The Accidental 85

I know I moaned and groaned about the push for me to hit 85 on the warlock.  The intention there was to get ready for raiding.  But I just couldn’t do it and nearly had a mental breakdown trying to encourage myself to even log in during that push.  Once I relieved myself of that pressure I started to really have fun with the game again! 

During my off-time during warlock leveling, I would appease my sanity by working on archaeology with Elgar for the sake of curiosity of this new profession.  I noticed that I was gaining quite a bit of experience for digging up artifacts.  I didn’t think anything of it at first, until I dinged level 81.  Then 82…etc.  And finally last night after completing level 525 last week and finally finishing up the raptor mount, I hit level 85.  But because I hit it my way, I was actually really excited! 

The crazy thing about it though is, I haven’t done any quests other than a few daily cooking and fishing quests, which actually rewarded about the XP that two digs would give me.  So… now my priest is level 85.  There are a few cool bonuses about this.  All my quests that I’ll eventually do for rep, will just give gold.  The bank of Elgar will easily recover from my training binges to get the characters all trained and flying.  There’s no pressure for Elgar to do any particular zones first.  Because he’s 85 I can head off to Twilight Highlands if I would like as my first questing area.  Though I think I might hit Uldum with him.  I haven’t seen it yet on any toons.  Then I’ll decide where to go from there. 

It’s pretty nuts, that I now have two level 85s, and I reached that point in two very different ways.  I’m more excited about the priest though, because I’m doing what I want, how I want.  So that felt much cooler to ding level 85 from basically just archaeology.  We’ll see where his adventures take him from here!  The warlock will still do his daily quests for reputation with Wildhammer, but for now, he’s just relaxing.


5 Responses to “The Accidental 85”

  1. slice213 Says:

    Grats! lol awesome way to ding to 85

  2. Gromdred Says:

    That is so cool! My mage is on very much the same boat… She’s done less than half the quests in each zone. Think of all the gold available there! Very cool boss, and glad you’re having fun again.

  3. Ado Says:

    You and I play completely different ways. I just got done leveling my priest from 60 to 85 in under a week and a half and I’m still excited about playing it.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Well I like to stop and smell the roses, you just step on them on your way through. I know I have probably close to 2 years with this expansion, I don’t need to rush anything. I play a “slow game” because for me, it’s just more fun. 😛

  4. repgrind Says:

    OMG you really need to see the Uldum quests. They are very cool.

    I leveled the first couple relatively fast, but I read all the quests, and I’m enjoying going through them all again. I’ve seen some people complain about being bored doing the same quests over and over already. I don’t get that. I’ve given stone bats to Pebble three times so far and can’t wait to see it again.

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