Classic Raid: Sunwell

Last night was Classic Raid:  Sunwell.

It was the last of the Outland raids for us to get the guild achievement for Outland Raider–and frankly was the one I was dreading the most.  Even though there are only 6 or 7 bosses.  The really difficult part of Sunwell is just one fight…Felmyst.  We wiped once when I called out the deep breath wrong and the whole raid was mind-controlled and died.  I felt bad about that.  The next time we were more spread out, but some people, including myself, still got mind controlled.  Bad raid awareness.  I actually found it really hard to see where Felmyst was while she was in the air.  Onyxia was much easier to avoid for deep breath.  The last time we were in Sunwell this fight wiped us like 8 times.  I was glad when it was over in just two attempts this time.  🙂 

The rest of the raid is pretty easy, even Kil’Jaeden is a pretty easy fight and he didn’t even do his big move.  After he died many people enjoyed flying around on the drakes and making anti-magic zones.  Good times. 

So that’s one more achievement for the guild completed.  The weird thing is, our plan was to head into Northrend raids next.  However, we noticed that completing the Northrend raids doesn’t seem to be on the list of guild achievements, only completing them on heroic.  So it looks like it will be Classic Raid: HEROIC MODE!!  Which will add a new element for some fights.  🙂  I’m actually kinda excited to try ToC on heroic.  That seems fun to me, I loved that place! 

I also made a mage on Slice’s server.  Her name is Betina, I just wanted to make sure I saved the name.  She’ll get play time when I’m bored later.  But just a place-holder for now.  I’m not really sure I like the female blood elf though…they look so…skinny.

I won’t get much play time this weekend, I have company coming and so my guess is I’ll be busy entertaining.  So everyone have a great weekend!


6 Responses to “Classic Raid: Sunwell”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Sunwell was great fun. Thanks for organizing it!

    The Naxx achievement is weird, we will have to read about it before doing it. Don’t go without me, ok?

  2. Slice213 Says:

    woO~ Northrend heroic raids! gogogo!

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    Female belfs are too skinny.

    They look better in pants, but then those really show off how skinny they are.

    You can’t win for losing with em.

    Grats on SW 🙂

  4. wolfgangcat Says:

    Blood Elves are a little…strange. One of the first things I noticed was the “Vogue Model” contrapposto when idle. Maybe they all have spinal problems.

    Looking forward to the Classic Northrend Raids in Heroic mode!

  5. chan Says:

    man, i’ve been wanting to do togc for THE longest time but each time i bring up the topic, i get the “why do ya wanna do that for?” response. i cannot wait to hit up northrend heroic raids … maybe with 359 gear i won’t be as fail?

    • Troutwort Says:

      Oh I’m totally pumped for ToGC. It might be the first one I put on the list. 😀

      Naxx should be easy, and I think we’ve done OS. I’m not sure how bad RS will be either, I hope someone has done it so we can do it on Heroic. 😛

      LK heroic…that I’m not looking forward to.

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