I’ll Level Your Toon…For a Butter Burger

Before I start in on my ramblings for the day, I want to give thanks to those over at WoWInsider for giving a link to one of my posts on Monday.  I was completely surprised and honored to have been mentioned by one of their writers.  Thank you for your continued support of all of us out here in the Blogosphere!  Thank you again!

As for the usual shenanigans, last night the kid that I mentor wanted to play WoW.  This isn’t something that has happened for a long time, in fact the account with his toons was suspended.  He asked if he could just play one of my toons and decide if he wanted to again.  So he played the DK he created, Floy–the pink haired gnome.  I had transferred her to my account before freezing his account because I had leveled her blacksmithing and wasn’t about to let that go to waste!  She’s level 71 so he ran around Borean Tundra killing some things.  He’s all, “I’m awesome!”  Well buddy, DKs are faceroll but whatever.  🙂  So he’s looting and is all the sudden screaming “Oh dang!  Oh dang!!”  It seems he found a random blue drop.  Nice.  So he’s like is it worth lots?  It’s a level 69 blue caster’s shield.  Of course he’s like, “Where’s the nearest auction house?!?”  So we send Floy on a flight to Dalaran and post the shield for 70g.  I don’t know if it will sell for that much, but it’s worth a try I guess.  He was so excited.  Then he took his flying mount and started exploring a bit–in the direction of Icecrown.  I said, you’re not going to want to go that way.  He’d be fine he thought.  Then out of no where, I see his toon plummeting from the sky toward Crystalsong Forest.  I’m like what are you doing?  He tries to remount, can’t.  Starts screaming then….SPLAT!  I am laughing my butt off! 

Me: “What was that all about?” 
Him:  “I thought I could get back on or fall safely.”
Me:  “Like slow fall?  That’s your mage.”
Him:  “Oh yeah…  But I thought you could fly again when falling?”
Me:  “That’s your druid.” 
Him:  “Oh dang.”

I am laughing this whole time.  I can’t believe he dismounted to his death.  I guess in her statistics Floy will have 1 death from falling.  Poor little gnome.

By this time, I’ve forked over my $15 bucks to Blizzard to reactivate his account and tell him he should get on Monona, his mage.  He can’t log out fast enough!  And on to his beloved mage.  His main objective is to get her some better clothes.  Outland clothing makes you look like some sort of techno-colored hobo.  He said his green pants with purple stripes and openings along the side made her look like a hooker.  Nice.  So I said, “Well let’s go to some dungeons and see if we can’t find better robes.” 

I knew in my head there were robes in Blood Furnace, but I didn’t want to waste time there since it was below his level.  So we went to Slave Pens and Underbog in attempts to find something there.  He didn’t get any robes but we found some new pants that looked like a skirt so at least she has the illusion of robes now.

I was on my level 85 warlock Rossini, and I can understand how that for him it was terribly boring to watch a warlock burn his way through the mobs before you can even cast your 3.36 second pyroblast (I told him to use faster spells, but he wanted to use pyroblast because it’s a massive fireball–oh teenage boys…).  So he follows along and somewhere in the middle of Underbog, he says “Hey, I want some Culvers, can I just go on follow while I go get some?”  I just start laughing.  Basically, he wants me to level up his character while he goes to get a butter burger or cement mixer?  Nice.  He just got his driver’s license earlier this month, so I mostly think he just wanted to drive.  I don’t understand that since I never really got a “kick” from driving.  But whatever, if it means I can get a delicious custard and Oreo treat while burning through nagas in Underbog, I’m in.  So he goes on follow, get’s the treat and away we go.  We finish up, and head to Mana Tombs, but then his mother called, time to come home.  We were about halfway through so I told him I’d finish up. 

Well I finished up escorting him through Mana Tombs and then logged out of Rossini and threw Monona in the random queue.  I did two more (Mana Tombs and Slave Pens) as random groups and did a few quests and by the end of the night she had gone from just barely 64 to over 66.  Woot!  Her professions are horrible and one day I’ll work on them for him so that he can use the stuff he finds to craft stuff. 

Part of me can’t believe that I even spent so much time playing on Monona.  But at the same time it was probably just enough different from everything I’ve done in the last 2 years that it felt good.  And besides he’ll be way excited since she’s leveling quickly.  I’m not sure mage is the best class for him, I still think warlock or hunter would have been better, something ranged with a little more survivability (and a pet), but oh well.  I was impressed by his ability to focus as long as he did last night and his desire to actually play the game rather than just find the fastest way to get rich…I told him the fastest way to get rich is to beg Ado for gold.  I don’t think that will work though.

I don’t mind helping him out with his toons to get their professions up and levels too, he probably will only play when he hangs with me, so I get he doesn’t have much time.  Besides, if there’s a butter burger or frozen custard in it for me, I’ll sell out in no time.

13 Responses to “I’ll Level Your Toon…For a Butter Burger”

  1. Bimini Asheye Says:

    Mmm, butterburgers. Kopp’s is better as far as frozen custard, tho. 😛

  2. ReversionLFM Says:

    mmm butter burger!

    Saddly in the couple years she was in Iowa my wife never got into Culvers 😦

  3. slice213 Says:

    White castle!

    Five Guys

    In and Out!

    mmmmm I want a burger now!

  4. slice213 Says:

    mmm butter burger…..I feel my waistline expanding.

  5. wolfgangcat Says:

    I have no idea what a butter burger is….

    Grats on your WoW Insider link! 😀

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