Inissor and Bizet

My lag last night was pretty high.  600-700 from server and another 500+ from home.  I am thinking that because my roommate must have been doing something on the internet as well our resources were getting eaten up.  And I’m on a wireless connection as well, so maybe that adds more lag too.

It got to the point where it was pretty noticeable, especially during the dungeon runs I was doing.

Elgar healed a normal Stonecore with some guildies.  It was totally fine, except that the first tank we had would charge in without CC and when the rogue would sap one of the guys that turns into the big rock dude, the tank would death grip that guy to him…  I attempted to kick him with a reason of “doesn’t understand sap”.  It failed.  I mentioned it in guild chat and two of the people in my group were from the guild and said “that was you?”  Apparently I come off as too nice to boot people?  This is not the truth.  I have initiated many a boot.  I don’t have time for crap like that.  I then did it a little while later, after he ran off to pull a boss when I was very far behind him still drinking from going OOM on trash.  Yes kids, it was THAT bad–I didn’t have time for smites because he was taking SO much damage.  Maybe he wasn’t tank spec’d?  Anyways, the second time I initiated I put the reason as “come on guys, seriously”.  It passed.  The second tank was great and I explained the last tank was breaking sap on initiation.  I figure people always like to know why they are coming into a group in the middle.

Anyways, then I did a guild only group heroic with Rossini, that went well, but the lag on my end was HORRIBLE.  But the all guild group made it go smoothly and quickly.  And Ado was nice enough to switch to survival spec so I had someone to put Dark Intent on because everyone else had no DoT effects.  I had enough Justice Points to buy something and replaced my pants since every other replacement would have caused me to lose hit.  I’m still not sure where I’m supposed to get hit from…  I cut some gems quick and logged out.

The lag was killing me at this point so I had decided to redeem some loot card codes I had and when on the website saw the “character recustomization” advertisement.  So I clicked and decided I would do a transfer of the BE warlock I have off of Dawnbringer where no one is to Drak’Tharon where some really awesome people are.  When he transferred over, his name Teufel was already in use, so he needed a name change.  Faced with being ill-prepared for naming a character, I looked at the other players on the server to see if there was any sort of theme:  Alfalfa and Troutorc.  So no.  I decided to use the old Repgrind trick of naming a character after another but spelling it in reverse.  And so the alter ego of Rossini was born as Inissor.  It works, sorta.  So away he went and I logged in a little bit to get his last two bars to hit level 32.  It was interesting, he did a quest and got an off-hand item which was BETTER than the staff he had, so now he has no weapon, just an off-hand.  Kinda lame.

I logged back in quickly to Winterhoof to check the lag scene.  Still bad.  So as I stared at the login screen I see the names of all my classical composer toons… Elgar, Rossini, Schubert, Kalinnikov, Mouret, Haydn, Sibelius… and then there are the two odd ducks–Troutwort and Borka.  I cannot rename Troutwort, his horrible name has a story and will live in infamy.  But Borka was on a whim and I don’t know why I never named him after a classical composer.  So I plopped another $10 down to Blizz and renamed him Bizet.  Though I tried other names first, Prokofiev and Holst were already taken.  I am sad though because I didn’t try Sousa.  D’oh!

So now aside from Trout, all those toons have classical composer names.  All bets are off for the other account though I sorta wish we had stuck with the original theme over on that account which was naming them after the Madison chain of lakes, which is where Wingra and Monona came from.  The others would have been Mendota, Waubesa, and Kegonsa.  Instead that account ended up with Linus, Tygerlily, Feuertig, and Floy.  All completely random names. 

I doubt I’ll be investing in name changes for them though.

18 Responses to “Inissor and Bizet”

  1. repgrind Says:

    So how did you manage to rescue yourself from Dalaran? I noticed you were in Hillsbrad later so I assume you bribed a mage. Sorry everyone was in BWD and couldn’t help.

  2. Analogue Says:

    I like Floy… it’s a good name.

    Gah don’t make me go horde man…. it won’t be pretty. Well, it will, because the only good horde is a Blood Elf so…

    • Troutwort Says:

      I only go over there when I’m totally bored of Alliance stuff or when I want to play WoW but don’t want to start the next big thing. The sweet thing about low level toons is that they level fast, when I’m working on an 80+ or even 70+ sometimes I just don’t want it to take so long you know? So then I go harass and play with the undeads…which were everywhere last night and I was like, ew, get away, but they were on my team.

    • repgrind Says:

      You know you wanna. Like Trout said, just to goof around once in awhile. You don’t have to be all serious and end up a core raider like I seem to have done. >.<

      • Analogue Says:

        Well it won’t be tonight, I’ll be lucky to log in on our server tonight…. pre-Easter two hour choir rehearsal… yeah…

  3. lagalot Says:

    Sousa needs to be a male Drenai.

  4. wolfgangcat Says:

    I actually have an Alliance Shaman on Dawnbringer…completely forgot about her. I do remember very nice, friendly people on Dawnbringer though…unlike my “original” server.

    I like your composer names, but every time you log on with one I get the urge to run to my piano 😀

  5. zarigar Says:

    lol we are more than just “some people” 😛

  6. chandrilea Says:

    sousa? the usmc dude?

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