Moar Mage-in’

So last night I was over at a friend’s house for some LAN WoW.  Good times.  She plays a mage, so I convinced her that it would be best to focus on Vashir instead of Hyjal which is where she started.  So I grabbed the level 80 druid and headed out there with her.  I would imagine that being melee doing Vashir would be a nightmare, ranged is totally fine. 

We burned through the quests and since Sibelius is JC, I got myself some really nice trinkets which I made once I dinged 81.  I really enjoy Vashir overall.  I like the way the zone looks even if it feels very “Little Mermaid” and sorta makes me want to listen to the soundtrack while I play. 

But is was a great time.  I hopped on Schubert once I got home and went back to Vashir, finally reaching the Earthen Ring quartermaster and dinging 84.  Holy goodness, 84 already?  Again, I’m feeling like I’m going to be max level before accomplishing much.  I’m going to try to ignore that and just keep questing on him.  I enjoy the mage–all that frosty goodness.

I did however fail to read carefully and need to respec him now.  They changed Torment of the Weak to only affect Arcane spells.  In LK it was all spells, so I put points into it before realizing the change.  D’oh!  Fortunately the respec should be pretty cheap since I’ve been frost for a long time.  😛

No play time tonight, but my guess is that Schubert could be 85 by Sunday, it depends on if the kid I mentor is coming over. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  Good adventures and raiding!


3 Responses to “Moar Mage-in’”

  1. repgrind Says:

    It can be ok on melee too. It just depends on what melee you are. My DK would just Death Grip whatever he needed to kill, and San would just charge in. Looting is easier as melee, I don’t have to go try to find the mob. 😛

    Hmm … I should go play around there on Rags, it could be fun with his looterang.

  2. telanarra Says:

    It was a pain on my pally. The only saving grace was judgements and being 85

  3. slice213 Says:

    Vash’jr….never again! I admit though it is quite a nice area that they designed but I dont like lvling thru there.

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