Danger, Guild Master-son!

Well I’m not lost in space, perhaps lost in the web?  I’m not sure how many other GMs read this blog, if any, I’m actually not sure anyone reads this besides the 4 people I know, he he, but I have recently had some guild master type issues to deal with. 

One was minor, we got infiltrated by an old guild member who basically came and left a few times the last time was under probation since we’ve had trouble with him in the past, I reached my limit, and this time he left on his own after some poor choice words on my own behalf, but it made my point clear and he decided to leave because “it’s what you want anyways”.  On some level I did, but anyways, he made a new toon, and due to our lack of good screening, we accidentally invited him where we had to hear that “boobiez are awesome” in guild chat before I realized the mistake and kicked him out.  Good times.  The guild has been much better since he left though and everyone is getting along really well and we actually have some intellectual conversations in the guild chat and our “slightly rude” members have been behaving much better as well.  Which is awesome.

Our second issue is a little weirder.  A new low level toon wanted to talk with the GM, I was on and someone let me know.  I whispered with the person where they told me we recently acquired a guild member who used to be in their guild on another server.  The GM told me that this person was in good standing with the guild and in the guild for over a year until one day they took all the stuff out of the guild bank and transferred their toon without a word.  Yikes!  This is always a fear of mine, so I really empathized with the other GM.  I appreciated that they took the time to tell me this though.  The GM said it just happend and sure enough the character joined us just three days ago.  I made a note on the persons name that they should not be promoted.  The GM wanted to try to contact the person to see what might have caused the change of heart.  I felt pretty bad about the situation but of course, I don’t know who to trust because well, they are internet people.  I am going with the GM at this point because it takes a lot of effort to find out what was going on and only sociopaths hunt down people like that.  Ha!

I am leaning on the side of just getting rid of the character, not even taking the risk.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I’m thinking of going with my gut feeling, I thought about keeping them around until the GM could contact them and see what is up, but part of me says, why would I even do that?  Just so toon doesn’t get suspicious?  That seems weird. 

Has anyone ever had this happen before?  Or anyone ever had to send a GM a warning?

I’ve fortunately never gotten a warning about the behavior of any of my guild members.  I guess that’s not true, there was one, I told them to watch themselves and I think they left the guild shortly after.  The guild is something you should be proud of and having that tag under your name is showing at all times, your actions not only reflect you, but your guild too.  Sometimes people forget, but I’m betting your GM doesn’t forget that.


16 Responses to “Danger, Guild Master-son!”

  1. slice213 Says:

    Ouch Trout. That is a tough choice. When it comes to those situtations – there are lots of things that could have happened that we may not know, or things both sides exagerate.

    1.) Has this newly acquired person been quiet and elusive or open and helpful?

    My gut reaction is if they are good no need to kick em out, but dont give access to a GB is would I would do.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yeah, I’m trying to get in touch with the officer that invited them to see if there was any story. I “think” they are asking them questions before blindly inviting, but it seems, not always! He he! They haven’t said anything that I know of, and all our new recruits have no guild bank access.

      • repgrind Says:

        We also *really* need to remind officers to put notes on the people they are inviting. I came back after vacation and see a lot of people that I don’t recognize and there’s nothing in their note to indicate anything at all. Even something like ‘friend of Member Y’ tells me that they are in the guild for a reason.

        Also, even if it’s obvious whose toon it is, it should still be marked as the alt of whatever their ‘main’ is. (I know some of us are such altoholics that ‘main’ is not always clear. heh)

      • Troutwort Says:

        You are right, I’ll put out a reminder, I’m pretty sure there are lots of alts on at any given moment and I have no idea who they are!

  2. Askevar Says:

    We had something similar happen one time. Because we have a 30 day probation period [either party can back out with no hard feelings], we let him go and told him that we didn’t feel we were a good fit for him.

  3. theerivs Says:

    Trout, I didn’t know you were back at blogging. Glad to see you back and full swing of things. I promptly made sure you were back on my blogroll, wish you would of dropped me a line sooner. 😛

    As for situation, I prefer to let people stand on their own merit. I would ask the new member about this, and get their side of the story. It would depend on them. Honest and forthright win the day. If they give you a shady story, or story that seems unlikely….

    Boot them the hell out.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Thanks and it was good to catch up on some of your blog, I can’t see it at work, so I have to do it from home, always good reading over there!

      I think it is probably most fair to ask them about it and give them a fair chance. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Analogue Says:

    Maybe it was the idiot who ragequit earlier today when we couldn’t hand hold and tell him where the person he needed to talk to for his quest was?

  5. wolfgangcat Says:

    Regarding the second issue….

    If the GM was from Hydraxis, I know who it is and you have no reason to worry 🙂
    Contact me if you’d like the real story 😉

  6. lagalot Says:

    Background check. I’m sure others on that server would be happy to give you the lowdown. Ask some random newer members of the ex guild who wouldn’t have an axe to grind or something.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Ahhh, so clever! Hope all is well on your new server, we told them all bad things about you during your background check!

      Just kidding! We all still miss you and sometimes guild chat fills of “Remember Selv?”

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