I was working on this post about Shaman and hybridism and blah blah blah.  It was awesome.  But now I didn’t finish because it’s been a crazy week!  I will do it when I get back…like, in June.  Later all!

If I catch RL Mr. Pinchy, I’ll be sure to get a screencap.  😛

2 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. wolfgangcat Says:

    Just in case….

    Mr. Pinchy Flambé

    1 x Mr. Pinchy
    5 x Fresh Water
    1 x Simple Flour
    2 x Northern Spices
    1 x Mild Spices
    1 x Holiday Spices (optional)
    1 x Stranglekelp
    1 x Jug of Bourbon

    Combine Northern Spices and Mild Spices in an Empty Cauldron. Caution: Make sure the Empty Cauldron is free from Plague residue.

    Lightly flour Mr. Pinchy with Simple Flour, then roll in the Empty Cauldron until coated with spices.

    Heat water to boiling. Toss in Mr. Pinchy and cook for 7 minutes. Remove Mr. Pinchy and immediately use a Solid Ice Wand to cool.

    Place Mr. Pinchy on an Empty Cheese Serving Platter with Stranglekelp. Pour Jug of Bourbon over platter and light with a Torchlight Wand.

    Serve with South Island Iced Tea.

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