Still Sorta “Meh”

So I still really haven’t gotten into this expansion.  I can’t pin-point why I’m not really enjoying myself, but I find myself more frequently logging in and then sitting there, staring at my character selection screen and thinking…

Elgar – did I do my transmute?
Schubert, Borka, Kalinnikov, Sibelius – do I feel like questing Vashir or Mt. Hyjal again?
Troutwort – is my Oracle egg hatched or is there GM stuff to do?
Rossini – dailies?
Haydn – is he rested yet?
Mouret – I really should wait to level with my friend…

And then I sit there, and go through the list again.  And again…and then I think, I should go play that Orc, but then I think well I’m the GM so I should stay on my own server.  So I pick someone in Stormwind, do a cooking daily and go from there.

I guess it’s not fair to say I’m not enjoying myself, because that’s not true.  I do have fun playing, I just am not really all “Yay Cataclysm!” like I thought I would be.  I have started to take a few guesses as to why:

1)  Well we all know the healing thing from recent posts, so we’ll just skip that.  😉
1b)  Getting around.  Yes they added flying to the old world, which has been AWESOME for leveling archaeology.  What is not awesome is that I constantly need to go back to Stormwind to get to a new Cataclysm zone.  There’s no just get on your mount and fly to the next zone since they are all spread out.  Yes, I know hearthstones are on 15 minute cooldowns, but still, this really seems more annoying than it should be.  Outlands and Northrend kept all the zones together, this was nice, I thought.  Though I’m sure people will beg to differ and they like their portals better. 
1c)  For the love of all things Elune, if you want to make me use these portals put them in more cities than just Stormwind.  Seriously.  I don’t like it that much.

2)  Professions are…meh.  I know people liked when they got rid of the specializations from BC to LK.  I honestly miss them.  There was actually a point to being a tailor back then.  I would be much more into tailoring for example if there were some BoP.  Remember when you could be a mooncloth tailor and basically get yourself a couple of epics right at 70?  I miss that.  Now all I can craft is not so useful PvP gear and those epics sure take a long time to make with an annoying cloth cooldown.  I haven’t done ALL my professions yet, so maybe some will be a little more exciting or useful, but I guess I’m going to find similar things.

3)  Quests are too linear?  I know I’ve really only leveled two toons so far, so maybe you can skip quest hubs currently if you reach a high enough level or something, but I kinda liked hitting Borean Tundra and knowing that if I didn’t want to do DEHTA I didn’t have to, or I could skip Fizzcrank and just do Amber Ledge.  There was a little more choice in which quests you could do because quest hubs in the zone kinda all became available about the same time.  This linear model, while good for story telling, really doesn’t give me the option to skip quests that I don’t want to do.  Too much phasing??

4)  Leveling too fast.  Okay, people are probably like “what?!”  I know some people HATE leveling, they find it annoying they have to level up to get to the part of the game they enjoy and feel the game doesn’t really start until level 85.  I like leveling.  I like feeling accomplished when I hit max level, but just like Rossini, Schubert is currently leveling up via quests and he’s about halfway through Mt. Hyjal and he’s already level 82 having done 3 random dungeons in there.  So I figure that I’ll probably be close to 83 if not done with 83 by the time I’m done in Hyjal and then head over to Deepholm and suddenly I’m close to or already 85 before I’ve completed 2 zones.  It just seems too fast and like I’m missing out on so much or have to go back to do quests if I want to see them…or to stay on the most applicable zone, I leave zones incomplete.

5)  Reputations.  This one is the most annoying to me at the moment.  Basically there is one place, one zone to get reputation with a faction.  I’m not too thrilled on this again because just like the linearity of the quests, this doesn’t give me options.  In LK you could get Valiance Expedition reputation in Borean AND Howling Fjord.  Wyrmrest was in Borean AND Dragonblight.  Argent Crusade was either Zul’Drak OR Icecrown.  See my point?  If I didn’t like one place I could go to the other and still get the reputation start I needed to get myself a tabard and some rewards.  Even the Kalu’ak had questlines in both Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra.  This one faction per zone really is…annoying.

Okay, I’ll stop now.  Sorry, I’m just typing out thoughts as they come to me and really it’s helping me figure out why I seem not so eager to play lately.  I think the one thing I really loved about WoW pre-Cata was that there were SO many options.  Now I feel like that isn’t the case, my options are limited.  For someone like me that plays solo 90% of his playtime, I feel the options to make the game what I wanted was what kept it so interesting.  I never really had to do the same EXACT thing twice on my characters.  Now to level up another toon it’s all the same…same thing I did yesterday or two weeks ago, or a month ago.  The variation isn’t really there and I think that’s what is leaving me ‘unsatisfied’ at my character selection screen.

7 Responses to “Still Sorta “Meh””

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    This is why you come play Horde. 🙂

    NEW quests 😉

  2. Analogue Says:

    Maybe you should try pvp?

    • Troutwort Says:

      Oh my goodness! No. I spend most my time at a graveyard. 😛 Actually sometimes it’s fun. But they don’t rank individuals, just teams right?

  3. wolfgangcat Says:

    I think you’re spot on – I started my Horde toon just to see something different.

    Leveling a toon without an 85 to “support” them does raise some interesting challenges and is a bit “refreshing”.

    I really, really want to run some normals, get geared up and practice healing but I just can’t make myself press the “Looking for Dungeon” button….

  4. gromdred Says:

    here’s an interesting twist for you… I have 4 digsites in one zone I can’t even quest in yet, and three in another “)

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