Elgar’s Top Ten

Elgar has had some awesome times.  This weekend one thing topped the list.  But first here are Elgar’s awesome times:

10.  Battling crocolisks naked in Sholazar.

9.  Green Proto-drake on his 3rd Oracle egg.

8.  Falling off the Loch Modan dam, the long way, while trying to get a better look.

7.  Being told I wasn’t good enough on heals for Mag’s Lair then being the only healer left with mana.

6.  Running a flag back in WSG.

5.  Surviving the first boss in Heroic Steamvaults with just me and the tank–it took forever.

4.  SW:Death to kill the last boss on Heroic Halls of Stone while being the last one alive. 

3.  Awesome moustache. 

2.  Winning the headless horseman mount after three-maning him at level 70!


I know, you all thought it was going to be catching Mr. Pinchy, don’t worry, that will be number 1 eventually.  But this weekend, much to my surprise, Elgar won the fishing tournament!  I have never even caught the blacktip shark and this time I did and then won!  It was nuts!  I was shaking the whole time while hearthing.  I was certain some annoying I-caught-these-fish-in-flightform-LOL-druid was going to swoop in and be the winner before me, but alas, this was not true!  I HAVE DEFEATED THE DRUIDS!!!  So now I have my trusty new BoA ring which will help my leveling toons! 

It was the best day of Elgar’s life. 

Just three more things until the Salty title…Dalaran Coins, The One That Got Away, and that little f’er, Mr. Pinchy.


9 Responses to “Elgar’s Top Ten”

  1. khizzara Says:

    Congratulations! Or “Grats”, as we say on guild line. 😀

    I’ve never even entered the derby, so I’m not sure why druids would have an advantage. We still have to leave form to fish… Unless this is something you can right click on to catch? Tell me more so that I can take advantage of my advantage!

    This is the day for posting about fishing. I’ve seen at least three blogs about it today, including mine. LOL

    • Troutwort Says:

      Druids don’t have an advantage, but I have a known history for having animosity towards druids and their flight form herbing and skinning, so now I pretty much assume they can do everything in flight form. 😛 I kid of course. I even have my own level 80 druid that is waiting in the queue for his shot at 85. I don’t REALLY hate druids, but sometimes they annoy me…mostly when herbing. He he.

  2. gromdred Says:

    Congrats!!!! Well done boss!

  3. repgrind Says:

    #10? That’s it?? Karius is disappointed.

    But grats on the tourney! That’s awesome!!

  4. lagalot Says:

    wait whut, we can fish in flight form?

  5. wolfgangcat Says:

    Congrats! Defeating druids is just an extra bonus 😀

  6. slice213 Says:

    lol awesome grats!

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