2011: Ready or Not!

I am finally back in the Midwest, I can’t explain how much I love these states.  As much as they get poked fun of and for as far out of the “newest” fashions, electronics, etc.  We’re good people.  And after spending the weekend in Boston with all the Massholes (Massachusetts Asshole) I am glad to be back home where people smile, say please and thank you, excuse themselves, and generally seem less angry.  Oh and even though you might think we have that crazy “Fargo” accent, it’s not like dropping the R off every word.  It’s like the whole city has a speech impediment.

Anyways, it was after that trip to the East Coast (and I apologize to any of you nice people who do manage to live out there) that I realized I’m just too nice to ever live out there and for all that I complain about people or things here, it’s really home.  Thank god for my people who appear a little more logical, hardy, and genuine.  Seriously Boston, you do NOT need a scarf when it’s 50 degrees out, it just makes you look like a self-absorbed boob.

Okay, rant off…for now.

The trip to Boston though didn’t leave me anytime for WoW, so I hadn’t logged in since Thursday and even last night, just getting back from vacation and trying to do some laundry left me with little desire to really focus on the game.  I’m hoping to make some more headway tonight.

I really have been lagging behind!!  I keep trying to push myself, but the more I push, the less fun I have, but hey, if I make it to max level within one month of the expansion release, it will still be an earth shattering record for me!  With LK I didn’t reach max level for almost 3 months!  So I’m way ahead of schedule now! 

I’m glad to be back in my old routine, I may lead a boring life to some, but this Midwestern style suits this creature of comfort just fine.


9 Responses to “2011: Ready or Not!”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Hah, I loved living in the Midwest. I’d move back – you really do get the nicest people there. And East Coast is not for me either. We would have to bury all our nice guns and that is just not ok.

    Take it easy and work your way to 85 at your pace – the two numbers you need to know is average ilvl 329 to get into heroics, and average ilvl 141 is your pre-raid goal, if at all possible. Not that gearscore is everything but as a “you must be this high” metric it has its points.

  2. ReversionLFM Says:

    And don’t bother pushing yourself. And Don’t change zones before you are done. They made it so the final quest in seriously long chains drops 333 items. Even quest chains well before you are maxed. That and you get more rep by being completionist. Finishing a zone often gets you enough rep to buy something 346. If you try to push, grind, or… er that does not sound right does it…
    Anyway, if you go to a new zone as soon as you are able you will find you end up with a lot worse gear. Instead take your time, savor all the quests and finish chains. Doing that means you are a sneeze from being heroic geared when you hit 85.

  3. Gromdred Says:

    Welcome back and thank you!

  4. DarthRegis Says:

    You should try the East Coast of Canada. Not Bawstunh.

    Way awesome. And better than the Midwest Canada.
    (but I’m biased. 😛 )

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