The Archaeological Experience

So I have been working on digging up crap.  I shouldn’t say crap, but mostly it is.  Slowly working towards my achievements in archaeology though.  But it actually totally seems like a profession that even after you get to 525 could have tons of potential to keep doing archaeology anywhere. 

I’ve made it to 187/225 and have about 91% of level 80 completed–that’s just from archaeology digs!  To me that is crazy that I have nearly completed a whole level just from this.  But I suppose I should be getting rewarded since my dig items are selling for about 5 silver so I spend more on flight paths around Eastern Kingdoms than I am making from this profession.  Our guild got its first archaeological achievement too for digging up 500 items.  Though I’m not sure the achievement is correct, it says we completed 500 items, which seems fairly impossible since even though I’ve been digging away since patch day, I still have only completed 23 items.  I know we don’t have that many guild members doing archaeology at the moment.  I think that it’s total items dug up, which is more on par with collect 100,000 herbs or ore.  I’ll have to pay more attention to it tonight and see if the number increases for the guild after each of my digs.

I will again mention that I am totally shocked I”m getting so much experience!  Normal is 5,500 rep each time I dig up an item, and rested is 11,000.  I’m not gonna complain, but Elgar will hit 85 without stepping into a Cataclysm zone!  Okay, not really, especially since I heard that 83 to 84 is around 5M experience and 84 to 85 is >9M experience.  Oy!  Lots to do!  At this point our highest guild member is 66% completed with level 84.  Probably more as I type this and I am guessing she’ll be 85 today! 

As for me, I’ll keep digging away as I’m hoping to find some rare items, it seems though it’s completely luck and someone said the order in which you dig things up is completely random.  I will however hang onto my [Dwarven Baby Slippers] for some time.  It was actually the 2nd Dwarf item I recovered, but it is too funny to sell, even for 5 silver.


10 Responses to “The Archaeological Experience”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Invariant is going to do Archeology for a while before attacking leveling zones. She’s my pet/achievement/fun stuff character. Plus a mage with instant teleporting makes a good explorer.

    Skip the flight paths if you’ve got 310% flying, it’s faster if you fly straight.

    My tactic for the few things I dug up was to land in the middle of the zone, use the thingie, if it is red then ride to the point halfway between where I am and the middle of the zone, and go from there. Seems like it should be the most efficient algorithm.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yeah, I’ve got a pretty good strategy down for locating. I’m actually even starting to recognize the same zones and remember where I found the items last time…they seem to repeat. Also, always do your first survey where you found your last item, sometimes they are the same!!

      I don’t have 310%, I don’t think I ever will. I still use flight paths though since I can AFK during them. 😛

  2. repgrind Says:

    rofl. Count on the engineer to figure out the most efficient algorithm for digging up crap. 😀

    I wish I had time to spend on this. It sounds like so much fun … priorities though. I’ll definitely get to it.

    • Analogue Says:

      Software engineer – I’m all about the algorithms.

      Trout, the 310% flight is amazing, I am working on grinding the AH so our secondary and tertiary alts can have it (the latest set of 80s don’t even have epic….) IMO the best gold sink in the game.

  3. gromitdaddy Says:

    Okay, analogue is scaring me. But archeology does sound like fun, but I’m kind of afraid to start it thinking that I’ll have too much fun and forget to level at all 🙂 And while the xp gains are sweet, and for mining too, I still want to see all the new stuff now.

    • Analogue Says:

      If that scares you, you don’t want me to show you the calculations I was doing earlier for exactly how much faster 310 speed is then….

      • Troutwort Says:

        Like if it takes you 2 minutes to fly 4 in-game-miles at 280% you can get there in 1.8 minutes at 310%, which means that every 10 minutes you’ve gone 2.2 extra miles at 310%? So one of those you can cover so much more when farming kinda deals? 😛

  4. gromitdaddy Says:

    so how about if I’m on my 310 mount and flying at 394% 😀 Slowpokes!

    • Troutwort Says:

      Ha ha, exactly, to me, it’s all relative, you are either going faster than me or slower than me. 😛 I probably use more flight paths than most people anyways, I really hate steering.

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