Classic Raid: SSC

As part of the <Crits and Giggles> goal, we’ve been working our way slowly through all the old level 60, 70, and 80 raids.  We have finished up all the level 60 raids, and are now onto the level 70 ones.  Before last night we just have SSC and Sunwell left, now just Sunwell (/shudder).

SSC is rather quick and painless.  Unlike some other raids where you have to defeat many wings or bosses before you can get to the final boss, SSC allows you to basically clear some trash and head right for Lady Vashj.  Which is exactly what we did.  From the time we entered to the time we looted her corpse, it was 20:32 minutes.  Not too shabby!  The only different thing about Lady Vashj is she’s a raid boss with a weird mechanic.  For those that don’t know, at 70% she gets in an invulnerable bubble that is provided by 4…let’s call them obelisks.  Then the adds come, from all over.  There are enchanted elementals which basically just walk towards her and should they reach her, give her 5% bonus to her damage.  The idea is to not have any of these reach her.  There are also Striders which constantly fear people, so ranged need to take these out as the appear, and Naga’s which hit hard and should be tanked.  Then lastly, there are the tainted elementals.  These attack and need to be killed and looted.  They contain a Tainted Core which immobilized whomever has it.  So that’s where you need to play catch with your raid members.  Toss it to someone who then will toss it to someone else near one of the obelisks to deactivate it.  Once all four are down, you can burn her to finish it up. 

So phase 2 can be just a little chaotic.  We did pretty well considering that Reversion “accidentally” pulled her while the rest of us were still out killing trash on the entry platforms.  Nice.  So I was explaining the fight on the fly and almost forgot to turn on free-for-all looting so that the Tainted Cores could be looted.  Everyone did a great job adjusting to the last-minute instructions and chaos.  We got it done though she did get 22 elemental buff so was hitting for 220% more.  Not a big deal when we’re mostly level 85.  Oh, Reversion did die during the fight, so it was justice for his “accidental” pull.  Ha!  😉 

A thank you to Sanbec who tossed on a shield and pretended to tank for us since we didn’t have any other tanky volunteers.

We then went on to the only other boss we typically do in there:  The Lurker.  We do this because people generally are looking for the achievement.  Now those that want it can go in and get the achievement solo.  You just have to be in a raid group to get in.  You can bypass all the trash and with levitate or a water walking potion you can run to his location and fish him up.  Now, he’ll probably kill you before you can escape, but you get the achievement for fishing him up…not defeating him.  So we finished him up and then the raid broke up for the night.  We’ve been having some close calls this week with reaching max daily guild XP and even missed it pretty depressingly on one night earlier this week, so many of us split off to get guild XP by doing group dungeons or questing.  When I logged in at 5:30pm we were at about 38% daily guild XP.  By 9pm we had reached 100%!!  I was really happy and proud of everyone because the night before we did not hit it until after midnight.  Tonight should go fast because the raid group will be downing bosses hopefully adding lots of guild XP.

Classic Raid was another success, we only had 8 though as we usually have lower turnout for SSC anyways because there is not reputation associated with the dungeon.  Black Temple and Mt. Hyjal always get more as people are looking for reputation from those.  Even Karazhan gets a full group most times.  But now we just have Sunwell, which has some really annoying gimmicky fights, then we’ll be on to Northrend…oh Naxxramas, how I’ve missed you.

One last quick funny story…I have mentioned how the kid I mentor is playing on my second account.  He’s way into mostly playing the auction house, he hasn’t gone up any levels on his mage at all though has made it 21 levels on the new priest he has made…but that even took him 2 weeks.  He’d much rather play the AH than do quests.  Anyways, he’s all about the quick cash, so I told him I’d send him some Fortune Cards to maybe get lucky.  I was in Stormwind and asked if he was, but nope, he was in Ironforge.  With G-Mail though it wasn’t an issue.  Here’s our Ventrilo conversation:

Me:  Are you by a mailbox?  I am sending them now.
Him:  Yeah.  Hey, do you know Bunnybun?
Me:  Who?
Him:  Bunnybun.  Do you know them?  I always see her.
Me:  Um…no, who is it? 
Him:  She’s this level 3 here in Ironforge, she’s always by the mailbox.  She’s wearing a Santa Outfit.
Me:  <laughing>
Him:  What?
Me:  Bunnybun, I love it. 
Him:  She’s kinda annoying and she never levels up.

Now I know Bunnybun is clearly someone’s bank alt.  But it’s hilarious to me that he was criticizing her for not leveling and always being in Ironforge.  Because that’s totally what he does!  Also, the Santa costume caught me off guard.

So here’s a shout-out to Bunnybun, Mistress of Ironforge:  Thanks for the laugh!

Have a great weekend!

5 Responses to “Classic Raid: SSC”

  1. Analogue Says:

    It actually was an accident…. and then he didn’t get the achievement… and then when he turned in the token he got it after all!

  2. repgrind Says:

    Kinda funny … my post today has some comments on hunters always pulling things.

    And then after SSC, I tanked SFK for Rev’s hunter! What was I thinking!?! lol

  3. Gromdred Says:

    Here’s my question… How on earth did people heal that when everyone wasn’t 15 levels above it???

    • Troutwort Says:

      Well #1, there were 25 people, so there were probably 5-6 healers? #2, people were probably designated to areas to maintain. Tanks dealt with the nagas, ranged kited the strider, pew pew pew, dead. 🙂 #3, lots and lots of coordination. Basically, from my understanding it was the ultimate testiment of raid coordination – prior to the Lich King fight. 😛

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