What’s a Patch?

Normally I’m all up ons with the patch notes.  This patch 4.0.6(??) has kinda snuck up on me as I can’t view the notes from work and I am not always spending time at home looking at the notes.  I better start doing it.  I am hoping that the patch rolls out tomorrow.  I have been catching tidbits of the notes as time goes on though.

I heard about the big buff to the absorption of PW:Shield, which is much needed.  Currently my shield breaks when fighting one normal quest mob, since they hit for ~3000 or so it seems like maybe the shield absorbs 12 to 15 thousand.  That doesn’t seem like much.  I would think that since I’m spec’d into shields it should be able to withstand damage from normal quest mobs much better.  Now granted, I don’t have any real numbers on this, all I know is that I used to be able to keep the shield up through all my smiting and now that is not the case.  They seem…weak.  So the big buff of 200+% more absorption is welcomed. 

But there are a few other patch things that I just found out that I wasn’t aware of, one of them is that archaeological completed finds will be bumped in price, so those things that sold for 5 silver will sell for 1 gold and things that sell for 10g currently may sell for as much as 350g coming up!  That’s awesome.  Sorta.  I wished I had read this sooner than this weekend so that I could have saved some of my junk.  Elgar is still currently sitting on about 500g of items from just the weekend, so that will be nice.  He’s still after he staff from the dwarves, but managed to finish up the dwarf and orc achievements as well as the staff (Seven Scepters) achievements for archaeology.  I sorta wish all those archaeology achievements were rolled into some meta achievement like they have for fishing or cooking, but no such thing.  Apparently there will also be archaeological crates that can be fished up from floating wreckage and will contain archaeological keystones (dwarven rune, highborne scrolls, etc.).  That’s pretty cool too!

The guild also completed the Critter Killer guild achievement for killing 50000 critters.  Apparently we’re just mean like that.  This unlocked the Armadillo Pup pet for us!  However, it’s currently only available at exalted with the guild.  The patch will reduce the requirement level to revered making it much more available to people.  We’re pretty excited about that opportunity!  I know I was killing critters all over the place, and even after we got the achievement I still felt myself using holy nova and hellfire to capture groups of them.  Poor things.

Another change will be that you don’t have to discover the instances anymore to get them on random dungeon finder.  This will make queueing up for a random more enticing to me.  Sure I know, just go find them, but bleh.  Getting to the ones in Uldum would require that starting questline and Rossini just hasn’t done it.  I’ve been too busy with other things.  I thought I would like the idea of finding the instances, but mostly I just find it annoying now.

Elgar also managed to find a pool of bloodsail wreckage in STV to complete the Scavenger achievement, putting him one step closer to “Salty” the big ones there will be winning the fishing tournament and fishing up all those annoying fountain coins.  That will be a project for much later.

The current projects for Elgar is to level alchemy.  He got the pattern for the drake mount from his canopic jar so now he needs to level that up.  So I’ll be working on collecting herbs with him because that mount will be caught after by friends and guildmates and even the auction house.

Perhaps the patch will be tomorrow and Elgar and empty his bags and bank of Archaeology crap.  If not, I might have to work on someone else until he has bag space for his hobbies.


6 Responses to “What’s a Patch?”

  1. Analogue Says:

    I hear you on the archeology crap. I’ve got probably 3k+ worth of stuff waiting for the patch…. 5 crates of tiny glass animals, 5 scroll cases, etc.

    And no stinkin’ night elf trinket, grr.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yeah, the saddest part is I totally sold lots of crap just a day or two before I learned up the change, including a scroll case and a kraken fossil. D’oh! I’ve spent lots of time on the dwarven ones, so I haven’t gotten many glass animals. 😛

  2. repgrind Says:

    I think Kar has 7 bag slots left. I might have to look up the changes again and vendor some of the cheapest stuff just to be able to fish tonight!

  3. Bimini Asheye Says:

    Oh! This is the first I heard about fishing up keystones with the patch. That’ll be cool; at least, it will give me more incentive to help my guild with the fishing pool achievement.

    I wonder if a toon needs to be an archeologist in order to get the keystones from fishing, or if any fisher can get it. My archeologist is not good at fishing. She is also running out of bagspace from all the artifacts.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yeah, I would double check into this more, but I am pretty sure that Wowhead had archaeological crates. My guess is that just like other chests and trunks, they are fished up. I believe I read that. These secondary professions sure eat up my time!

  4. Gromdred Says:

    Yay for archeology being worth something more than disgustingly low drop chances on a few rares! I can’t wait to turn the futile search for the sword into some much needed cash. Personally, i’m praying that the patch brings some love for ret pallies… While we may have some nice raid utility, it’s felt far too much like a return to the Kara days.

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