So far as I understand, internet epeen is the equivalent of the guys that drive around big trucks or boats to feel secure in their masculinity. 

In Warcraft, this epeen is measured by glorious self-destructing add-ons such as Recount and GearScore (GS).  I say self-destructing because I have seen people become so obsessed with their DPS or GS that they tend to lose complete sight of things like standing in bad, aggro, or respect for other players. 

While I can’t say I’ve never measured my ‘epeen’ using Recount, I am at least proud to say that I haven’t ever used GearScore.  I don’t need some made up number to tell me I can or cannot down a certain boss.  Intelligent players know that bosses are downed with skill and coordination and gear only helps make that a little easier.  Outgearing an encounter also allows you to make mistakes without as much penalty (in some situations).

All this thought about epeen comes to light because last Friday night was the guilds “Good-bye to ICC-25” night.  I did not participate because I don’t care for 25-mans at all.  They used to have a pretty good group that ran consistently and did seem to be progressing initially, but then the group sort of fell apart, they PUG’d lots, weren’t progressing and people left that group to go to ones that would progress further.  I was sad to hear it stopped, but it did.  After several weeks there was a 10-man that formed on the same night, and a few of the people overlapped.  This group did very well very quickly and saw Kingslayer in 2 to 3 weeks.  Good times, but last Friday with the rescheduling of the ICC-25 man, the groups were going to be conflicting and people that had been coming to the 10-man signed up for the 25-man instead. 

Now, it’s everyone’s game, so they can do as they wish, I’m not going to criticize, but I was trying to figure out why people would choose a 25-man that might not progress as far over a 10-man that would be certain to reach LK in one night?  I was met with the answer that it’s gear.  I didn’t fully understand this.  Again because I am not concerned with item level since that does not make or break anyone’s ability (especially the difference between 251 and 264).  But apparently it was enough to drive people to what could have been a raid with less potential.  I don’t mean to presume that everyone that went with was after gear, but I do think it was a big motivator for some people.

As it turned out the group didn’t do as well as 10-man groups may have potentially done.  They got to Prof. Putricide and that’s where the night ended.  I felt bad for those that were going to go with the 10-man but instead ended up going to the 25-man due to pressure and because the others signed up for the 25-man.

Unfortunately, this was another victory for those that love their GS and a loss for those quality players who know that Skill > GearScore.  Even last night as people started linking their greens and blues from new Cata zones, someone had to remind people: Itemization > GearScore.  I saw someone equip a new item because it had a better gear score but had less spell power than the current one.  That didn’t seem to make any sense to me at all!  But it’s all about the shiny and new I guess! 

Again, I don’t want to criticize, but I do know that I tend to shy away from playing with those that are constantly bragging about, checking out, and reporting their GearScore.  Of course the same goes for DPS meters.  If the boss got dead, I really don’t care what your GearScore or DPS was, because the goal was accomplished and in many cases where you aren’t racing an enrage timer, you can still kill a boss whether you do 4000 DPS or 4250 DPS.

I seem to feel that since I’ve revised this over so many days now, I have sort of lost the point to this ‘epeen’ post.  I guess it’s just that because you have a little more DPS or a little more GearScore doesn’t actually make you better than anyone in our virtual little world.  Instead of thinking you’re awesome with your fancy pants, be awesome with your helpfulness, respect, and silently awesome skills.  Besides, no one likes a bragger.

6 Responses to “epeen”

  1. slice213 Says:

    Truth bomb. Skill will always trump gear.

    “Outgearing an encounter also allows you to make mistakes without as much penalty (in some situations).”

    So so true trout.

    I am kinda shocked why organize a 25 man for gear on the eve of Cata? Why not just have a last minute bang with a 10 man. (yes, I know that sounded bad) Get some people who missed out on KS and just have a nice relaxing time! Gear is getting replaced by greens now lol.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I agree with you Slice. I find it funny too that there are people that are “shocked” by their greens and blues and are already linking every item that they get. I just don’t care that much, but it’s actually a really good indicator to me who really is after the loot.

  2. Analogue Says:

    The thinking was that a 25 would let the whole guild participate. As a member of the ten man that got scrapped I…. didn’t agree, but forcing the issue didn’t seem like a good idea. Before 4.0.3, we could have gotten past Putricide, because the healers could have dealt with the damage everyone was taking from Malleable Goo. After that patch we didn’t have the mana to heal up and for some reason, the warning “So and So has Malleable Goo! Run Away!” was too hard to follow.

    Now that Blizzard has a built in ilvl averager on your character sheet I see no need for GearScore. All I need to know is that your average ilvl is at least high enough that you won’t die if something looks at you funny. I’ll take care of my own stats, thanks muchly. Heck I’ve taken huge GS dives switching a pair of ilvl 264 trinkets for a pair of 200s because I wanted the procs on the 200s for mana regen in the closing weeks of Cataclysm.

    I have used Gearscore and I don’t see anything to be ashamed of; I did a lot of raid pugging this expansion and GS gives you a quick yardstick. If you’re trying to build a raid out of people in Trade, your only yardsticks are GS and achievements and both can be faked, but it’s still information. Thank goodness we’re not in that position any more!

    What I was most disappointed with about that 10 man is, we had an LK lockout we could have used. Gone straight to Arthas, killed him, ended the xpac that way. Sigh…

    • Troutwort Says:

      I will agree that I GearScore can be helpful when pugging. But I guess since anyone can lie on the internet, you only find out after you’re already committed. It’s another reason why my characters usually just run dungeons or do millions of other things. I really have only raided with groups where I know 80%+ of the people.

  3. lagalot Says:

    Wrath stuff with sockets seem to be consistently better than stuff from the first two cataclysm dungeons at least. I’m keeping my wrathful until 85. It’s hilarious when dudes with twice my hp jump me then loose badly. How’s that high ilevel stuff workin out for ya, mr corpse?

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yeah, just like beginner Northrend stuff, they are really converting all that extra iLevel stuff into stamina, so while that’s good, if you’re cutting out your AP and SP stats for more stamina, you’re probably not really doing yourself any favor.

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