What if…

This is one of those hypothetical things, one of those, what if I had chosen the blue pill instead of the red one?  I mean of course, what if I had chosen to play Horde instead of Alliance?

I got into WoW when my brother asked for it for Christmas.  I purchased it for him, then tried it myself on the 10 day free friend trial.  His friend played WoW and was Alliance so he rolled Alliance as well, picking for his first toon a dwarf Rogue.  Weird, I know.  Since my brother had picked Alliance, I too picked Alliance, and thought I would enjoy playing a hunter.  My two options were Night Elf and Dwarf, and though the expansion (Burning Crusade) was due out that same month, I had no idea.  And so not being too keen on the short dwarves, I picked Night Elf.  And this is how it all started.

So I got to thinking the other day, just what if my brother had rolled Horde, I too probably would have rolled Horde.  So I travel back in time, to that January day…let’s say I stay with hunter, I would have had tauren, orc, and troll to choose from.  I am guessing that I would have picked troll.  So now I’m thinking how this would have impacted things.  I roll troll, and while showing the game to my friend, she originally rolled a dwarf paladin, if she had been influenced to roll Horde as well, paladin was not an option.  So who knows exactly how that would have turned out.  Perhaps she would have rolled a warrior?  My other friend rolled Kittykat a human warlock that turned out to be Rossini.  She was so vain that I believe she still would have rolled human to be hot.  Ha!  So when I think about it, that means that it’s possible that Rossini would have never existed!

Obviously who I know and don’t know in-game all would have changed, that goes without saying.  And I don’t believe any of the Horde races have the ability to have grand moustaches, so Elgar, the toon for which I am most recognized, would have definitely not existed in his current form.  Elgar and Schubert were both created before I got Burning Crusade, so those toons would have definitely been one of the original 4 Horde races.  But Elgar was born out of the idea that the guild needed healers and to assist Theanna the paladin in her leveling.  So Theanna becomes not a paladin, maybe even not a tank, and I don’t roll a priest because it would either be troll or undead (and I am sure I would not have any undead) and again mages were limited to undead and trolls at that time.  It seems to me that I really would have ended up with lots of trolls due to my aversion to the undead and how they appear.  I’m not just that into zombies!

Many of my other characters were born after BC, so I’m sure that I would have had many pretty, beautiful haired blood elves. 

Okay, so if I didn’t roll Alliance, it’s very possible that Elgar and Schubert might not even exist and definitely Rossini would not have existed in his current form at least.  It’s quite possible he would have race/faction changed. 

It’s a bit difficult to think how if I had rolled Alliance that some of my most beloved toons wouldn’t exist.  But at the same time other beloved toons may exist.  Like a giant tauren druid and an orc shaman.  And while I’m pretty much set in my Alliance now, it’s funny to imagine how it could have been so easily different.  And how would that trickle down to affect others?  Would Ado and Falahla play night elf and draenei if I had been playing Horde when they started?  Would Repgrind have still been playing her troll mage instead of a human one?  Would priest still be my preferred class? 

What if…what if…


20 Responses to “What if…”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, so … if Fiak’s friends had been Alliance instead of Horde …

    I probably still would have rolled a hunter first, but she would have been nelf instead of Tauren. It’s that whole tied-to-the-land, Earthmother/Emerald Dream, protector of nature thing. Dwarves seem to be the opposite of that. And like you, I didn’t have BC right away (even though it was already out when I started playing) so Draenei wouldn’t even have been an option.

    The next two toons I rolled … well, you actually know them. Valainie the undead warrior chick became Sanbec, and Tristran (I think, I don’t even remember his name for sure!) the belf priest became Ragle when I server/faction transferred them both at level 41.

    • Troutwort Says:

      There have been many toons along the way that “didn’t make it”. A tauren shaman, a female dwarf rogue, a dwarf warrior, a human mage, a draenei warrior, a tauren death knight, and a human warlock (which was deleted in favor of the transexual Rossini).

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    Well I do hope you know that if you ever want to play horde you are welcome to come play with SR on Drak’Tharon 🙂

    Back when I first started playing my friend (who got me playing) was Alliance, so I of course rolled Alliance to play with him. I think however that my heart was always Horde. Whenever I made new alts they were Horde. I feel more at home as a Hordie than I ever did as Alliance. It is probably the same for you. 🙂

    • Troutwort Says:

      That’s an interesting question. I’m not sure I ever felt “more at home” per say, but I didn’t like the undead that much which limited my choices for some classes. There are things I like and dislike about both the Alliance and the Horde.

      I’ll make a note on that server. Sometimes I do want to break it up a little bit. I do have a fancy blood elf warlock that is like level 35 on a server that I don’t think I know anyone on anymore. If I feel really crazy I’ll move him otherwise 30 levels aren’t too hard to get these days so maybe I’ll just reroll. 😛

      • koalabear21 Says:

        For some reason I have always liked the Forsaken starting areas. Plus there are 2 cute female faces so it isn’t that bad anymore.

        Plus the revamped starting area is insanely good.

        Oh and much love for the baby lock! I ❤ me some locks!

    • repgrind Says:

      One of these days, I am going to find time to level at least one of my Hordies, I PROMISE. My Allies are close to being at a good stopping point. With three 85’s, an 84, and an 82, I haven’t got a lot of leveling left to do before either working on the Horde, or picking up one of the low level alts.

      • repgrind Says:

        Let’s see, your raid needs another hunter I hear .. maybe I’ll level Juna first :p

        I do feel more ‘at home’ on Alliance. But I don’t think you can get the complete game (lorewise) if you never try out the other faction/races. Trout, you should roll an undead just long enough to get through the first two or three zones. I know it sounds like a lot but the storytelling in Silverpine is worth it. Maybe someone can provide you with a few stacks of Savory Deviate Delight. :p

      • koalabear21 Says:

        Yeah we seriously need more hunters >.>

        Shockingly we don’t have any raiding DKs or Mages

        You would think the DKs would be out en masse, but apparently not

      • Troutwort Says:

        Undead and a hunter? That’s possible! I could try that out. I could see some definite potential there, plus undead seem pretty appropriate for some of the pet skins out there.

  3. Analogue Says:

    Reversion and I would not have server changed to join your guild because there is no way I would play a troll or tauren druid as my main. An alt, perhaps, but never my main…

  4. gromdred Says:

    Now my introduction to WoW was different. I had friends on both sides crowing about the game and telling me I should start playing. The draw to a human paladin was stronger (due to having played that role in many games previously) so that’s where I started with Gromdred. Of course I had to appease the friends on the other side as well, so Pryncess was born not too long after. Funny though, I chose to make her a mage after seeing one friend on the alliance side playing her mage 🙂

  5. slice213 Says:


    Nice post! I know when WoW 1st came out a friend from college got it and she was rolling Horde, she had rolled an undead warlock, convinced me and I went out and got the CE. Hmm. I rolled 1st a undead lock as well. Melee lock as well……lol

    I tried also for a bit a male dwarf hunter. Was fun for a bit.

    But for me…not having an “elf” to play as kinda turned me away from the Alliance. Sure they have NE….but….not the same…guess I am more of a fan of the tolkien like elves, or the once from the Dragonlance saga, good old D&D….without that option WoW lost interest. So I did not play again till BC…..WOOOOHOOO BLOOD ELVES! Yeah so now 8 character slots….I think over half are belfs…..

    • repgrind Says:

      lol Slice, you’re as bad as I am. 10 slots … 7 humans, 2 worgen, 1 dwarf. Although, the worgen of course both have their in-town human forms so … yeah. The dwarf was because I wanted one of each class, and my shammy choices were limited to that or draenei.

      • Troutwort Says:

        Until Cataclysm I practiced the 2 per race rule (2 toons x 5 races = 10 characters!), but then worgen caused the Draenei to have to be rerolled as a worgen. So 2 humans, 2 dwarves, 2 gnomes, 2 night elves, 1 draenei, and 1 worgen.

        I think with alliance the closest you can get to a full card of one race is the dwarves – all but druid! I think we have a few that have their races of preference. Ado really likes the Night Elves for example–I think he’s at 4 NE and 1 human.

      • slice213 Says:

        I tried playing other races….but just not me…I know Koala and rep are gonna pick on me for this…but ummm….other horde races are not “clean and pretty” enough ?

      • repgrind Says:

        You really think I would pick on you for that? It’s no secret that I play my human males because I think they’re hot. I’ve considered rerolling my worgen lock because the casting animations are weird, but then I put him in human form and put that top hat on him and …. *daydreaming* …. wait, what were we talking about again? 😛

      • slice213 Says:

        lmao. I should have guessed…I did not know. 🙂

        Rep likes tophats and tails :p

        But yes worgen casting animations are odd. T_T

      • Troutwort Says:

        The casting animations for several of the races are a bit weird, like when you cast some spells with a night elf, they just look…constipated! Seriously, just take a poop already. Dwarves have pretty good ones and I like how gnomes kinda ‘bounce’ when they do AOE. I think the general theme was instant cast: arms out; normal cast: arms in, then out; channeled or AOE: raise ’em in the air like you just don’t care! But The warlock looks stupid when immolating and running around with his hand straight in the air. Silly humans!

      • slice213 Says:

        lmao totally trout!

        I never realy noticed the whole different cast different poses. XD

        And yes indeed, silly humans. !

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