Teaching WoW

I have a friend that was considering buying WoW.  I thought that perhaps they should just try it out first, instead of buying it.  I had two accounts at one point, so for $15 I reactivated the old account so we could both play at the same time.  Besides the kid I used to volunteer with had all his characters on that account, so he might get some use out of it for the next month before I cancel again. 

So the last time my friend played, he decided he liked rogue.  I’m okay with rogues, I like them, but I don’t think they are the easiest character to get into from the start.  That whole explaining combos thing, and people who are figuring out the control almost always have trouble with stealth if they have trouble just turning around.  He seemed to really like it, but this was before the Shattering, so it was still the crappy old quests that were kinda disorganized and all.  And because you can run through things, if you aren’t very finessed at movement you can run through your target and get lots of “Your target needs to be in front of you.” or “You are facing the wrong way.”  Which can be really frustrating.

So last night we tried again, this time I rolled with him.  This time I suggested a ranged class since it would make targeting a little easier.  Hunter was chosen, that seemed good since it’s ranged and you have that little pet to help you out.  So we played NE hunter and though I thought about rolling a priest or druid to ensure survival, I thought, no, we should be okay, we’re not going to get that far, and so I rolled a mage.  So we went around, the quests in Teldrassil were arranged SO much better than before.  No more running back and forth all over like crazy.  The quests were on par with all the other new zones and arranged very well so you could make smooth round trips.  And a few green items as rewards for quests.  There weren’t any “stand out” quests like I’ve seen in a few other zones, but they did fix up a few annoying things that I remember from the last time I leveled a NE. 

The Baren’thal Burrow or whatever it’s called (that’s sorta close I guess) was redone so that the quests are easier to follow.  Also, when you get inside, a Sentinel will assist you (I died a million times in there previously), and she will even help you find the quest items you need, because let’s face it, that place is a maze.  Once you collect what you need the quest turn in and following quest are close together so you don’t have to run all over getting lost again!  It’s been thought out much better.  The fill the Phial quests follow much better and quests that take you to that moonwell are given at the same time, again so you’re not running all over. 

Anyways, so we did well moving along.  When I show someone new the game, I try to explain just what they need to know at the moment.  I don’t want to overwhelm them all at once with opening all the tabs, etc.  The new leveling experience does a decent job at that as well.  I think the hardest thing to explain to people or for them to catch on to is using both mouse buttons for different reasons and movement.  I always try to remind them, left is for select, right is for ‘interact’ including attacking.  But movement is much harder.  There are several movement options in the game, basically mouse, keyboard, or a hybrid system.  I tend to use both, depending what I’m doing, I do more keyboard movement during combat, but more mouse turning during times of lesser activity.  So trying to explain to someone that they have options and to try different things usually leaves them kinda confused it seems.  The thing is I want them to do what feel comfortable.  But having the camera and movement on the mouse usually ends with them running into a tree while either staring at the ground or into the sky.  I think that the tendency for people is to do things in BIG SWOOPING motions rather than small movements.  They usually end up spinning around 180 or 360.  Of course it’s frustrating to me, but I try to help straighten out the camera again so they can ‘start over’.  But it’s a little slow going. 

Other than that, the new spells and abilities really give a good indication as to how and when to use them, so props to Blizzard for giving clearer descriptions of why and when to use spells and abilities. 

This is about the 5th person that I’ve introduced to WoW now.  It’s always interesting to me how people start playing differently, what classes they want to play, and how quickly they do or do not learn things.  It’s always a good time for me and I love playing along to help them out.  We’ll see if this one sticks.  It’s too bad I don’t have anymore room for recruit a friend!  Ha!

One Response to “Teaching WoW”

  1. ReversionLFM Says:

    One thing that helps with the ‘swooping’ is slowing the mouse speed down. I always suggest that for new players.

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