Classic Raid: Black Temple

One of my favorite events to host for the guild is Classic Raid Night.  It’s exactly what it sounds like it is…we head back to a non-current raid to get achievements or reputation for those that would like.  Our current goal is to get them all for the guild.  So we’ve been slowly working our way through all the classic raids, we started with Azeroth doing Blackwing Lair, AQ20 and 40 (which I guess are now AQ10 and AQ25?), and Molten Core and have been working our way through the Burning Crusade expansion raids.  We just have SSC and Sunwell left (ugh, Sunwell /shudder).  Then well finish up with all the LK raids, and fortunately we have Ulduar done as a guild already!  🙂

But last night was Black Temple, the home of the infamous Illidan Stormrage.  It was awesome.  The group was VERY fun and though we kinda didn’t know where we were going for most of it, we beat back the orcs and demons and worked our way up to the top.  We only had ONE tiny set-back and that was when the Illidari Council was pulled before 60% of the group was through the doors.  Whoops.  Sometimes when you overpower the group and your burning through things you forget to watch for those things.  But my guess is they didn’t realize the blood elves were bosses and not just trash.  No harm, no foul–people were not after the loot anyways.

So we burned through it trying to cause trouble, but there really wasn’t much.  Everyone was having a blast making all sorts of jokes of each other, Jimmy the mage, and the plethora of “ladies of the night” and dominating succubi.  We decided someone at Blizzard was obsessed with them because those “maidens” appeared in Karazhan, Sunwell, and Black Temple…am I forgetting any?  I don’t recall seeing any in Lich King.  Upon reaching Illidan we summoned in a few extras for the achievement and a Warrior so that should the legendary drop we would have someone who could equip it.  We downed him in about 3 minutes.  I think it might have taken longer for the role-playing than it did to kill him.  The warglaive dropped.  Our warrior needed it as Vent was filled with excitement that the guild would have one (you need the set for the achievement) and the warrior was like, “What’s an orange item?”  It was awesome.  You can bet he took lots of crap for that, but it was all in good fun.

I think in patch 4.1 the gold drops from the bosses in these Outland raids is going down, but in Black Temple we made about 27 gold on each boss kill…not too shabby!  There were also lots of epics that either got sharded or sold…I realized about half-way through that they are probably worth more as gold than a shard though.  It was a good time and the rep put a few people into honored or revered.

Next week we tackle SSC.

After the raid I did another heroic on Rossini since I feel confident.  But we got HHoO (Is that really the acronym?!?).  I gasped at the loading screen because of my recent horrible experience there.  The whole thing went well though and it was pretty painless.  That put me up to 2700 justice points so I ran off to the Justice Vendor to see what I could purchase.  My warlock is low on hit rating so I thought I’d check out what they have for sale with hit on it…nothing.  Okay, that’s not totally fair, I think the helm and the chest have hit on it, but nothing else.  But my helm and chest already have hit and more than those vendor items.  So I sat there thinking, wtf Blizz, how do I get hit?  Well, I have yet to figure that out.  I am 10% miss on a raid boss at this time…so I missed some of the bosses in Black Temple.  How embarrassing!

After that I wanted something totally different, so I logged into the other account and thought I’d play around on one of the alts on there since they are all below 71 where my toons are mostly above 73.  I logged into the shadow priest named Linus and did some quests and some dungeons and in about 1 hour leveled up a couple of levels, ran from Menethil Harbor to Hinterlands, and did a few quests.  He’s 35 now and plays shadow.  There aren’t a lot of tools at that level, he has shadowform already, but really only has 4 spells:  SW:Pain, devouring plague, mind blast, and mind flay.  It’s good for one target but many targets makes it a challenge.  So I’m not sure how I was doing.  Also, mana regen was awful.  He has about 3k mana, but nearly no mana regen, so lots of drinks.  It was a fun and different change though.  No real investment in that toon, but it was still fun to shake things up from the norm.  Besides I like questing in zones I haven’t yet!


12 Responses to “Classic Raid: Black Temple”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Log took most of that crap because he’s my brother and so there were multiples of us in the raid with enough relationship to him to rag on him. Also Karius gets to harass him on general principle because it’s funny

    That was good times!

    • Troutwort Says:

      It was awesome. He’s a good kid. 😀

      • Analogue Says:

        Yeah but don’t let him hear you call that – as a drinking-age, war-zone-veteran college student he’s not much of a kid any more!

    • repgrind Says:

      Hahaha. Don’t tell Log I said this but … he’s pretty cool. We have some good times running dungeons without you guys sometimes.

      Hopefully he can get another one to drop. He’d look totally awesome with the set!

      Now can we farm Fragments of Val’anyr for Kerick? 😛
      Or, uh … there’s also the Shadowmourne that Kaly got partway finished … he’s on the Putricide part of the quest. *hint hint*
      Unfortunately, though, those have to be done in 25 man.

  2. khizzara Says:

    Our guild does Classic raiding too, though we’ve been slacking the last few weeks. I need to start bugging people to show up. I’d really like to get enough people together so we can get ZA as a guild run before the raid version disappears forever, but people seem to think that it’s pointless to go with a whole group because we can solo it. Well, yeah, of course we can solo it, but I want a guild feat of strength, dammit!

  3. wolfgangcat Says:

    Love Classic Raid Night – tons of fun and I get to see stuff I would probably never see otherwise.
    Can’t wait for the next one 😀

    • Troutwort Says:

      With the way we over-power it you literally can just show up for the view and spend the whole time looking at the graphics instead of fighting. Besides, skull means someone else is killing it and it’s not polite to gank kills. >.<

  4. koalabear21 Says:

    Trout if you want a chest piece with hit on it go for the rev chest from Ram.

    It has lots of tasty hit.

    Also! The trinket from TB is delicious!

    Lyssianna has the hit stuff that you might want to look at for your lock.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I’m getting closer! Adding some pieces, my Warlock hasn’t even been to Uldum yet! I know, bad warlock, bad!! But I’m planning on it one day, though I think he has heroic robes that have hit. He also just started doing Tol Barad two days ago…so that will take a while, but he’s human at least, so the rep bonus is nice. 🙂

  5. lagalot Says:

    if hit is better than w/e other stat, reforge

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