More Vashir

Occasionally I head over to a guild mates house and we work on our toons together.  So last night was one of those nights and Jenda the mage and Sibelius (my druid) worked on more of Vashir together.  We made sure to keep them at the same point in the zone so that there wouldn’t be any weird phasing and even so, there were a few times we lost each other.  I had forgotten how big the zone was and really we only finished the middle third of it.  But without doing a dungeon we both managed to gain about 2/3 of a level and dinged near the end to Jenda @ 83 and Sibelius @ 82.  We both also got honored with Earthen Ring so she was able to get the creepy helm and equip it. 

The boomkin/frost mage combo worked out really well for us, rooting mobs and then nuking them was no trouble and all the “difficult” mobs were pretty much a walk in the park, and all kill quests go pretty fast.  There were also several quests where we both got credit for something that seemed like we each would have to do, such as reading the plates on the statue or collecting scent from the annenomae.  So that was cool at least.

Speaking of the druid, I hear that boomkin/resto gear is pretty much inter-changeable so I have been toying with the idea of heading back to a healing spec on a second sped.  Once upon a time, Sibelius did heal.  He’s actually had the most diverse talent tree history of any of my toons, he leveled from 10 to 55 as feral DPS, then 55-72 as resto, and 72+ as boomkin.  I should check to make sure I got rid of all of his feral gear he had in the bank.  Ha! 

As for my other toons, none have had such a history.  Only Elgar, Schubert, and Kalinnikov ever actually went back and forth between different specs, and now recently Troutwort got another spec so that he could tame King Krush.  But he really hasn’t used his second spec.  And though Sibelius doesn’t have dual spec now, he’s the only one that tried different ones while leveling.  Usually I just picked something and went with it.

Anyways, off topic.  So all that Vashir bumped him up to 82.  That puts him on par with Bizet and now that makes 3 @ 85 and 2 @ 82 and still 2 @80.  It’s amazing how quickly the levels go.  I still have to go back and do zones on the others, but I guess for now, when I feel like questing, I feel like I want to be gaining XP from it too.  At least, for now…

I promise screenshots for Monday, because I have a “You’re So Vain” topic coming on about outfits!  Until then, Happy Noblesgarden!

One Response to “More Vashir”

  1. khizzara Says:

    I can confirm that Resto and Boomkin gear are almost identical. You’ll probably want different trinkets, and obviously the tier pieces won’t be the same, but you can get away with using the same gear in a pinch. Just remember to take the Balance talent that converts Spirit to Hit, if you haven’t already got it.

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