Bad Apple

When I was an Resident Assistant at the dormitory of my college, I had one resident who was drunk and pretty obnoxious all the time.  During this time, my other residents were also very unruly, drinking in the halls, being noisy past quiet hours, etc.  The other RAs would constantly be giving my residents housing citations and warnings about their behavior and it was explained to them that this behavior could not continue or they would jeopardize their housing.  This was a big enough threat for most, but the trouble resident continued anyways, and was put on probation.  He was on his last strike when I caught him with a beer in the hallway.  I had to issue a citation.  And with that, he was removed from the housing system and a new resident brought in to fill his place.  Almost immediately after his removal, the whole situation on the floor brightened.  My residents were almost never issued citations anymore and general drinking and rowdiness was at a minimum.  Funny how one bad apple really can spoil the batch.

Here’s hoping the same happens now that we’ve removed our bad apple.

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4 Responses to “Bad Apple”

  1. Analogue Says:

    I had to run and log in to check the guild logs… yeah… that’s hard but… well, I didn’t admit it in guild but when he rolled that rogue with an offensive name I was the one that reported it so… not shedding any tears here.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Oh I’ve admited reporting guild members names before, told them outright too. Ha! Oh well.

      I think it was also a good indication it was time when no one fought it this time. I think everyone was tired.

  2. repgrind Says:

    The guild policies on appropriate language and topics in guild chat are the same as they always have been for … is it two years now on that server? He knows this, it should come as no surprise, his own shaman friend got kicked for inappropriate behavior in guild chat. If he has problems with it, he belongs somewhere else anyway.

    It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to repeat things he has whispered to me, however, let me just say that badmouthing the GM is NOT the way to remain in your (or my) good graces. He did get it right calling you a carebear, but that’s ok, I love you for being one. 😉

  3. gromitdaddy Says:

    WAITWUT?!?!?!? I’m not in the guild anymore???

    Okay, absolutely none of my business… But i’m sure you did the right thing when it had to be done.

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