Putzing Around

Okay, things have been lacking direction lately.  I know you’re so surprised that I’m not sure what I want to do…such is the life of an altoholic.

I worked on Haydn the rogue a bit, he’s now at the point where Ambush and Backstab have energy costs reduced by 20.  It’s in the second to last tier and IMO way too high up there, I know they wanted to have it so that it couldn’t be reached by other talent trees, but it could have been lowered, it really was critical to making me feel effective over long fights, backstab costing 60 was just so annoying to use in dungeons up until now.  Questing with him is still crazy easy as subtlety, two hits and I’m done, next mob please!  He’s still squishy though so I have to be careful about taking on too much sometimes.

Rossini keeps doing his daily quests in TB.  I did a Baradin Hold too, the first raid I’ve done since Cata.  It was pretty decent though I had no idea how the fight worked.  I did 11.6k DPS on the boss and that was with some mistakes and having to battle rez a tank in the middle of it.  He got some PvP pants which will come in handy for our guild rated  BGs which we’ll do on occasion. 

Elgar has still been trying to quest through zones for reputations and such.  Shadow makes it pretty easy though the new change to not being able to cleanse disease in shadowform is really annoying.  I kept popping out of shadowform and couldn’t figure it out.  I guess I won’t worry about it now?  I guess all those diseases I was cleaning just made me too powerful.  Oh no!  😛

Other toons haven’t been getting any love.  Trout basically logs on for recruiting purposes and Sibelius and Sousa (shaman – yes, renamed AGAIN) have been getting their daily cooking or JC quests.  Nothing too exciting there. 

This weekend though I will NOT be going fishing all weekend so I’ll have some play time and hopefully work on more of the same.  Need to do some professions too…so much to do and as always so little time.  I’d make a list for myself, but then I’ll log in and say, I don’t want to do Therazane rep and just do something else anyways.  It’s a game after all, I should have fun playing it.  😉

Guild stuff has been great though, and hopefully this weekend Cho’gall will go down like our allied Horde compadres over at Shadow Rising.  Congrats dudes and ladies (mostly the ladies)!

4 Responses to “Putzing Around”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats on the pants and thanks for the grats 🙂

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