Busy Weekend, Again

Sadly, not the WoW type of busy weekend!

We had classic raid night tackling both AQ10 and AQ40.  Both were a joke but we weren’t in there for anything but achievements, which we got!  Three for the guild actually as this completed our Classic Raid achievement for the guild as well.  We’ll start doing Outland Raids after the new year. 

Did a little more archaeology, but didn’t have the time to put into it as I really needed to start leveling the Warlock.  I did more of Vashir and he dinged level 82 before bed.  I had planned on working more with him on Saturday and/or Sunday night. 

As it worked out, I was up early Saturday to help my brother move, and by the time it was all done for the day, I flopped into bed at 11:30pm.  A REALLY long day hauling furniture around and lots of driving.  Sunday I woke up early to the dog leaving me a floor present which I promptly cleaned up and then was awake, but had other things to take care of then a band concert at 2pm.  I finally logged in around 4pm only to fall asleep at my computer at around 7pm.  I decided a nap was needed, but that nap soon turned into putting on the pajamas and getting under the covers and the rest was the emerald dream. 

So sadly I didn’t get to put in the time this weekend that I wanted to.  I should be able to get more play time in this weekend and am hoping to get to 84 before Christmas.  We’ll see!!  It may mean stopping focus on Elgar’s archaeology though.  At least for a little while, though I am so close to 525 that I really want to push for it.  We’ll see.


3 Responses to “Busy Weekend, Again”

  1. Analogue Says:

    I’m really hoping to start organized raid nights again at new Years; we’re open to the possibility of the first week just being heroics to get people geared. Also need to chat about raid comp again sometime…

    We got OS-25 last night, I guess you weren’t there? Did the 3d zerg thing, so that’s one down for Wrath raids.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Awesome!! No, I wish I would have been there, but after I fell asleep riding my seahorse into a giant coral, I decided it was best if I just lay down…that translated into a whole night of sleep. I’ll be working on leveling up the warlock as soon as much as possible this week.

  2. gromitdaddy Says:

    So far, i have to say archeology is kind of fun. I’m only at 35 so far, and have only pulled off the dwarven whislte, but so far it’s fun. Trying not to go too fast so i have something to do later :). Thank you again to Crits for bringing Draeth to the raid (os) and getting him the achievements. Yes, I know he’s in the guild and all… But thank you Crits anyways!

    Gromdred is at 85, and a gs of 332 so he’s good to go for heroics if anyone needs a 5th.

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