While I’m still mostly all F— June (except for the fishing), I am doing better.  Once I got home from work I got some nice mail.  Wut?!  My statement that my car has been paid in full came, which though I knew I had written the check, was still surprising and pleasant because I wasn’t expecting it, and I got a nice note from a friend about the dog. 

Then I dinked around on the internet before finally logging into WoW after my brother kept calling with questions…he hasn’t played WoW since just after LK release and was leveling up his Rogue, which I think is now 75, but he was asking silly questions…”how do I make poisons?”  “how do I level my lock-picking?”  “what is leather specialization?  I am not a leatherworker?”  “what is cold-weather flying?”  All these changes that happened since then that he didn’t capture because lets face it, two expansions worth of patch notes would be overwhelming.  So he missed that you don’t have lockpicking skill anymore and you don’t have to make your own poisons, nor are their different ranks of poisons.  I logged on so he’d stop calling.

But then I hopped over to Sousa and ran two normal dungeons (not quite geared enough for heroics).  I did them as DPS hoping to maybe pick up a few pieces of healing gear if people didn’t want them.  I got HoO where we killed all the bosses, I had a quest to do so, so that was awesome and then Lost City.  I had quests there too.  I was rocking the DPS coming in first for damage I did 40% of damage and 20% of the heals.  It was awesome.  And then the unexpected happened.  En epic cloak dropped.  Random BoE.  I think it was called Dorcy’s Embrace.  Now, typically the loot rule is since it’s BoE, everyone rolls greed so that everyone gets a chance to sell it.  There was a feral druid and me the enhancement shaman, and both of us could have made really good use of it, I mean, we’re running non-heroics after all and still in quest greens.  But to be fair we all rolled greed.  It made me sick.  The mage won the cloak.  I told him grats regardless.  I would have let those that could use it immediately roll need on it, even if I couldn’t use it.  Because someone using an item is better than the gold you could get from selling it.  In my opinion anyways.

So sad times on that, but overall it made my night.  I did well as DPS and felt good about it.  So it turned that shittastic Monday around.  I’m secretly hoping I don’t have to volunteer tonight so I can do some more work on him.


2 Responses to “Better”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Shaman are fun. I want to play with mine some.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I am really loving the shaman, I don’t know what it is, it’s just really fun to play, I think as I mentioned before, it’s the fact that I can do everything, at anytime. I love it.

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