Rogue and Special Druid

First off, I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I headed further north to the even colder land we call Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Brr.  As I trekked north, snow started to appear by the sides of the road and it went from looking like Borean Tundra to Dragonblight.  But good times were had with the family and many, many hours LAN party with the brothers playing Warcraft III.  It was a good time and we found that diversity between our races gave everyone the bests buffs we could.  Also the strategy was basically make the most of our resources while forcing the Computer players out of gold.  That strategy seemed to work.  We could not defeat a Computer (Insane) however.  They just are too efficient at multitasking to make up for our slowness.

When I finally got home Sunday, I was able to fire up WoW for a little bit before bed.  I did a few dailies and the transmute on my priest, then decided to see some new zones and logged over to the Rogue.  He originally was the guild bank toon, but I gave him a name change and now does pretty well.  Besides, who doesn’t love a dwarf rogue?  His “Call to Arms” from Stormwind suggested that he head over to Western Plaguelands.  So I hopped a flight to Arathi, ran through the new cave to Hinterlands, grabbed a FP, then headed through the more clearly marked mountain pass to WPL. 

POTENTIAL SPOILERS:  The new zone looks amazing!  I quickly got to work on some quests which started me off and as I was doing some quests, I noted there was use of phasing in the zone as I helped Thassurassianssianurian (I can’t remember his name, all I could think the whole time was “Larisa!”) beat back some Scourge remaining in Andorhal, defeating both Rattlegore and oh crap, the big Lich dude (wow, I apologize for not knowing the names of people).  Soon I was sent over to the Cenariun Circle little camp.  This part was my favorite.  I got a few quests to get some parts of animals and help a druid in training kill them.  This troll druid is….special.  Like short bus special, but it was hilarious!!  He’d turn himself into aquatic form on land and flail around asking for help.  Then he’s turn into a cat and pounce around saying things like “Pounce!” and “Leap!” while his turquoise furred body leap around all crazy.  The best though, is when he would turn into a boomkin and moonfire spam…on himself.  He’d yell out about using the power of the moon and then say help it burns like the moon and would just keep doing it.  I was laughing at him.  It was awesome.  I love silly NPCs, this guys antics reminded me of the guys out in Sholazar. 

At that point I needed to call it a night despite an offer from a guild member to run me through the new Scholomance to hopes of getting some of the new low level dungeon set, which actually looked awesome!  It was time for bed though, maybe tonight.  Though I’m trying to stay out of dungeons so that I can see more quests. 

I’ll finish up the rest of those quests tonight and see more of the zone, including more quests with the “special” druid.  He cracks me up.  I’ll probably easily break into the 40s then.  He started out at level 36 last night and ended up at 39!  It almost went too fast!  More plagueland spoilers tomorrow, but if you haven’t experienced it yet, I do again recommend this zone!  Though I have a feeling that basically any zone I’d play right now would get a recommendation.


4 Responses to “Rogue and Special Druid”

  1. Analogue Says:

    That sounds awesome. I’ll have to take the hunter or the baby dwarf shammy through there.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Kerick briefly passed by there on his way to do Turkinator in Tirisfal, and he paused long enough to hug Thassarian. The zone looks awesome! I really need to visit my sweetheart Tirion, I hear he’s taken up residence in Hearthglen.

    Every zone I’ve quested in so far has been a super awesome improvement over the way things were before.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yes, basically every zone has been awesome. Though I’ve only seen two! I guess I’ll be spending more time screwing around with low levels until Cata comes out! And yes, I’ll get up to Hearthglen eventually. Thassarian does some phasing in Andorhal.

  3. Gromdred Says:

    Cool! Can’t wait to get there

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