What’s With the Sword?

My friend and guildmate Grom has expressed that his paladin should have a sword.  He’s made this very clear in a few posts.  But Grom buddy, I am going to have to disagree with you.  Sorta.

Weapons are by far one of the coolest equipable items in the games, coming in close seconds are shoulders and helms, but you always notice the weapon.  Hanging off the back or the waist of its owner they are often trophies of the wielders achievements.  Items that sometimes even command attention and status. 

Grom focused on his desire for his paladin to wield a trusty two-handed sword.  Saying that an axe is just not right.  But I tend to be a little more classic in my approach to desired weapons for my toons.  Now obviously, a character will and should always choose a weapon based on its qualities instead of based on its look.  But I’ll give a little run down of what weapons I think have the best “feel” in my humble opinion for the different classes.   

Death Knight – For the DK, I believe a two-handed sword would be appropriate.  Since Arthas used a sword, it only seems appropriate to me that a DK would use a runesword as well.  An Axe or Mace just doesn’t seem to have the punch I would expect here.

Druid – Staff.  I mean, it just fits, there’s really no explaining needed here.  And while they can now use polearms, the weapon of choice is a staff.

Hunter – Though many equip polearms, the weapon I think for melee (though it never happens) should be one-handers because it give the feeling that these tools (daggers, axe) are more suited for close quarters combat and for survival utility.  So I would say dual wield a dagger and an axe.  As for ranged weapons, this is dependant on the class–basically any fit well here.

Mage – I prefer a staff here as well.  A powerful arcane staff seems to compliment the mage look the best.

Paladin – Against Grom’s wishes, I’m going with the two-handed mace or one-handed mace and a shield.  I think the mace truly is the paladin weapon.  Anyone else looking to wield one is just a paladin wanna be. 

Priest – Though most priests end up wielding maces, I think I much prefer a staff here.  There have been many awesome looking priest staves in the game.  The mace and dagger are just unfitting to a man of the light.  Though a shadow priest would look awesome with a dagger.

Rogue – Definitely daggers.  Like the druid, this is no questions asked.  No axes, swords, or maces here, they are definitely supposed to wield daggers. 

Shaman – Hmmm, well this is the one class that I can’t nail down easily.  I am gonna have to go with one-handed axes for the melee shaman and definitely staves for the casters. 

Warlock – This is where your one-handed spell daggers go.  I envision it hidden always but at the ready should someone need a throat slit or back stabbed at close quarters.  A warlock shows no mercy. 

Warrior – A warrior again has the ability to wield so much that how do you choose?  Here again, I’m going to go with the two-handed sword or axe.  The weapon needs to inflict pain and bleeding but preferably just slice you in half.

Of course I realize that in-game items are always chosen by their stats instead of their look, but for me this list is what “feels” right for each class.  Sorry Grom, paladins just don’t feel right with a sword.  🙂


8 Responses to “What’s With the Sword?”

  1. repgrind Says:

    It depends on what they look like. I’ve seen some cool maces and … well, the one Kerick has now hangs so strangely. IF they looked like a paladin hammer, and not some strange table leg, that would be fine.

  2. Ado Says:

    I’d also like hunters bows to show all the time. When you get your new toy you want to show it off a bit.

  3. gromitdaddy Says:

    I have several reasons for loving swords on paladins… Historically, the closest group to the paladins that we know and love, the templars, always used swords. Nothing like a 6 foot broadsword to brighten up your day. The sword is a “clean” weapon (see below). And I just have a love of swords – have a “few” in my office 😉 Now it could be argued that Arthas and others carried large hammers, so that the mace should be the weapon of choice for a paladin, but I still tend to want to go with history. Axes? they’re okay. After all, Grom did carry a couple for the longest time. But time and time again, I keep coming back to the sword as my paladin weapon of choice. After all, even though I chose retribution as my vocation, I’m still a priest by training, and as such wish to reduce the amount of suffering my enemies are subjected to. If I cut them in half, I feel there is less pain experienced than there would be if I say, bashed their chest with a hammer and then had to hit them again to put them away. I think a mace and shield is a good choice for a prot pally, and even for a holy – Can’t think of too many swords with healing properties 🙂 But for ret? Big, heavy, and sharp enough to shave with!

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