I’m pretty terrible with the screenshots, and though there were two big events last night I failed to capture either one.

The first was one I knew was coming.  Schubert was just 4 bars from 85.  He was finishing up Deepholm.  And after finally doing all the Therazane quests and saving Azeroth by completing the World Pillar (seriously, I can’t believe you guys left it broken for so long), I headed back to Stormwind and helped our budding priest Anduin, or whatever his name is, uncover some cultists.  The humans really have a bad time with letting the naughties into the throne room.  And also what sort of priests and paladins don’t realize all the trouble in the basement of their own cathedral?  I mean seriously, someone just waltzed in with those explosives without any question?  No prophet saw it coming? 

And so Schubert dinged 85, did a random normal (since I only did Vashir (halfway), Deepholm, and Mt. Hyjal, my gear isn’t that great) and got some new shoulders with the JP points I’ve been accumulating.  He also hit Exalted with Darnassus thanks to the tabards.  Those capital city ones give way more rep than the Cata ones, I switched to Therazane and it was probably half of what I was getting per kill for Darnassus.  So I’ll have to go get him some kitties to ride on. 

Shortly there after, I was dinking around on Schubert when the second awesomeness happened:  Crits and Giggles has reached Level 24!  Nice.  We were not going to hit Server first to 25, Apparently a Horde guild with like 900+ members got it last Saturday, whoops.  Too bad for us.  Also I heard an Alliance guild also got it, but to know we are pretty close to keeping up with the Jones’s is pretty awesome.  10% less vendor costs really makes some interesting prices.  Yes I would like a skinning knife for the awkward price of 17 copper. 

So that’s really two awesome things in one night.  Yay!

As for Schubert hitting 85, it felt good, he felt like I felt like it should feel.  (Nice sentence.)  My point is that Rossini felt rushed, Elgar happened on accident from archaeology, and so Schubert was the first one I was actually leveling with the intent of leveling.  I felt anxious and excited to hit 85, so that was good.  In fact I’m starting to get the itch to really move along some of the other alts.  I know I should finish up my reputation grinds and dailies and all that good stuff, but I’ll get around to that eventually.  So for now I’ll keep running some dungeons on Schubert, Rossini, and Elgar.  Cloth FTW, I mean I still have professions to finish up too, Rossini hasn’t maxed either enchanting or tailoring (there’s a wall at 515 that he can’t get over).  And though Elgar is maxed, transmuting still needs to happen.  It’s getting to that point where I have multiple max levels and start to feel busy and get to do all the putzy “character enriching” things I love about this game.


16 Responses to “85/24”

  1. slice213 Says:

    Grats! what is that 85 #1million? XD

    • Troutwort Says:

      Only my 3rd one! It’s crazy to have so few level 85s at the moment, but it just takes me some time. I’ll be back up to my LK number soon enough I am sure. Professions are usually the driving force for leveling.

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    Doing the TB dailies on your tailor will net you a TON of cloth. It helped me out a ton on Lyssi.

    Grats on the other stuff too 😉

  3. repgrind Says:

    Grats on 85! (again)

    • Troutwort Says:

      More to come!! I can’t believe it’s 3 already. Though I know others have gone beyond that by now…I’m putzy. I have 4 left at 80+ and one 74, one 57, one 23. That will make 10. Then I really won’t know what to do with myself.

  4. slice213 Says:

    A full server of all 85s…..hmmm i wonder if I could do that as well.

  5. wolfgangcat Says:

    Congrats on 85! Drag me along if you run any “normals” and we can fight over gear drops and scream at each other 😀

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