Class Difficulties

One last word on Archaeology…it should be noted that you can create and gain skills from ANY of the pieces you find.  Completing a troll artifact at level 400 will still give you 5 points just like it did back at level 100. 

Okay, so I was thinking of the guild the other day and browsing over the guild rewards and guild achievements.  I personally have been using corruption and holy nova on every little critter that I see, taking note of where there are large groups of critters to easily hellfire in the future.  I’m not sure how many critters the other guild members are killing, but I figure I am gonna end up killing about a quarter million toward our goal of killing 500,000!!  Apparently Elgar has killed over 71,000 since they started keeping track, he’s probably only killed 1,000 since Cataclysm. 

I think that one of the hardest achievements for us will be the “Classy” achievements.  We can do the dungeons and raids, especially all the classic ones, we’ll get the Cataclysm ones eventually; and even all the mining, herbing, etc., we’ll get those as time goes on. 

So for those of you who don’t know, the “Classy” achievements are to have a character in your guild to level 85 for every class of each race.  So you’ll need to have a human level 85 of all of the following:  warrior, DK, rogue, hunter, priest, warlock, mage, and paladin.  I started to think about this for our guild…the challenges mostly lie within the new class/race combos. 

I looked at our armory last night (which is really weird now and hard to figure out, I miss old armory, though I like the layout of this one, the features and access to it are not there) and realized that for some we’re totally on track, others….not so much.

Humans:  Since they only added the hunter class, we’re in really good shape here, many of the classes are already above 80 if not 85.  However, human hunters are almost non-existent for now in our guild. 

Dwarves:  We’re in trouble here again because of the new classes added.  We have no mages, warlocks, or shaman of any significant level at this point.  Mostly just rerolls that people tried out during the two weeks before Cataclysm.  All the other ones are at least 80 already including rogue, and let’s face it, you just don’t see that many dwarf rogues.

Gnomes:  We’re in best shape for the gnomes!  Yay!  I think the one we weirdly might have a little trouble with is gnome warlock.  I don’t recall seeing any 80+ ones out there, but I might just be forgetting.  But we had a priest convert to gnome, so we’re good with the new class.  They have fewest classes to choose from, so it does give them an advantage that way.

Night Elves:  Druids?  Check.  Hunters?  Check.  Again, the new class of mage for the night elves  is a real struggle here.  I don’t recall seeing any in the guild.  Ouch.  I believe we are in position to hit 85 on all the others though.  We even have the elusive NE warrior (it’s even female!!!)!

Draenei:  No new classes for Draenei leaves us in a pretty good position for them as well.  Mages, shaman, and paladins are plentiful for this race in our guild.  I believe we have all the others up and coming as well.  Unsure for warrior, but I know we have hunters, priests, and DKs at least to level 80, they will eventually make it.

Worgen:  Ouch.  This one will take time, period.  Unless there are some race changes soon, most of these are rerolls that haven’t seen much leveling past their 20s (if they even made it that far).  We had a few converts for Hunter, Druid, and Warrior, but other than that….it’s gonna be slow.  Since they have many classes available to them this will take some time.  We do have one Rogue that is leveling pretty quickly though, so it appears someone found a new main.  Or else is just enjoying all the new, ‘old’ world.

Of course, the other trick to this achievement is that the character must be honored with the guild.  So before they can even count, they have to hang around for quite some time.  When I last checked only a few people were even counted.  As a GM, I’m not going to pressure anyone to race change to ones we need or anything like that.  Plus, it’s $25.  But in my opinion, these will be the hardest achievements to complete.  Maybe it’s time I start hanging out in the guild recruitment channel spamming for dwarf shaman and night elf mages.  Ha!

On this topic…I have been toying with the idea of converting Rossini the human warlock into a dwarf.  Not that I RP, but it would pretty much confirm that he and Elgar are not brothers.  Well, maybe brother from another mother.


3 Responses to “Class Difficulties”

  1. Analogue Says:

    I do intend to level my dwarf shaman at some point; she’s part of my “every healing class at max level” project. But the gnome priest will be hitting 85 before the dwarf shaman even gets to 80, I suspect. The priest is a good bit into 81. How could I not convert? She’s so adorable. Ditto for Reversion’s spare-worgen-druid. The race changes really breathed new life into those characters.

    NE mage is not a combo that appeals to me. I see it being almost as elusive as a female dwarf rogue in the future…

  2. slice213 Says:

    Yay another person with the same every healing class at max lvl idea! I knew I was not the only crazy one. I just gotta get the shaman going (goblin!)

    But yes, the race/class combos are going to take some effort to get. Throw in the fact as well the toon need to be friendly rep with the guild for them to count makes it a more of a time sink as well.

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