Where does the time go?!

Goodness!  It’s Friday, January 7th.  We are now officially one month into the Cataclysm and I have failed at leveling at least one of my 7 level 80s to 85.  Rossini the warlock has reached 84 through questing and Elgar nearly 84 just from archaeology–and he still has more to do. 

I haven’t logged on since Monday the 4th though, I’ve been too busy in the evenings to log in, and even this weekend is already looking to be busy again.  I don’t know how this happens!  I would like to get in some play time though and tonight I’ll be playing with a guildmate at her house though it will be on one of the other toons and we’ll probably tackle some of Vashir.

I don’t have much to post about since I have really felt disconnected from WoW this week, here’s hoping for a normal return to things for next week, including more Classic Raid Nights and hopefully some other fun events like nekkid races (level 1 race) or dungeon dashes (races through classic dungeons) or even guild punch-outs (free-for all PvP against our guildmates).

7 Responses to “Where does the time go?!”

  1. Gromdred Says:

    And I feel like a slacker because i only have one at 85 so far. But I still feel like there’s so very much to do just on him that I feel a little guilty when I play someone else. And i think my horde group is getting seriously pissed at me cause I haven’t been playing over there at all. But please, bring on the silliness! I suspect everyone could use some. And I still want to try for Chromaggus as a pet!

  2. Chandrilea Says:

    I also have a guild event idea but this will take some collaboration. it is aimed at getting that ungodly guild fishing achievement … I’m thinking of a guild fish off!

    I’m not sure how we’d track the numbers, who caught the most from schools of fish, what the incentive would be (since gold is easy to make these days) to spend an “X” amount of time fishing rather than prof leveling, farming, dungeons, etc.


    • Troutwort Says:

      This is brilliant!! I will work on this. I have some awesome ideas for prizes anyways. 😛 Something that is better than gold! Let’s talk about some options on how to make this work. I like where this is going though.

      • Chandrilea Says:

        glad you’re on board with this. i thought about this wednesday night and wanted to talk to you in-game about it but you’ve been busy.

        i just started doing research if any other guilds have/had similar ideas on how to get that achievement and (not surprisingly) a guild has already gotten the achievement! WTH!?!?

        can’t wait to get a plan together and get this going. woot!

  3. Analogue Says:

    Missed having you around this week but hey, life is always nuts around the holidays. Lots of raiding this weekend but none of the groups downed a boss (we were really close though!). I’d be up for silly guild events. I think we had some new people join in the last week (heck in the last two days) and maybe some “getting to know you” events would be good! We are free today, Tuesday and Wednesday but have a Thursday night commitment.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yeah, some good “Getting to Know You” events might be nice since we seem to keep getting people who want to join us. I should be back to a regular schedule this week!

      • Analogue Says:

        Oh yeah and I totally want to poach at least one Apathy toon, maybe two – we had a healer from them come in to help and I SO want her on my heal team!

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