Herbalism vs. Alchemy

After getting lucky on my Canopic Jar and getting the Sandstone Drake thing, I realized that I needed to focus on my Alchemy.  Elgar had leveled up to 85 via his archaeology and had spent very little time in the new zones.  In fact, while visiting Northrend dig-sites he picked up the Icethorn and Lichbloom and gained skill ups from herbalism.  But his herbalism was low, less than 500.  So when it came time to start working on Alchemy, I needed more herbs.  I headed to Mt. Hyjal and Vashir to get the starter ones.  I picked lots of herbs since I had a LONG way to go on Alchemy.  I came back made 5 potions at a time and soon I didn’t need cinderbloom anymore, or stormvine.  Instead I needed heartblossom and whiptail.  Fine, I needed to go to Uldum to do some digging anyways, so I spent some time there picking herbs.  I made more potions.  And at 495 alchemy, I needed twilight jasmine.  So I recall digging in twilight highlands and landing next to twilight jasmine only to see I needed 525 herbalism to pick it.  So I’m sitting there scratching my head.

So I need to be 525 in herbalism in order to pass 495 in alchemy?  That’s bogus. 

I know it’s only 30 point difference, but when you have only 75 points between them that’s 40% of the leveling needs to be using max skill from the associated gathering profession.  I dunno, that seems….weird? 

Now granted, had I leveled traditionally, I might have had max herbalism before I needed the herbs for alchemy, but still, I would have reached this point again as I would have tried to level alchemy concurrently. 

So let me think about this a little more, there’s 75 levels of alchemy, I know they want those last like 5 or 10 levels to be a challenge, okay, fine, so 65 levels of alchemy.  There are 6 herbs in Cataclysm.  So 10 levels per herb?  But if you count that they start at 425, that actually means there are say 90 levels of alchemy (425 to 515).  So 90 divided by 6 herbs is 15 levels per herb (if they were divided evenly).  So MAYBE it makes sense that alchemy using the herbs when it does, but it seems to me that there’s a big difference between the herb collection level and the alchemy use level.  I notice that they seem to intend for you to get the later levels through transmutation leveling, which is “okay” but I dunno, it seems like I expected to at least break 500 before being expected to use twilight jasmine.  I know it’s not going to be a 1:1 leveling ratio between herbalism and alchemy, but I guess I thought it would be a little bit closer.

Okay, in summary, I’m not really sure what I am saying, ha!  I guess I was just a little surprised to see that I needed to have max herbalism so early into my alchemy.  I dunno, just…odd.


7 Responses to “Herbalism vs. Alchemy”

  1. repgrind Says:

    You think that’s strange, wait until you level your enchanting.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I have sorta…I have noticed that certain patterns require stuff (shards) but I can’t DE the stuff to get it? Is that what you mean?

      • repgrind Says:

        Partly. Mainly, though, you can get recipes before you hit 500 that require a runed elementium rod, but can’t get the recipe to make the rod until you hit 515. And of course, to get the best recipes you need access to the (phased) vendor in Twilight Highlands, so .. one of these days, my warrior has to level to 84 .. and then pray that the blankety-blank cannon quest isn’t bugging out again.

      • Troutwort Says:

        Oh goodness. That is dumb.

  2. ReversionLFM Says:

    I did not notice that with my alchemy because my herbalist and my alchemist are not the same people. And Rev got max herbalism long before I leveled my hunter’s alch.

  3. slice213 Says:

    Aye the cata recipes are weird. Blacksmithing….argh!!!!

    Tailoring wasnt too bad.

    And aye as Rep pointed out the recipe for the runed elementiun rod is in a phased part, and you cant even use the recipe to a certain lvl but certain enchanting recipes you need that require it can help you get there >< enchanting is all weird

  4. Analogue Says:

    It’s more weird that alchemy doesn’t require you to go to TH when it seems like all the other crafting professions do….

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