Alternative Weekend

It was as usual a busy weekend for me out of game, birthday parties, community band concerts, and taxes.  Ha! 

But I did get some play time in, but wasn’t feeling up to level 85 shenanigans so I played around on a bunch of lower level alts.  The way that you gain levels these days is pretty inspiring for those low-level toons, there’s still excitement when you might learn a new spell the next level! 

So I played on the dwarf warlock that I rolled a while back in hope that one day he might be the dwarf warlock we need for the Classy Dwarves achievement.  But at this rate…  Anyways, he was level 11 or so and so I did some more dungeons and then was alerted that BGs are now in groups of 5 instead of 10.  Hmm… what the heck, I’ll do some level 14 PvP.  So I took my felguard and away we went.  It was crazy fun.  My group was pretty horrible compared to the level 14s on the other side, we had mostly 10 and 11.  Grrr…but I got some achievements and did mucho damage and got quite a few honor points and killing blows.  After I realized we had no chance in hell to win WSG I just starting running around DoTing everything for the HKs.  Yes friends, I was the dude in the middle just causing trouble.  Isn’t that what dwarves are for?

So I think that was Friday night?  Or did I play on the Rogue?  I can’t remember.  But at some point too I played on the rogue and got him to level 60…I’m not even sure if that was this weekend.  So he’s sitting in Outlands now ready to level up.  I finished up Blasted Lands and dinged 60 before even heading out there.  I had intended to do some PvP with him too, but now it’s 60-64 so I’ll wait a few levels.

Saturday I did a dungeon on the mage (normal) and the queue was only 6 minutes for DPS Saturday morning.  That is one thing I have noticed is that the queue times for normal dungeons are far less than heroic, which seems odd but maybe not?  Either way, a quick run and done.  Schubert is best at single target as AOE on frost pretty much doesn’t exist.  I should I suppose use his fire spec for trash and then switch to frost for bosses, but I don’t think the tanks would wait for me.

Sometime over the last couple days too I rolled a Tauren priest.  I have a few horde toons, none of them over level 33 that I mostly use just to harass people with.  I named him Alfalfa which I was surprised was not taken!  I’m going to maybe level him as holy to try that.  But again, probably won’t get much play.

I also played on my DK a lot this weekend.  Several dungeons and many quests in attempt to get to 75 because then I could train her blacksmithing.  It is odd that she is my only female toon (created by the kid I mentor) but her big pink pigtails are sorta fun.  She does okay though I am pretty sure I am doing DK all wrong.  At least I realized with Festering Strike I don’t need to reapply disease.  I’ll figure it out one day.  I have also bene collecting tank gear and now that she’s 75 might get a blood spec and try tanking.  I had tanked the LK dungeons on the paladin starting around 74 so it might be worth a shot.  Besides, Floy was blood DPS before they made it the tank tree.

Also, the best part of the weekend was when the guild hit level 25!!  I am so proud of everyone who worked so hard and the last few levels really owe a big thanks to the raiders who contributed so much XP.  It was pretty awesome to see that achievement and then hear of those having a lion parade!  I could not join as I, though the GM, have no toons exalted with my own guild.  Such is the life of the crazed altoholic.  I think that my warlock might be revered, but that’s it.  I guess I should work on that.  I think logging in earlier in the evening instead of my 8 or 9pm usual log in would really help get me some guild groups!  Ha!

Anyways, my guess it I’ll be focusing on the alts again this week, there are too many of them…but each time I choose a new one it’s sort of like playing a new game, even if the quests are the same.

CONGRATS again to the guild as a whole for Level 25!!  I am so amazed at what we’ve accomplished and feel lucky to have such an awesome group of people!


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  1. slice213 Says:


    Alfalfa lol win!

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