Battle Cry!

I’ve been toying with the idea of linking a battle cry to certain abilities for sometimes fun times!  I obviously couldn’t do it every time I mash a certain button, but maybe a macro for when my characters are in the mood to yell out during their attacks or heals.

Since my characters are mostly named after classical music composers I had this horrible and yet slightly awesome/nerdy idea that I would macro battle cries based on their classical musicians.  For example, my Rogue is named Haydn (pronounced “hide in”) and the real Haydn composed a piece of music called the “Surprise Symphony” because it was quiet and then would have really loud bursts interjected.  So I thought that I should macro “SURPRISE SYMPHONY!” to my Ambush attack since I’m a subtlety rogue.  He he!

Edward Elgar wrote some priesty type things including one piece that has much potential to be linked to a spell that I might use like Divine Hymn or PW: Barrier.  The song is called “Land of Hope and Glory” which seems sort of appropriate for PW: Barrier, since that would be the land of hope!

I don’t know many pieces by Kalinnikov and while Rossini had lots of pieces most were operas and I’m not sure which might be suitable as a battle cry.  I thought maybe just having him yell something in latin which could be “demonic” sounding but also one of his opera names.  He he!  Or maybe “The Touchstone” (in Latin/Italian) for when he does soulstones or healthstones.

Sibelius is famous for his Finlandia, but he has something that is boomkin-ish in his “Nightride and Sunrise” piece.  Again, working it in and linking it to a specific spell is the tricky part.  There are also pieces on Wood Nymphs and one called “Oceanides” which could be tied to typhoon.

So there’s a lot of potential out there.  I might have to play around with it and do a little more research, but it might workout as a nice setup!


6 Responses to “Battle Cry!”

  1. smart001 Says:

    Not gonna lie. That idea is brilliant.

    I have a couple set up, but my favorite one, which is not used super often is (for my Prot warrior):

    /y I need tea. RAWR!
    /cast charge

    Long inside joke story i only use that during progression fights we are having problems on.

    Also, to commemorate the release of Clash of the Titans (which i was exceptionally excited about)

    /y Release the Kraken!
    /cast Charge

    I think emote macros used occasionally are a lot of fun.

  2. gromdred Says:

    Great idea! and yes, completely nerdy 😀

  3. repgrind Says:

    Touchstone, huh? *evil grin* I like that one.

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