My First Heroic

Okay okay, I KNOW that I am a life-long subscriber to “Behind the Times” and “Day Old News”, but I finally had enough courage to try a heroic.  Analogue and Reversion logged on to Vent last night and saw me in there and said they were gonna go on a heroic, did I want to come.  I said, well now’s the time to try!  So I logged over to Rossini (I was on Troutwort doing Argent Tournament Dailies–ha!) and away we went.

Kerick joined us as healer, so it was a guild run and in all weirdness, we got a DPS from our own server, who actually used to be in our guild!  We got BRC and it was the other guys first time there–ever.  But that wasn’t too much of an issue.  All the fights seemed to go almost flawlessly and trash packs were really handled nicely too. 

It was not as scary as I thought.  Now this could have been because Kerick heals raids and is just generally awesome allowing crazy bear to run all over wildly–it could have been the DPS that we got did INSANE damage, or it could have just been that they aren’t as bad as I think.  In the end, I got some very nice new robes and enough Justice Points to purchase some new items, though I think I heard that I will be able to buy Valor Point items next patch with Justice Points, so maybe I’ll just hang onto them.

This really boosted my confidence with Rossini.  I seemed to do pretty good DPS for not having any heroic gear and still a few greens–I think I replaced a green trinket too…I can’t remember.  But I feel more confident with him that I can handle heroics now.  I probably could have anyways, but I worry about my performance too much and it was keeping me away.  I still am not ready to heal yet, but  I am feeling like Maria from Sound of Music on my warlock though…I have confidence.

In other news, I didn’t realize but Troutwort was ONE quest away from being exalted with the Silver Covenant.  Hilarious.  I ran a few out there, the bear pet does so much damage in Beast Mastery spec that even at level 80 soloing Chillmaw which I never would have tried before was almost scary easy.  I got exalted after that quest then picked up the Silver Covenant quests and in the end I have enough Champion Seals to get a new mini-pet.  Which is why I was doing them in the first place.  So Trout purchased an adorable Teldrassil Dancing Tree and sent it over to Elgar who has something like 94 pets and is working towards 100 because I heard it’s an achievement in the next patch to have 100 companion pets and I keep hoping there will be a mini-pet reward for it, though I don’t know for sure.

I then looked and noticed that I am less than 10 Champion Seals away from new pets on many of my characters and should just do a few more dailies out there to finish those up or at least get those Valiant Marks out of my bags by completing the factions…I’m so close on some of them…

All in all a good night, and thanks to the guild for helping me through my first heroic…I feel more confident now and have renewed excitement for Rossini, who I was pretty blah about after I pushed to level him.  Look out Azeroth, there’s a demonologist on the loose!

10 Responses to “My First Heroic”

  1. Analogue Says:

    You totally creamed my dps and I have much better gear – but I am so failboomkin. We had fun!

    • Troutwort Says:

      I try really hard to make sure I’m doing the best DPS I can, I know where I have areas for improvement, but I usually do much better on longer fights. It’s always crazy to me that my biggest damage spell is immolate DOT. So I always make sure I’m keeping it refreshed on the boss. I let it fall off on the dog boss thing a few times, that was fail, I really should have padded my timer with that felfire bolt because the boss has fear causing me to miss my Hand of Gul’dan refresh. Lesson learned!

      I try not to watch my DPS numbers too much because there are lots of factors that can skew it, but I like to know I am at least competative with my DPS and not being carried.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize that was your first one. Haha! And geez, you guys never told me you were in vent. Although, with my sinuses this week, I’m probably best off avoiding the headphones as much as possible.

    I love that we can get Karsh Steelbender to 15 stacks now without any deaths. That was pretty awesome.

    Trout, you should have been on the NEXT run if you thought that one was crazy. Squishybear took it easy on you, trust me. Realbear zipped through SFK like mad.

    • ReversionLFM Says:

      Yeah that SFK run was pretty fast. I think that is the hardest I have pushed ‘gogogo’ in a heroic this expansion.

      • repgrind Says:

        Both runs were a lot of fun. I … really enjoy healing on the paladin. Last night on the mage was ok (topping the meters is always nice, even if it’s just because I have more gear), but it’s just plain not as much fun as healing. Dang Log, why couldn’t he level a DPS instead of a healer? 😛

      • Analogue Says:

        There’s a reason I haven’t really tried for any raid arrangements that get you back on your mage full time…. you’re enough like me that I know that healing is really the thing we do. Yeah, fireballs are cool and whatever the raid needs we can do but….

  3. slice213 Says:

    Woo~ grats!

    Uh oh another lock….the corruption spreads!

    • Troutwort Says:

      The lock was requested by Analogue to level first because we thought I might raid, but I was so depressed power leveling, so that ended that. Ha! Since the lock was the one toon I had that downed LK it worked out nice, since we already had other priests and mages. 😛

      Speaking of corruption spreading, I was told I should dual-spec affliction, but honestly, I like the way destruction sounds better. 😛

  4. wolfgangcat Says:

    Congrats on your first Heroic – and some “lootz”!
    May all your Heroics be equally painless 😉

  5. ReversionLFM Says:

    It was a very solid run all around. I was pretty suprised no one died on the fire boss. And Beauty was pretty messy with me trying to tank and CC at the same time. I am sure that was heck to heal. And what’sherface is always an easy boss if no one screws up the beams. And no one did.

    That DK’s damage was nuts. His gear was not that great either so I guess DKs are due for a nerf or something. We don’t run with them much so I don’t know.

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