Split Personality Dilemma

Dual specialization has been around for some time.  Elgar and Schubert both paid for it back when it was 1000g.  For Elgar the priest this seemed practical however, why anyone dual-specs a mage unless they are doing PvP…well I haven’t figured that out yet.  For Schubert, I did it because I wanted to try other specs without losing Frost spec. 

Later the price dropped further I think to 100g?  And then Kalinnikov picked it up for tanking.  Once it dropped to 10g with Cataclysm there was really no excuse to not have it, and so I purchased it for Sousa the shaman, Sibelius the druid, and Troutwort, the mighty-out-of-ammo-hunter.  The reasons for Sousa and Sibelius were pretty obvious, dual-spec to healing.  Troutwort was so that he could tame additional pets.  Rossini, Haydn, Floy, and Mouret did not have dual spec though.  Until this weekend when Rossini got it so he could get a PvP spec (LOL PvP demonology). 

Mostly, I do not change my spec that often.  I know people switch all the time, but I tend to settle into one thing and just go with it.  Even on Kalinnikov, I would just quest in tank spec.  Elgar would quest in disc spec most the time too.  I just would find a spec I liked and stuck with it.  And so I never felt the need to spec Rossini because I thought I love demonology and all specs are DPS so why would I need it?  There are reasons yes, but I just am really “old-fashioned” I guess with my love of one spec.

So my current dilemma is actually with my Shaman.  He’s just about to ding 83 from quests in Hyjal.  I know…I can’t believe he’s gone that far from just that zone and a few dungeons either, but he’ll be hitting 83 very soon (tonight).  And through his questing, I have acquired a nice new mail agility set for him, replacing nearly every T9 piece.  At the same time, I collected all the intellect mail gear from quests as well and am sitting on a full set of spell-caster gear.  But his problem is his second spec is untalented at the moment.

I toyed with the idea of abandoning enhancement all together.  Just have one set of armor and dual spec elemental/resto.  But enhancement is really the only melee spec/toon I ever liked playing so I can’t bear to give it up.  Besides, I like that I am not squishy and have abilities to “tank” a bit as needed.  Enhancement shaman survivability is way up there!  I play lots of other spell casters so going with an elemental spec would fit my play-style, but I should try maybe another healer since currently Elgar is my only healer.

So that’s my dilemma, which do I try?  It seems almost silly to have a dual spec for another DPS, but then again, when I think about how some fights are easier as ranged, it might be nice to be able to switch it up so I can be more useful or alive. 

So which should I try?  Resto and try some new healing or elemental and stick with what I know?  Feedback encouraged.

7 Responses to “Split Personality Dilemma”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Since resto and ele use very similar gear sets, pick up either and if you decide to swap later, it’s easy. I’d go ele til you’re at level cap then decide what you really feel like doing.

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    I would go elemental only because healing as a shaman (until you get practice and gear) can be really tough in the beginning.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Hmmm, my thoughts though were that I could practice now while leveling by healing instead of getting to 85 and trying to heal harder things without any experience. Playing a disc priest I would assume some of the basic healing skills would be there.

  3. repgrind Says:

    “Enhancement shaman survivability is way up there!”

    Except for when Log is not around and we play ‘let Cyla die’ instead.

  4. DarthRegis Says:

    Dual spec’ing for mages makes sense if you switch specs for certain fights. As I haven’t raided in Cata yet, I’m not sure if it’s imperative…but in Wrath, it was nice to be a Frost mage for Gluth in Naxx, for the adds on Saurfang, Putricide, Lich King, etc.

    So dual spec’ed mages makes sense for non-PvP sometimes!

    • Troutwort Says:

      That is a good point. There are some fights where it would be nice to have such things offered by one spec of mage over another. I redact my statement.

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