Worgen, WORgen, WORGEN!

Okay, the “a” in Patch 4.0.3a stands for Awesome.  This is the best patch I’ve ever witnessed in WoW.  Better than the patch that gave me penance.  Better than the patch that gave be PW:Barrier.  Better than demonology form.  Better than hunter pet changes.  I was totally impressed with this patch.  So where to start…

I had to do my mentoring last night, but at age 16, he’s more interested in looking for used cars on Craigslist, so I took this opportunity to load up my WoW and start a gnome priest on a different server than Winterhoof since I have no more slots there.  The gnome starting area was totally impressive and VERY fun.  You’re basically a gnome left behind and trying to get out of Gnomeregan and then you get cleaned up and off into Dun Morough.  At level 3 I got a staff reward with +1 intellect.  I was like what is this?!?!  Awesome.  I only did the quests up to Kharanos.  Then took on another project.

Human hunter.  Sure, there were like 100 million of us.  But I was curious about the starting area for humans since I had played there with lots of toons.  So I’m getting the first quests and I’m like, WTF, Blackrock Orcs in Elwynn forest?!?!  Then, holy crap!  The vineyards are burned down?!?  I had to put out some fires and slay more orcs.  I was really sad about it and at the same time excited.  I remember the Defias in that vineyard, collecting grapes.  But, out with the old, in with the new!  I only again ran to Goldshire, saw there was a flight path there now, and headed out to get serious.

So I logged onto the priest Elgar.  For whatever reason I had to respec him, though I honestly didn’t notice any talent changes in Disc tree.  So I had for whatever reason, left him in Westfall.  I looked around the encampment there, checked the map for new flight paths, grabbed them, then after seeing 7 flight paths in EPL, decided I would just get all the FP later, when I could fly.  But I was halfway to the FP in Darkshire, so I thought I’d just pick it up quick.  So I run over there, and I’m like, what’s this lady tauren doing here?  THAT’S NOT A LADY TAUREN!  It’s a WORGEN!!!  AND SHE HAS A QUEST!!  (I swear, I almost pee’d my pants right there).  So I did her quest.  “Your reputation with Gilneas has increased by 275.”  O.o  o.O  O.o  What?!?!?  I open the reputation tab SO fast.  Sure enough, neutral.  There were a few other Worgen standing around, so I thought, they must have quests…but I get I have to do the chain to get them.  I flew to Darkshire and picked up every quest I could.  It was awesome.  Then I had to help Tobias, who was a human, but when his undead brother taunted him, he turned into this Worgen and they started fighting!  I grabbed a screenshot before he disappeared.

So I keep doing the quests.  One of the epic questlines in Duskwood before was the whole Abercrombie and Stitches questline.  Basically you run around collecting all this stuff for this guy, but in the end he makes an abomination that would lumber towards the town killing the guards along the way.  But now, Abercrombie is not way in the middle of nowhere, he’s just outside of town, making the access to the quests much easier.  So I get to the end, take the letter to the Mayor, who tells me something like “What have you done?!?” and then gives me the quest to kill Stitches.  He used to come lumbering down the road, so that’s what I’m expecting.  When I come out of the town hall, I see this: 

Of course, again, I’m freaking out in excitement!  So I quickly smite Stitches then run back in and all returns to normal.  By this time, I had the quests all opened up so that I could return back to the other end of Duskwood and maybe have some more quests with the Worgen.  There were several there and I quickly ran around in excitement doing them, just glad I didn’t have to kill 30 skeletons and run back to the other end of town only to get a quest to go back, kill 30 more and collect rot blossoms.  Ha!  God, this place used to suck.  So anyways, I have to capture this one Worgen, and when I bring him back, Jitters is holding him and he breaks free, grabbing Jitters (the crabcake loving friend) by the throat, holding him up, yelling at him that it’s his fault!  I’m expecting to see the end of Jitters, who I sorta have grown attached to after making him so many “crab” cakes.

All in all, I ended up getting something like 4k rep with Gilneas which put me at Friendly.  I was totally shocked!  The best part of whole experience was getting the new BEST item in the game.  [John’s Stylish Robes] I’ll add a link later.  Since I won the Best Dressed award in our recent guild “Grammys” I was totally excited to see that Blizzard put in a quest reward just for me.  Now, to find a matching hat, belt and gloves….

So after all this, I went to Stormwind, ran around a bit and that’s it.  I have SO much more to see yet.  I’ll get to it all, but just for those of you that are curious, the Gilneas Quartermaster can currently be found in Darnassus by the flight master.  The Tabard is pretty awesome.  Someone in our guild got to Honored with them just by doing the quests in Elwynn, Westfall, Redridge, and Duskwood.  Just keep that in mind that when you get Alliance rep, you’re getting Gilneas too.


8 Responses to “Worgen, WORgen, WORGEN!”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Serious? I could not find a quartermaster by the flight path before they summoned me away back to Northrend. And then I just stayed there because my hearth was still in Dalaran and I just missed the boat to Stormwind so I swapped toons. lol.

    Man. So much to DOOOOOO!

  2. lagalot Says:

    There’s a Gilneas rep vendor in Darnassus. They have a rep tabard. I’m looking for the quest line that explains where these furballs came from. They’ve taken up residence in a tree in Darnassus, behind the tiger vendor and druid area. Get this, they’re wearing top hats. Furry or not, they have an outstanding sense of fassion.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Ha ha ha! You know how I love those with good fashion sense! The questline in Darkshire give quite a bit of information on the Worgen, there’s even a pile of dirt to click on where Starsong appears all crying about how she released the Worgen onto the world.

  3. gromitdaddy Says:

    I have to agree! I started in duskwood because of the things you were saying about it. Seriously cool!!! Cant wait to work on others. And i definately have to find the tabard vendor now 🙂

  4. ReversionLFM Says:

    You know that Worgen grabbing Jitters is SVEN right? THE Sven that we did all those quests for before. The one whose family got murdered as Jitters hid in the bushes. Oh man I can’t wait to hit that zone. I don’t have enough alt slots to see all the new stuff at the appropriate level 😦

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