The 50-50 Guild Event

We’ve been having many guild events lately it seems:  Tempest Keep classic raid, the fishing tournament, and on Tuesday we had a guild War Games night.

For those that are unfamiliar, you can host your own “War Game” on a battleground map by challenging another player and their group to a match.  This is easily done by the following steps:

1)  Form two raid teams, try to make them equal size (and equal power).
2)  The team leader of one team locates and targets the team leader of the other team.
3)  Open the PvP interface and select the map you want to play (battlegrounds only for now, arena is apparently coming soon!).
4)  Instead of clicking Join Battle, click the War Games button. 
5)  The other team will accept, and presto!  You’ll be in your War Game in no time!

No honor is gained or achievements can be made in a War Game.  Since the maps are set up as Alliance vs. Horde, one team will be selected to be the Horde or Alliance if both teams are the same faction.  Just make sure you take note so that you are running with your flag to the correct base.  He he. 

We made two teams of 8 each for our first battle and did Twin Peaks since most people had never seen it.  We had mostly PvE types so we figured it wouldn’t be too bad.  Our group had lots of fun!  We each joined our own Vent channel and ours was full of laughter and death.  It was hilarious.  Our team won the first battle which was quite exciting.  We had a shadow priest run the first flag back and a paladin do it the second time.  They managed to get their flag back once, though I’m not sure who carried it.

They chose the second map and picked Battle for Gilneas.  It’s a resource map with three points.  They were assigned Horde.  This battle was 9 vs. 9 as we had a few more people join and a few drop.  We did not do a very good job balancing the teams for the second match and our team again won.  Sadly, the other team was not having such a good time as we were.  I think due to the unbalanced teams.  However, they did have some on their teams that really gave us a run for our money!  Do you know how hard it is to kill druids?  Grr.

So it turned out is was only half successful?  I think had we had more team balance and switched up the teams between matches so that people could play with others it would have been a little more fun.  We’ll remember this for next time.  Much like our Dire Maul arena free for all though, it’s fun to be in a different environment with our guildmates.  I had fun and hope we can convince others to play War Games with us again.  I think it’s a fun break from the normal and in BG where you know everyone and you’re all more PvE than PvP it makes it a little less stressful, in my opinion anyways.

I do think it would be pretty hilarious to do an Alterac Valley with 10 on each team or so, that could be pretty hilarious, or potentially quite annoying?  He he.  I’ll also have to remember to think of prizes next time, I meant to keep track of biggest healers, damage dealers, and flag carriers, or maybe if the team votes on MVP or something, to give some prizes, but I totally forgot.  Next time!


8 Responses to “The 50-50 Guild Event”

  1. repgrind Says:

    I think the communication issues at the beginning didn’t help. I would do it again, but only if I’m NOT in charge of a team. That just ruined it for me, because not only was I playing in BGs that I’d never seen before, I was also trying to do it while dealing with issues in chat/whispers, leaving me *completely* unable to focus on anything at all.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yeah, I’m sorry about pegging you as leader, but no one else stepped up, I will take blame for not better planning for that. Next time I’ll make sure to get a leader who is willing rather than appointing, plus I like to PvP with you on my team! 😛 We’ll have it better organized, I’m sorry about that.

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    It was fun – I’d do it again but I was obviously at a disadvantage without Vent (got it, just need to set it up) and missing a lot of typed instructions.

    Prizes would be great! Don’t forget a prize for something like “Most Times in the Graveyard During a Battle” or I won’t have a chance 😉

  3. Analogue Says:

    I had fun but, like you say, getting owned because the other team has most of the pvpers kind of sucks. Make Reversion lead one team next time, he’s good at being bossy. I mean leader-y.

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