaks!”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    I was under the impression that they removed the ability that bosses were immune to fire/frost damage stuff.

    • Troutwort Says:

      So was I, but I am too scared to try frost spec only to say “um, sorry guys, I can’t do anything.” LOL

      • repgrind Says:

        Karius went in as frost. The boss is not immune … but that adds are. So he was healing the adds. Oops. I did really crappy dps casting only frostfire bolt. >.<

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