Moar Moonfire and WPL

After a couple Kalu’ak dailies with Elgar (I know, he should have done them ages ago), I logged into the Rogue again to see more of the refurbished zones.  I was back in WPL after some quick PvP, hitting level 40, and picking up fast riding. 

Okay, more spoilers…so I continue on my way, more phasing in Andorhal as I help Thassarian (close enough) deal with the remaining scourge and the Forsaken in the area.  Then a short video cut away?!?!  Awesome!  Oh no!  Val’kyr?!?  In WPL?!?!  I slay some and am on my way!  It was pretty awesome!  But I was more excited to get back to my little friend, the troll druid Zen’Kiki.  So Zen and I are supposed to go shoot down some diseased hawks.  He pulls them out of the sky, and then I chop them up.  In between pulls, he’s up to more of his usual antics of moonfire spamming himself or turning himself into aquatic form.  We continue on to save some bears and disrupt some cultists.  He’s a little more helpful, but still cracking me up.  He told me he was gonna learn how to heal if we did a good job. 

After finishing up that round of quests, I headed up to the lumber mill.  I few more Argent quests up there involving taking out some gnolls and rabid fox!  It’s the first time I saw the fox in the game and they are pretty cute, but they had a 20% dodge buff which made them annoying to kill…for a melee anyways.  There was a quest that I picked up and didn’t really read that showed on my quest log as 0/25 spiders…  so I go kill one, and it doesn’t show up as 1/25.  I look closer, oh, 0/25 spiders frightened.  So I hop on a horse which proceeds to scare all the little spiders away, easy enough.  The next quest is to scare 10 spiders back to the mill so that they can be killed by the guards.  Okay, this is the ONLY quest I didn’t like in WPL.  It was clunky, because you basically had to do one spider at a time.  I tried doing a couple, but they didn’t scatter in the same direction, so it made it a little more challenging.  It was okay, but really was the slowest part of the whole zone.  I’ve never been a fan of vehicle quests anyways. 

Finished up the quests there and then off to Hearthglen.  The area is dramatically changed and instead of being full of elites, it’s now taken over by the Argent Crusade and our good old friend Highlord Tirion is up there.  So I run around doing some quests for them, taking out some gnolls and such, and before I know it, I’m Friendly with the Argent Crusade!  That seems really weird to me.  But I’m not going to complain about it.  I continued to do some quests for them and there’s one Cauldron quest left at Gahrrons Withering or however you spell it, and there I picked up an old painting and a book as memorabilia for Gahrron himself who is now part of the Argent Crusade.  That was kinda cool.  Then I basically had the quests to carry me into EPL and was already halfway through level 42. 

The whole questing experience is far more awesome now.  I don’t feel like oh, well I’m out of quests here, I guess I’ll fly down to another zone and finish up there.  They have done a nice job of making smooth flow between the quests and zones.  Again I applaud Blizz.  With WPL done and loving that whole zone, I will DEFINITELY repeat that, I will head over to EPL and see what things they have to offer me.  I’m curious to see if the Argent Dawn is out there or not.  It appears they are still a faction, but since WPL was all Argent Crusade rep, I’m not sure what to expect in EPL.  We’ll find out tonight with more adventures in Rogue and hopefully some special troll druids to help me out there too.  I would love to see Zen’Kiki appear somewhere else later in the game.


2 Responses to “Moar Moonfire and WPL”

  1. Analogue Says:

    We were over playing with the Special Druid last night and I’m hoping he shows up again… it felt like he was sort of left hanging… and so was the whole Andorhal thing, why did Thassarian just send us away instead of letting us help him?

    • Troutwort Says:

      Maybe we couldn’t help because we were level 40? But I can agree that special druid did sort of just get left hanging, it would be awesome if he showed up in a raid to help you later. 😛

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