Our Guild Tournament

Our Guild is going to be sponsoring its own fishing tournament in order to complete the guild achievement of catching 10,000 fish from pools.  This of course will give us the recipe for the Cataclysm fish feast.

There are more details over at our guild page which we used for our Critty awards last fall.  The Critty awards were given to characters in the guild for outstanding or humorous achievements in the guild and the winners of the top award were each given a copy of Cataclysm as a prize!  We are using it now for our guild fishing tournament.

The general idea of the fishing tournament is that guild members will mail their daily catches to the event organizer who will tally up the total fish caught, we will only count fish that can be caught in a pool (since that’s what the achievement is asking for).  We are hoping that people don’t buy up fish to turn in, but we’ll measure the total fish turned in versus the amount the achievement has risen.  I don’t think we’ll have anyone that wants to cheat since there’s something in it for everyone:  the recipe.

To encourage people to fish, we will be giving out in-game gold, gems, flasks and Loot Cards!  For those that don’t know, loot cards come from the WoW Trading Card game and some cards contained codes that can be turned in in Booty Bay for in-game items including mounts.  I am hoping this will encourage people to participate.  As a general rule though, I am going to pick up some loot cards just to have around to reward people for exceptional good behavior or guild participation, etc.  People like prizes.

10 Responses to “Our Guild Tournament”

  1. Arioch Says:

    We held an impromptu “fishing raid” on one of our off nights. Attendance fluctuated from 10 to 25 people and we got about 7k fish in around 5 hours.

    I now have way more fish feasts than I can possibly hope to eat.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Nice! We’re giving out some pretty nice loot prizes, maybe we’ll even hit the 50,000 fish achievement! Oy! That would be nuts. I’m sure we’ll crash the fish market this week. 😛

      • Analogue Says:

        Actually, since we are not selling the fish this week and indeed should be using fishing pool resources up, we are likely to cause a spike in the market this week and a crash the week after when we sell off our ill-gotten gains.

        So do your fish speculating now!

      • Troutwort Says:

        He he, that’s what I meant, my bad on inappropriate timing. I just have to make sure I’m catching fish people actually want to buy and yet still helps me achieve some goals. 😛 I really hope people get into it, those loot prizes could be awesome, the Landro’s Box has a chance for a mount in it!

      • Arioch Says:

        The fish feast is cute. The lobster watches you.

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Yes, people love prizes! Good excuse to level up fishing *and* have a chance at a prize – count me in!

  3. Guild Fishing Fun « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] Fishing Fun By repgrind So, our Guild fishing tournament began yesterday at 5pm server time. I got a late start. I was in Northrend all ready to fish for a […]

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