Guild Achievements and Quartermasters

So I was curious myself the other night because we are going to start bringing back classic raid night and for most 5 and 10 mans it seemed that 80% was the threshold to get the guild achievement.  Since we decided to start with the original content first, I was nervous that to do Molten Core as a guild achievement we would need 32 people.  On our previous best guild nights, we never had 32, usually closer to 20 or 25.  I found out that for the 40 man raids you need only 10 people.  This is much easier for us to achieve.

Here’s a little guide for the guild dungeon and raid achievements.  I know you can find it other places, but still:

Heroics:  4 of 5 people from your guild
10-man raids:  8 of 10 people from your guild (Karazhan, Northrend 10s)
25-man raids:  20 of 25 people from your guild for new raids or 8 out of 25 for Original, BC, or WotLK 25 man raids.
40-man raids:  10 of 40 people from your guild (Molten Core, AQ40)

Hopefully this will help remind people just how many people they’ll need to get to get their guild achievements!  Remember too there are guild achievements for all the 15-60 dungeons, and all the heroics in Outlands and Northrend.

One other thing I wanted to mention since it shows up as my biggest hitter from search engines, the location of quartermasters for the Alliance.  While I haven’t been to Exodar yet, I’m going to assume it’s similar based on the others.

The Stormwind Quartermaster is located at the bottom of the ramp as you run up to the flight path in the Trade District of Stormwind. 

Gnomeregan Exiles and Ironforge Quartermasters are on the left and right side, respectively, of the flight master in the Great Forge of Ironforge.

The Darnassus and Gilneas (worgen) Quartermasters are on the left and right sides of the flight master inside Darnassus, to the side of the purple portal.  I am unsure if there is still a flight path down by the old docks, but there is a new flight master in Darnassus proper, and this is where these quartermasters are located.

I assume the Exodar Quartermaster is also near their flight master whom I presume is still outside the city. 

I hope this is helpful for those gathering up their tabards to get exalted with their desired capital cities.

3 Responses to “Guild Achievements and Quartermasters”

  1. repgrind Says:

    The Exodar one is indeed just outside the city, by the flight path.

    And there is a flight master outside of Darnassus still. That’s the only way to get to Darkshore! No boat.

  2. Gromdred Says:

    I hope somebody sees this before tonight… My main game installs have exploded. Curse got confused i think, and killed just about everything. The laptop isnt set up with cata yet, and i dont know if i can even run dred on it, or if draeth or maere can run with people over 80. It appears as though i can still dual box saph and myste on a cata install. Their setup is less than idea… No add-ons at all (those all disappeared), but they at least can be played. If its okay with everyone, i’ll run them tonight while installing cata on the laptop. If it’s not, i’ll bow out and just reinstall the game on my desktop.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Grom, I’m not sure what you’re saying? It sounds like you’re having trouble with your computer. Are you talking about the guild Molten Core tonight? If you’re on come with, if not, we understand you have technical difficulties tonight.

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