Keep on Diggin’

This past weekend was filled with all sorts of activity:  I started questing on the warlock, I started a worgen warrior, and of course Elgar the priest kept digging up crap.

After what seemed like endless digging, I was approaching 300 archaeology skill and then finally, I got a rare dig!  So for those that don’t know, you actually know when you’ll find a rare item.  The item you are always working on is indicated in the tab of the type of artifact it is.  So in my fossil tab, I could see that I was working on Skeletal Raptor and it indicated that it was rare rather than all the others which were common.  This raptor was the baby Skeletal Raptor pet.  I had to dig up 85 fossil fragments to complete him.  I also got a rare item for my next Night Elf artifact and that was the Druid and Priest Statue Set.  That also required a large number of artifact pieces.  So here I was so excited to get to Outlands to dig, but I get two huge projects.  I all but abandoned any dwarf or troll dig sites at this time, pushing for 300 was the goal, but I wanted so badly to complete these rare items.  Finally I got them and added the pet to my collection and got my little special item (Statue Set) which basically puts a white and green beam from the sky down on me and then little green leaves fall around me…for about 10 seconds…every 15 minutes.  If you ask me, since it’s such a short duration, it should be a shorter cooldown, but whatever, it’s still a toy I’ll use to impress people.  😛

Outland digging went much quicker, Orc and Draenei dig sites there.  The fact that you go from 4 types of dig sites, to just two on a smaller map, has made the leveling from 300 to 375 much quicker.  Around 337, I again got the double rare.  The Orc rare item was the Headdress of the First Shaman (who by the way was apparently enhancement) which is a level 70 epic mail helm with agility, stam, hit, crit, and three gem sockets and is bound to account.  The Draenei one was something like the Arrival of the Naaru which apparently will summon a short re-enactment.  Again the rare items are great, but really slow down the leveling as both the items took about 130+ pieces to complete.  I did manage to complete the helm, but haven’t completed the other trinket as it was getting really late. 

Sadly, I won’t have a use for the helm, having all 10 character slots filled already and a level 80 hunter and shaman.  Some of the other Bound to Account items will be awesome and I can hopefully get some use out of them.  Of course there is always the skeletal raptor mount and the silithid bug mount too.  I have a feeling I’ll need to do lots of archaeology to get those, but it isn’t too bad.

The goal of course is to have my archaeology skill to a point where Elgar can dig while he’s leveling through Cataclysm stuff.  I should make it to Northrend digging tonight.  I fear traveling there will be slower than Outland as it is a bit bigger, but again there’s only Nerubian and Valkyr artifacts so it should go pretty quickly I hope. 

While it is a slow process, there are some neat rewards if you are willing to put in the time.  Also, the experience is quite awesome.  I am now level 82 with 50% complete.  Had I been rested, it would have been far more.  But it does mean that I have gained about 5 million experience just from leveling archaeology.  Elgar has yet to do a Cataclysm quest.


2 Responses to “Keep on Diggin’”

  1. gromitdaddy Says:

    Very cool! Makes me want to go work on archeology 🙂

    • Troutwort Says:

      I do sort of wish the BoA items that you got from Archeology, at least the lower level ones, were more like the BoA chest and shoulders where they leveled up with you. This would make them more useful over the long run. I wouldn’t ask they give more XP, just that they would scale up so you could get more use out of them.

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